“Father is strange” ep 11~ Ra Young:”I’ll make her life a living nightmare.”


There is a scandal at the Byun family house. Han Soo and Young Shil are disappointed in their son whom they’ve financially supported for years. Joon Young was supposed to study and pass the civil exam, instead he got himself a girlfriend and got her pregnant. And as if this wasn’t enough, Joon Young let his girlfriend tell Han Soo and Young Shil about the baby. The next day, when thinks calmed down, Hye Young went to Jung Hwan’s apartment. Unfortunately their happiness didn’t last long because their mother’s called them at the police station.ep11-1

Episode 11

Decided to tell his family the truth, Joon Young brought three calming pill for his parents and his grandmother and came home. But it was too late, Yoo Joo already told them. Han Soo and Young Shil come home and the moment they saw Joon Young, Han Soo starts hitting him.

Hye Young, Mi Young and Ra Young jump to defend their brother…until their mother said the reason Han Soo is hitting Joon Young.  At that moment Ra Young joined Han Soo and Young Shil in hitting Joon Young.

Young Shil:”Your girlfriend is pregnant!”

Hye Young, Mi Young and Ra Young understand that what happened is already happened, but they can’t understand how Joon Young could let Yoo Joo tell their parents about the baby. They scold Joon Young and he starts to scream too. He is more hurt than anyone else. Joon Young knows that he disappointed his family, his parents all his life, but there is nothing he can do anymore about anything… Joon Young screamed and argued with his sisters because of Yoo Joo.

Later the three sisters gather in a room to talk about Joon Young’s situation. They are curious what kind of person Yoo Joo is. Also the three sisters are angry with Yoo Joo for telling their parents about her pregnancy before Joon Young could do it.

Ra Young:”I’ll make her life a living nightmare.”

Han Soo and Young Shil can’t fall asleep. They are hurt, disappointed and humiliated. They’ve supported their son for five years so Joon Young could study and Joon Young went dating and got his girlfriend pregnant. Then instead of telling them the truth, Joon Young let his girlfriend look for them to reveal the pregnancy.

Han Soo:”I won’t consider him my son from now on.”


In the middle of the night, the drunk Ra Young calls Chul Soo. She reproached Chul Soo that he rejected her before she even got the chance to confess. Mi Young hears what Ra Young tells Chul Soo and takes Ra Young’s phone.

Feeling sorry for hurting his parents, Joon Young prepared breakfast for everyone. Unfortunately for Joon Young, Han Soo can’t eat. He gets up and goes to the room. After the girls went to work and Joon Young left, Young Shil convinced Han Soo to come eat something. Han Soo came to the kitchen, but when Young Shil started talking about forgiving Joon Young everything changed. Han Soo got up and left because he can’t bring himself to swallow anything.

Joong Hee is at the agency. He received a new script and called Mi Young. He told Mi Young to describe the good and bad points of that script. Then he asked Mi Young if he should accept be part of that production or not. Mi Young gave him her honest opinion than returned to work. After talking to Mi Young, Joong Hee decided to do as Mi Young said…he will not do the soap opera he was casted for. If he accepts this one, it will be Joong Hee’s third soap opera in a raw. He will receive the same character he had on his previous one so he doesn’t want to do it…and tells that to the CEO. To force Joong Hee accept the role, the CEO threatened him with not renewing his contract. Hearing tha,t Joong Hee got upset and said that it’s better for him to not renew his contract with an agency that doesn’t help him at all.

Joong Hee:”I don’t want to renew the contract.”


Embarrassed to face Chul Soo after the phone call in the middle of the night, Ra Young calls the center to say she is sick. When she called, Chul Soo answered the phone and Ra Young pretended to be her sister who called to say that Ra Young is sick.

Since all came out, Joon Young locked himself in his room. He doesn’t know what to do to get his parents forgiveness. He disappointed them one more time. Suddenly Young Shil comes to Joon Young’s room and tells him to beg for forgiveness until Han Soo will feel better.

Joon Young did as his mother advised him and went to see his father. He apologized in front of Han Soo and when Han Soo asked him what he plans to do from now on, Joon Young said that he want to marry Yoo Joo if his parents approve. Since he can’t do anything about what already happened, Han Soo told Joon Young to bring Yoo Joo home and officially introduce her to the family…before the pregnancy starts to show.

Joon Young:”I’m sorry I keep letting you down.”


Early in the morning Bok Nyeo called Young Shil to come over to her grand opening. Bok Nyeo didn’t hire a part timer so she called Young Shil to use her. When she arrived Young Shil was bossed around and humiliated by Bok Nyeo and her two friends.

Alter Gyu Tak came to congratulate his wife for her café grand opening and brought a big flower pot. The only one who treated Young Shil nicely that day was Gyu Tak. Reading the message on Gyu Tak’s flower pot and seeing him scolding and criticizing Bok Nyeo, Young Shil cry from laughter.

Ra Young went to work and when she saw Chul Soo, she approached him. She said that she heard from her sister that Chul Soo answered the phone. But Chul Soo never introduced himself when he answered the phone so how someone that never met him could knew who answered the phone…

Chul Soo:”He’s smart!”

Meantime Mi Young has a hard time at work. She is working hard, but Yoo Joo’s old habits die hard. Yoo Joo sees Mi Young alone and starts bullying her. She even threatened Mi Young with making everything possible to get Mi Young fired. But Mi Young fought back when Yoo Joo was hitting her.

Mi Young:”I told you to move your finger.”

It’s late and Bok Nyeo and Young Shil are still at the café. Suddenly Bok Nyeo realized that she isn’t wearing her diamante ring. She accuses Young Shil of stealing the ring and calls the police. Both Young Shil and Bok Nyeo are taken to the police station and both of them call their children. At the police station Hye Young and Jung Hwan meet their mothers.

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