“Tunnel” ep 7 ~ Kwang Ho:” Would you believe me if I told you I’m from the past?”


Sun Jae discovered the young Park Kwang Ho’s dead body. He starts investigating and becomes more suspicious that his partner Kwang Ho could have killed the young man whose body he found to steal the young man’s identity.  When Kwang Ho found the car registered on Park Kwang Ho born in 1988’s name, Sun Jae arrested him. No matter how much Sung Shik and Kwang Ho prove Sun Jae that Kwang Ho is from the past, Sun Jae finds it hard to believe it. But then Sun Jae’s father comes looking for Sun Jae and sees Kwang Ho whom he recognized. ep7-11

Episode 7

Someone injected Park Kwang Ho born in 1988 with something. He managed to run away, got in his car and drove away to save his life. On his way to save his life, he met Park Kwang Ho from the past. But he is chased and drove as fast as he could. Suddenly the effect of the injection caused Park Kwang Ho to have an accident. His car fell of the road. He managed to get out of the car with a hurt left, but the one chasing him was close, looking at him. Park Kwang Ho tries to run away, deep into the forest, but the chaser is after him. He tried hard to survive, but the chaser found him and killed him.

Days later, Sun Jae found Park Kwang Ho’s car. He looks around and found Park Kwang Ho’s body, driver’s license. He stays next to Park Kwang Ho’s body trying to figure out why is the body so far away from the car, was he followed…Sun Jae called the coroner there.


Sung Shil and Kwang Ho looked for Park Kwang Ho born in 1988 all day, still they didn’t find out. They don’t know if the young man is dead or alive. Suddenly Kwang Ho screams at Sung Shik to stop the car – he has to buy dumplings.

Kwang Ho:”I need to buy dumplings!”

Kwang Ho bought dumplings and went to Jae Yi. He scolds her for being picky about food which will make her in-laws say bad things about her parents when she will get married. Then he starts talking about Sun Jae. He asked Jae Yi to not tell Sun Jae about them living in the same place because Sun Jae might misunderstand. He likes the idea of Sun Jae and Jae Yi being together. But Jae Yi refuses to eat saying she hates dumplings.

Kwang Ho:”You two should get married.”

The autopsy showed the Park Kwang Ho born in 1988 was choked to death. He also had a lot of wounds and internal bleeding.  Knowing that the dead man is the real corporal Park Kwang Ho, Sun Jae asks for Park Kwang Ho’s fingerprints from his car to be verified. But since Park Kwang Ho is from the past, his fingerprints aren’t registered. He goes inside the station on stares at Park Kwang Ho wondering who he is.

Kwang Ho:”We’re partners! Be nice to me!”

Sun Jae:” We are partners, but I don’t know who you are.”


Kwang Ho and Sung Shik follow the young Park Kwang Ho’s last steps. With the list of the calls the young Park Kwang Ho had the day he disappeared, Kwang Ho and Sung Shik arrived at the young Park Kwang Ho’s hometown. There they found out that the young Park Kwang Ho’s parents died when he was little so she was raised by a neighbor. But when that woman died, 3 three months ago, the young Park Kwang Ho didn’t show up. In front of the house, between leafs it was a phone, but the two policemen didn’t saw it.

Meantime Sun Jae looks around Kwang Ho’s and Sung Shik’s belongings at the station. He even found out that Kwang Ho’s phone is registered on Sung Shik’s name. On Sung Shik’s desk, Sun Jae found Kwang Ho address and went there. He search around and all the belongings there are the young man’s he found dead in the forest. His suspicions are higher now…he thinks that Park Kwang Ho killed the young Park Kwang Ho and is using his identity now.

Kwang Ho and Sung Shik returned at the station where the young Park Kwang Ho used to work before being transferred to serious crimes unit. But when they’ve entered the station, Sun Jae was there. Pretending that he came to see his old friends, Kwang Ho drags Sun Jae out.

In front of the police station, Kwang Ho tells Sun Jae that he heard someone is using his identity and because that person came there pretending it was his friend, he came to investigate. Sun Jae continues the story and says that he also heard that someone is pretending to be Park Kwang Ho. He offered to help Kwang Ho catch the “fake Park Kwang Ho”.

Sun Jae:”Let’s find him together!”

Later Sun Jae went to see Jae Yi. Without telling that it’s about Kwang Ho, he told Jae Yi the story on two men using the same name – one of them being dead.


In the morning, when he comes out of his house, Kwang Ho meets Sun Jae. Instead of being curious how Sun Jae knew where he lives, Kwang Ho is more worried if Sun Jae found out that Jae Yi lives there too.

Following the calls the young Park Kwang Ho had the day he died, Kwang Ho and Sun Jae arrived at a karaoke place. The owner left for a way so Sun Jae went to look for him, leaving his phone with Kwang Ho. As soon as Sun Jae left, Sun Jae’s father called and Kwang Ho answered.

Kwang Ho:”Your voice sounds very familiar.”

As soon as Sun Jae returned, the owner came too. The two policemen talk to the owner and what Kwang Ho finds out shocked him. The young Kwang Ho was investigating the murders that occurred 30 years ago, the young women that were killed in 1985- 1986. The sister of the karaoke owner was one of the victims. The young Park Kwang Ho found the killer and was getting evidences against him, but he was caught by the killer first.

Kwang Ho:”This is why I ran into him as soon as I came here.”


Surprised by what he just found out, Kwang Ho returned to the police station looking for Sung Shik. Instead of finding Sung Shik, Kwang Ho met a police officer who told him that Park Kwang Ho’s car was found. He rushes over to the place where the young Park Kwang Ho’s car is crushed. He looks around, but there is no Park Kwang Ho there. Suddenly Sun Jae shows up. He saw Kwang Ho coming out of the police station and followed him there.

Sun Jae grabbed Kwang Ho’s collar and asked him who he is, why is he stealing a police officer’s identity, why his fingerprints aren’t registered. The he handcuffs Kwang Ho and arrest him to the young Park Kwang Ho’s death. Shocked, Kwang Ho tells Sun Jae the truth, that he is from the past.

Sun Jae:”Who are you? Why on earth are you stealing a police officer’s identity?”

Kwang Ho:” Would you believe me if I told you I’m from the past?”

No matter what Kwang Ho said, Sun Jae doesn’t believe that Kwang Ho is from the past and arrested him.  All the way to the police station, Kwang Ho tried to convince Sun Jae that he really is from the past, that he was Sung Shik’s boss and the chair Sun Jae is using now used to be his. But Sun Jae needs evidences.

Arrived at the police station, Sung Shik asked everyone out to leave him alone with Sun Jae and Kwang Ho. He tried to explain Sun Jae that what Kwang Ho said it’s true. He even showed Sun Jae and picture of Kwang Ho from 30 years ago. Sun Jae is shocked! He doesn’t know what to think. Suddenly another evidence of what Kwang Ho said came on the door – Sun Jae’s father.

Kwang Ho:” Have we met before? You look familiar. Sun Jae?… Is he Seo Yi Soo’s son?”

Sun Jae’s father:” Aren’t you…detective Park? You look just like him. ”

Sun Jae’s father recognized Kwang Ho. At that moment Kwang Ho is surprised to see that the rude man he had next to him since he arrived in 2016 was the little baby he used to hold in 1986.

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