“Father is strange” ep 12~ Hye Young:”People don’t change easily!”


Hye Young and Jung Hwan were called at the police station where they found out that Bok Nyeo accused Young Shil of stealing her ring. When the ring was found and Young Shil proved her innocence, Hye Young and Young Shil expected Bok Nyeo to apologize. Because Bok Nyeo refused to apologize and looked down on Hye Young and Young Shil for being way under her social class, Hye Young decided to teach Bok Nyeo a lesson. Since Hye Young intends to sue Bok Nyeo, her son, Jung Hwan feels like he has to defend his mother. In the end Hye Young and Jung Hwan broke up again. Meantime Ra Young found out that the center chief discovered that someone sleeps at the center. She helps Chul Soo and gets blamed for sleeping there.ep12-11

Episode 12

Hye Young and Jung Hwan arrived at the police station and saw their mother’s arguing. Young Shil tells Hye Young that Bok Nyeo is the landlord that keeps working her as a slave and that now, after she went willing to help doing the dishes since Bok Nyeo couldn’t find a part timer, Bok Nyeo accused her of stealing. Jung Hwan tries to stop her mother from accusing Young Shil, but Bok Nyeo insists that Young Shil took her ring. Suddenly a police officer gets close and sees that Bok Nyeo’s ring was hung on her back, on her clothes.

When the ring appeared, Young Shil insisted to get an apology. But Bok Nyeo doesn’t apologize. When Jung Hwan apologized instead of his mother, Hye Young stopped him.  Hye Young looks at Bok Nyeo and told Bok Nyeo to apologize to Young Shil for accusing her of theft, while using defaming and humiliating words.

Instead of apologizing, Bok Nyeo keeps looking down on Young Shil and Hye Young and keeps insulting Young Shil. Seeing Bok Nyeo’s attitude towards them, Hye Young decides to sue Bok Nyeo for defamation. After all it’s not the first time Bok Nyeo and Hye Young met. When Hye Young was in college and was dating Jung Hwan, she met Bok Nyeo. At that time Bok Nyeo humiliated Hye Young. Bok Nyeo is the reason Hye Young broke up with Jung Hwan.

Hye Young:”You should apologize to my mom.”

Han Soo also came to pick up his wife from the police station. Even if she was mean to Young Shil, Bok Nyeo envies Young Shil for having such a carrying husband. Arrived home, Bok Nyeo makes a ruckus about her husband not answering her phone. But the moment Bok Nyeo said she was at the police station, Gyu Tak realized that his wife must have accused an innocent person of theft. He knows her better than anyone after all.

Jung Hwan:”Why are you blocking my future?”

Worried about his relationship with Hye Young after what happened that night, Jung Hwan calls her. But Hye Young ignores him. She wants Bok Nyeo’s apology, not Jung Hwan. That night, Hye Young looks over the contract her parents signed with Bok Nyeo when they renewed their apartment contract.


Joong Hee refuses to go to the agency until director Kang calls with an apology. But when director Kang called saying that producer Ryu is there with a proposal for a miniseries, Joong Hee rushed over.

Producer Ryu rewrote the miniseries that he rejected Joong Hee for. He came to see Joong Hee and ask Joong Hee to be the second lead in that new miniseries.

Ra Young was hit by a ball Chul Soo hit. To get close to Chul Soo, Ra Young pretended to have fainted. He took her to the infirmary where Ra Young keeps pretended to be hurt. But contrary to her expectations, Chul Soo doesn’t come see her and doesn’t call her. While she was pretending to be hurt, Ra Young heard the sport center director talking to the nurse. The director discovered that someone is sleeping at the center and will be on patrol that night to find out who it is.


Ra Young tries to call Chul Soo and let him know that the boss discovered that someone is living at the center. Because Chul Soo didn’t answer his phone, Ra Young texted him to let him know what was going on and also went to the center to stop the chief from discovering Chul Soo.

To help Chul Soo, Ra Young appeared in front of the chief as if she was the one sleeping at the center. She was scolded and even threatened with not renewing her contract.

Meantime Joong Hee practices hard for the role he just got. Unfortunately isn’t going the way he wanted. And he also can’t really focus. Joong Hee’s been waiting for Han Soo to come with the lunch boxes, but with everything that happened lately, Han Soo couldn’t come. Disappointed, Joong Hee believes that Han Soo gave up on him already.


Joong Hee is practicing hard, while Mi Young looks for articles about him online. When the articles where posted, Joong Hee looks at the comments, but there wasn’t any. Later Tae Bu and Mi Young used different laptops and phones to write as many comments as they can in Joong Hee’s favor.

Hye Young wants Bok Nyeo to apologize to her mother. She comes to see Bok Nyeo, but Bok Nyeo refuses to apologize to someone who is under her social position. Since Bok Nyeo refused to apologize, Hye Young will sue her. Of course Hye Young doesn’t want to sue Bok Nyeo, but she wants Bok Nyeo to apologize to Young Shil. After she hand Bok Nyeo the complaint, Hye Young talked about the illegal extension of the building, a rooftop and a balcony that Bok Nyeo recently did.  Also Hye Young will directly send the money for cleaning to Bok Nyeo account every month so Bok Nyeo has to hire someone to clean the building instead of Young Shil.

In the end Hye Young got what she wanted. Scared of being sued Bok Nyeo accepted all of Hye Young’s conditions.

Hye Young:”You better stop bothering my parents. Stop treating my mom like a building caretaker. ”

Bok Nyeo:That rude girl looks familiar for some reason.”

Hye Young can’t tolerate people hurting her family, especially her mother. She can accept people giving her a hard time, but not her mother. Because of that she went like a lioness to defend her mother in front of Bok Nyeo. When she was in college, dating Jung Hwan, Hye Young met Bok Nyeo for the first time. Bok Nyeo didn’t like Hye Young because she was from a poor family. She insulted and humiliated Hye Young and because of Bok Nyeo, Hye Young broke up with Jung Hwan. Years past and Bok Nyeo is still the same superficial person. Unfortunately for Bok Nyeo, Hye Young changed. Hye Young isn’t the poor girl that she was in college, she is a successful lawyer now.

Hye Young:”People don’t change easily!”


Hye Young met Jung Hwan and they’ve argued until they’ve broke up. Hye Young wants Bok Nyeo to apologize for the way she treated Young Shil. On the other hand Jung Hwan knows that his mother was wrong, but it’s his mother. He expects Hye Young to not do anything against his mother just because they are dating. Since Hye Young can’t let things the way Jung Hwan wants, they’ve broke up. At least for that break up, Jung Hwan knows the reason.

Hye Young:”Let’s broke up!”

Yoo Joo called Mi Young over and overworked her until Mi Young’s old injury started hurting again. Another employee tried to help Mi Young, but she couldn’t do much since Yoo Joo is a team leader. Yoo Joo bullied Mi Young and made her carry heavy boxes until Mi Young couldn’t hold them anymore and dropped them. One of the boxes Mi Young dropped fell on the table and spill Yoo Joo’s drink…on her skirt.

Yoo Joo went crazy and scolded, screamed, insulted, humiliated Mi Young. Then she threatened Mi Young with her job and put Mi Young to clean everything up because Mi Young is a mare “intern that doesn’t have the right to a personal life.”

Yoo Joo:” People who are dumb and incompetent always tend to apologize.”

After working Mi Young to death, Yoo Joo went to meet Joon Young’s family. Han Soo, Young Shil, the grandmother, his aunt, his uncle and Min Ha welcome Yoo Joon, but Hye Young and Ra Young aren’t that happy to see Yoo Joo. And Yoo Joo is scared of her three sisters-in-law too. They will give her a hard time…especially when they will find out that Yoo Joo is Mi Young’s bully.  Later, when she finished all the work Yoo Joo gave her, Mi Young arrived home. From all three sisters, Mi Young was the more excited to meet her sister-in-law, but when she saw that Joon Young’s girlfriend is Yoo Joo, she was shocked.

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