“Father is strange” ep 13~ Joong Hee:”Father, I want to live with you!”


Joon Young brought Yoo Joo home to introduce her officially to his family. Ra Young and Hye Young aren’t exited about the meeting and make sure to give Yoo Joo a hard time. Mi Young on the other had was excited…until she realized that Joon Young’s girlfriend is Yoo Joo, that one that’s been bullying her since high school and now gives her a hard time at work. When things got calmer at the house, Han Soo returned to Joong Hee. This time Joong Hee was more open to accept Han Soo around him and they even exchanged phone numbers. But when Joong Hee saw Han Soo spending time, happily, with his children and wife, Joong Hee decided he wants to be part of that family too…ep13-1

Episode 13

Yoo Joo came to meet Joon Young’s family. She is shocked to see that Mi Young, the one she’s been bullying since high school, will now be her sister-in-law. While having dinner with the whole family, Mi Young’s grandmother revenges Mi Young without knowing. She asked Yoo Joo how old is she. When Yoo Joo said that she is the same age as Mi Young, the grandmother couldn’t believe it since Yoo Joo seems a lot older that Hye Young. Then the grandmother started talking about Yoo Joo getting pregnant before marriage.

Mi Young went to her school reunion she texted her to come and get her because she was drunk. When he arrived, Mi Young had already left. At the bus station another drunk woman approached Joon Young. It was Yoo Joo! She had lost one of her shoes and asked Joon Young to borrow her his shoes. He did that, made sure she didn’t get hurt and even took a picture of the taxi number with which Yoo Joo left to make sure she will arrive home safely.

Joon Young:”I couldn’t have met Yoo Joo if it weren’t for Mi Young.”

Mi Young looks for Hye Young’s help, but Hye Young is busy eating. When Yoo Joo pretended that they’ve never met before, Mi Young excused herself and locked herself in the bathroom until Yoo Joo left, regretting that she went to the school reunion. Initially Mi Young didn’t want to attend the school reunion, but Ra Young forced her to go and show everyone that bullied her how much weight she’s lost. But at the reunion, Mi Young was ignored, no one recognized her.

While Mi Young was hiding in the bathroom, everyone finished dinner. Now it’s time for Ra Young and Hye Young to come out strong. Ra Young asked Yoo Joo how she could be so thoughtless and ask Joon Young to go to her house and cook for her when he was just few days before the civil exam. And when Joon Young sided with Yoo Joo, Hye Young intervened.


The next day Mi Young didn’t move on from her shock. Yoo Joo comes to Mi Young’s department with coffee. She approaches Mi Young, acts friendly around Mi Young and tells everyone that they were classmate in high school. Then she asks the team higher up to give good scores to Mi Young when she will need them.

Yoo Joo asks Mi Young’s superiors if she can borrow Mi Young and show her around the company. Mi Young can’t refuse a higher up like Yoo Joo so she looks around, desperately for someone to help her. But no one said anything so Mi Young gets up to go with Yoo Joo. Suddenly Mi Young’s team leader opened her mouth and said that she needs Mi Young’s help.

Team leader:”If you need an intern, have HR hire one for you don’t borrow ours.”

Jumping in one food out of happiness, Mi Young follows her team leader, thanking the team leader for saving her.

Chul Soo approached Ra Young to thank her for her help the other day. As a thank you, Chul Soo offered to buy her lunch…a cheap lunch at the cafeteria since he is on a really strict budget. Disappointed by that cheap lunch, Ra Young asks for coffee too. She can’t stop thinking about what Chul Soo said – that he has a girlfriend. He is handsome so he can have a girlfriend, but he is always at the center…She follows Chul Soo around, asking him about his girlfriend.

Chul Soo:”Even if I had no girlfriend, you aren’t my type.”


After a hard day, Joong Hee comes home and sees in front of his apartment Han Soo who had brought him food again. Han Soo apologizes for showing up in front of Joong Hee again and for not coming this past few days. He even explained that he reason he didn’t come this days was because there were problems in the family. But Han Soo had a good day. Joong Hee allowed Han Soo to enter his house and cook for him.

Excited Han Soo went grocery shopping and returned to Joong Hee’s house to cook. When the food was ready, Joong Hee invited Han Soo to eat together. While eating both of them try to make conversation. Joong Hee asks about Han Soo’s family, his children. Han Soo asks if the food suits Joong Hee’s taste and congratulates Joong Hee for his new role and promised to watch the drama just for Joong Hee.

Joong Hee:”I have no idea what a father and son talk about.”

Then Han Soo asked permission to come cook for Joong Hee from time to time and Joong Hee agreed to that. They even exchanged phone numbers.

It’s the script reading day. Joong Hee is excited to be in that drama, but during the reading he is really rigid and awkward. He got scolded in front of everyone for not knowing the feelings between a father and son. Also his rival was applauded for doing a great job.

The producer asked Joong Hee to go and have some drinks with his father that night so Joong Hee could find out the feelings he should have while playing that role. That night, Joong Hee took the producer advice. He brought alcohol and went to have some drinks with Han Soo. But when he arrived, Joong Hee saw Han Soo eating and having fun with his wife and children. Upset, Joong Hee threw away the bottles and left.

Worried that something might have happened to Joong Hee, Han Soo follows him. But when they’ve met Joong Hee said that he wants to move in with Han Soo and his family.

Joong Hee:”Father, I want to live with you!”


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