“Tunnel” ep 8 ~ Kwang Ho:” She’s waiting for me with my child!”


For Sun Jae is hard to accept that Kwang Ho is the detective that 30 years ago investigated his mother’s case. But since Kwang Ho knows even things that weren’t told publicly about the case and his father recognized Kwang Ho, he has no other choice but to accept it. From that moment the relationship between Sun Jae and Kwang Ho changed to the better. They work together to solve cases, to catch Sun Jae’s mother’s killer and if something dangerous happens Kwang Ho protects Sun Jae with his own life. While solving a case Kwang Ho met his wife’s friend and tried to track down Yeon Sook. During the search Kwang Ho found out that he has a daughter and that his wife died in a car accident.ep8-12

Episode 8

Sun Jae arrested Kwang Ho for killing the young Park Kwang Ho. He find it hard to believe that Kwang Ho is from the past, even when Sung Shik showed him a picture of Park Kwang Ho from 1986. Then suddenly Sun Jae’s father came to tell Sun Jae that his stepmother is in the hospital. The moment he saw Kwang Ho, Sun Jae’s father recognized him, but Sung Shik took Sun Jae’s father out. No one else must know that Park Kwang Ho time traveled. Left alone with Kwang Ho, Sun Jae asked Kwang Ho how Kwang Ho knew his mother’s name and Kwang Ho said that he was the detective that investigated his mother’s murder 30 years ago.

Kwang Ho:”I’m sorry I couldn’t catch the culprit, Sun Jae!”

Sun Jae went to the hospital and asked his father about the detective that investigated his mother’s case. His father said that the detective name was Park Kwang Ho, but he must’ve been mistaken earlier at the police station. Sun Jae’s father, as everyone else, believed that detective Park Kwang Ho died in December 1986 while investigating a case.

Shocked to discover who Sun Jae is, Kwang Ho feels guilty for not catching the killer in 1986. If he had caught that killer, Sun Jae wouldn’t have become a policeman.

Kwang Ho:”Sun Jae, became a policeman because of his mother.”

Sun Jae leaves the hospital. In front of the hospital he meets Kwang Ho.

Kwang Ho:”Sun Jae, you’re all grown up now!”


Kwang Ho took Sun Jae the tunnel where everything started. There he told Sun Jae every little detail about that case that he could remember, including things that never were announced to the public.

Kwang Ho:”I came here from the past through this tunnel.”

Sun Jae and Kwang Ho’s relationship changed, it improved. They went together to an address Jae Yi called them…an address Kwang Ho knows. 30 years ago, Kwang Ho arrested a high school kid who killed his neighborhood dogs. Kwang Ho believed that the kid, Jung Ho Young, was the killer of all those women murdered at the time.

Jae Yi found similarities and thinks that Jung Ho Young kills women wearing skirts. She even found an article from 1985 with one of the victims that Kwang Ho recognized. She also found articles from the same year with other victims. At that moment Kwang Ho realizes that if Jung Ho Young killed all those woman and the young Park Kwang Ho was investigating that case when he died, it means that Jung Ho Young also killed the young Park Ho Young.

Sung Shik called Sun Jae and Kwang Ho to a crime scene. A tailor shop caught fire. It’s the fourth shop that caught fire lately. Kwang Ho and Sun Jae entered the shop before the firefighter finish their job. Suddenly Kwang Ho hears a sound and screams at Sun Jae to get out.  The gas pipe was cut and the gas was near a fire so an explosion was imminent.

Kwang Ho runs and covers Sun Jae with his body. Sun Jae is hurt, but it’s nothing to worry about. He is more worried about Kwang Ho, who is unconscious.

Kwang Ho:”Sun Jae, get out!”


Kwang Ho is eating dumplings with Yeon Sook. He tells her about Jae Yi and Sun Jae and asks her where she was. He is sure that Yeon Sook might have waited long for him when he disappeared. Then Yeon Sook tells him to wake up and Kwang Ho realizes that his meeting with Yeon Soo is another dream.

Yeon Sook:” If you know that I’m waiting, you have to wake up.”

When Kwang Ho woke up, he is in the hospital. The first thing he asks is if Sun Jae got hurt. He calmed down when he saw Sun Jae next to him, without any wounds. Then the whole team goes to investigate the fire and catch the arsonist.

After making a plan at the police station, Kwang Ho and Sun Jae returned to the crime scene. They’ve talked to the owner of the store that caught fire and the owner of the store across the street, the one that called the police and firefighters.


Because arsonists like to show up and always stay close to the crime scene, the crime scene was videotaped. When Kwang Ho and Sun Jae returned to the station their coworkers where indentifying the people on the video, who were at the crime scene then. Suddenly Kwang Ho gets close and sees a boy laughing at the time of the explosion in which he and Sun Jae were almost killed.

When he went home, Kwang Ho shows the video to Jae Yi and she agrees that he was laughing. The arsonists release their stress by looking at fires. She also asks if there isn’t any other video, he should’ve showed his face too.

Jae Yi:” He must have shown his face somewhere. Arsonists like to attract attention.”

While Kwang Ho and Jae Yi were talking, someone ringed Jae Yi’s door. She went to check who it was, Kwang Ho followed her, but no one was at the door. Someone was following Jae Yi from across the street, without being seen.

The next day, at the police station, Sun Jae and Kwang Ho realized that the person who called the police about the tailor shop fire, couldn’t have see the exact spot of the fire from her own store. They call her in and find out that her son, Hee Joon, announced her that it was a fire at the neighbor’s store.


Hee Joon is starting a new fire, but the moment he set the fire, Sun Jae and Kwang Ho appeared, one recording Hee Joon and the other putting down the fire. Hee Joon tried to fight the two policemen and run away, but he couldn’t. He was arrested!

Arrived at the police station with Hee Joon, Sun Jae and Kwang Ho find their coworkers and Jae Yi looking at the interview Hee Joon gave right after the fire. Seeing his face on TV made Hee Joon happy, like he was some kind of celebrity.

Jae Yi:”I told you that the culprit must’ve revealed his face already.”

Back at the crime scene for the reconstruction, Kwang Ho sees a picture with the tailor shop owner and Yeon Sook.


Sung Shik and Kwang Ho met the tailor shop owner to find Yeon Sook and she told them that Yeon Sook moved to Seoul after she got remarried. Hearing his wife remarried, Kwang Ho got furious and left.

To find out if Yeon Sook is living well, Sung Shik and Kwang Ho tracked down the pharmacist Yeon Sook supposedly married. When they talked to him, they found out that Yeon Sook rejected his confession because she was going to wait for her missing husband while raising their child. At that moment Kwang Ho found out that his wife was pregnant when he disappeared.

Kwang Ho:” She had a child! She’s waiting for me with my child!”

From the pharmacy, Kwang Ho and Sung Shik went to the place Yeon Sook and Yeon Ho, her daughter, used to live. She raised her daughter at an oriental clinic. The owners there, an old people couple, loved Yeon Ho as their granddaughter.  But the news Kwang Ho found out there weren’t good. The grandmother told him Yeon Sook died in a car accident 20 years ago.

The taxi Yeon Seok was in got hit by a drunk driver. The taxi driver and Yeon Sook were sent to the hospital where Yeon Sook died the next day after the accident. But there aren’t any records about Yeon Ho.  The news shocked Kwang Ho! In a few hours he found out that he had a daughter and that his wife died and there is no records about the child.


While Sung Shik and Kwang Ho were tracking down Yeon Sook, Jung Ho Young committed another murder. Sung Shik went to the crime scene without Kwang Ho.

At the crime scene, Sun Jae received Jae Yi’s call. She kept looking at Jung Ho Young’s crimes and lately he changed the way he was letting the bodies. Two years ago when Sun Jae arrested him, Sun Jae triggered something that made Jung Ho Young remembers something from 30 years ago. Because of Sun Jae, Jung Ho Young changed his way of killing and leaves the bodies in the open, at the place where he committed the firs kill after getting away from Sun Jae.

Jae Yi:” He may be restarting what he started 30 years ago.”

Sun Jae:”He’s starting to kill people again because of me?”

Meantime Kwang Ho was at the oriental clinic. The grandmother told him about Yeon Ho. The night Yeon Sook died Yeon Ho was playing in the yard. When he fell and hurt her knew, Yeon Ho did what she always was doing when she was in danger…she blow the whistle Yeon Sook gave to Kwang Ho before he disappeared. He lost the whistle in the tunnel and Yeon Sook found it. She gave the whistle to her child as a present from her father.

That whistle is with Shi Jae Yi…

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