“Father is strange” ep 14~ Han Soo:”Han Soo’s son came to see me.”


Ra Young sees Chul Soo with a man. They were happy to see each other. They were hugging and the man gave Chul Soo a ring. Seeing that Ra Young believes that Chul Soo didn’t like her because he was gay. Meantime Joong Hee regrets having told Han Soo that he wants to move in with Han Soo and his family, but he can’t bring himself to tell that to Han Soo, who told his wife about Joong Hee.ep14-1

Episode 14

Hye Young regrets having told Jung Hwan to break up just because of his mother. She wants to get back with him, but she doesn’t want to lose her pride. She texted Jung Hwan saying that she will go over to his apartment to pack up her luggage being sure that Jung Hwan will ask her to not leave. She dressed up and put on make up to look good in front of Jung Hwan. In front of Jung Hwan’s apartment, Hye Young begins being worried that Jung Hwan might not be there to stop her from getting her luggage. But when he entered, Jung Hwan was there, cooking a romantic dinner for the two of them. He greed her and asked her to sit at the talk like nothing happened.

Over dinner Hye Young and Jung Hwan talked, apologized to each other for arguing over what Bok Nyeo did and made up.

Joong Hee prepares himself for his new role. He asked Mi Young to bring him all the fatherhood movies she can find and Mi Young did it. Then they’ve watched together the movies. While looking at the movies Joong Hee asks Mi Young about her relationship with her father, about how life living with a father is.


Ra Young and her coworkers play a game together. She is in the same team as Chul Soo. During the game Ra Young’s role was to make sure the girls from the other team won’t hit Chul Soo with the ball. But when one of the other girls was throwing the ball and Ra Young was about to get hit, Chul Soo pulled Ra Young away. Both of them fall and Ra Young fell on Chul Soo, who hurt his hand.

Ra Young:”Why is he always so gorgeous?”

The next day, Ra Young looks for Chul Soo with pain relives. When she found him, Ra Young sees Chul Soo meeting another young man. They were extremely happy to see each other. They hugging and the other young man gave Chul Soo a little box with a ring in it. Seeing Chul Soo so sweet with the other young man, Ra Young is shocked thinking that Chul Soo is gay without knowing that the young man is Chul Soo’s brother.

Ra Young:”Why are two men so sweet towards each other?”


Joong Hee sees a building similar with the one Han Soo lives in. He asks Mi Young about how big a house in that building might be and is surprised by Mi Young’s answer. The house is way too small for him to move in and live with another six people. He regrets having asked Han Soo to let him move with Han Soo and his family. Joong Hee calls Han Soo to meet up and tell Han Soo that he doesn’t want to move, but Han Soo was a little busy and arranged for a meeting in the evening. Unfortunately Han Soo believes that Joong Hee wanted to meet because Joong Hee was urging the move. Han Soo is worried because he doesn’t know how to tell Young Shil and his four children about Joong Hee.

Pretending to be a good person, Yoo Joon tries to make up with Mi Young by telling Mi Young to forget the misunderstanding from the past. With an angel face, Yoo Joo tells Mi Young that she bullied Mi Young for Mi Young’s own good. She said she bullied and made fun of Mi Young to make Mi Young lose weight. But Mi Young isn’t the same person she was in high school. She doesn’t let herself humiliated so easily now so Mi Young threatens Yoo Joo with telling Joon Young everything. If Mi Young will tell Joon Young that she was bullied by Yoo Joo,  of course Joon Young will be put in a difficult position between his sister and his girlfriend, but at the same time Yoo Joo will suffer too.

Mi Young:”You won’t get to marry my brother that easily.”

Yoo Joo can’t let that happen so she is willing to do anything Mi Young wants to get Mi Young’s forgiveness. Unfortunately for her the only thing Mi Young wants is to not be part of the same family as Yoo Joo.

Mi Young:” What I want is to not become your family. I want you to break up with my brother.”

And that is why one shouldn’t bully, humiliate or hurt others weaker because you never know what life has to give you…. Yoo Joo thought that she could do whatever she wanted to the shy and fat Mi Young and life is giving back her own medicine now. Yoo Joo should just be thankful that Mi Young is different from her, that Mi Young is a nice person.

Han Soo came to Joong Hee’s house, but Joong Hee can’t bring himself to tell Han Soo that he won’t move in with Han Soo’s family. When Ra Young called and Han Soo told her that he is at the grocery store, Joong Hee got upset and sent Han Soo away.

After Han Soo left and having his fridge empty, Joong Hee went to the convenience store. There he sees Mi Young drinking alone and decided to accompany her. Both of them need company.

Joong Hee:”I’ll be your drinking buddy.”

Mi Young tells Joong Hee what troubles her. She said that she was really fat in high school and a classmate used to bully and humiliate her. Now her bully, who works at the same company as them, is marrying her brother.

Joong Hee consoled her and advised her to be the meanest sister-in-law. He also tells Mi Young that he was abandoned by his father and as revenge he will move in with his father and his father’s family.

Joong Hee:”You should get back at her.”

Meantime Han Soo arrived home and told Young Shil about Joong Hee.

Han Soo:”Han Soo’s son came to see me.”

In 1982, Yoon Seok went to the United States to his friend Han Soo. They were drinking and having fun. To make Yoon Seok have more confidence in himself, Han Soo exchanged jackets with his friend. Suddenly, while they were dancing, an explosion occurred.

Yoon Seok woke up 15 days later from his comma in a hospital. There he found out that his friend had died the night of the explosion. Because the two young men exchanged their jackets, everyone thought that Yoon Seok died and Han Soo survived. When Young Shil arrived at the hospital, she convinced Yoon Seok to not clear the misunderstanding and to continue his life and Byun Han Soo instead of Lee Yoon Seok…

Now, 35 years later, Byun Han Soo’s son should up. Feeling guilty that he lived his friend’s life, Han Soo decided to accept Joong Hee as his son. But the one that created the situation, Young Shil gets angry….


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