“Tomorrow With You” ep 13 ~So Joon:”I’ll think about tomorrow when tomorrow comes.”


So Joon decided to stop going to the future as Ma Rin asked him too. For a while the relationship between Ma Rin and So Joon improved, but then So Joon started going to the future again. Every time he would go to the future, So Joon returned with presents for Ma Rin and she was excited. But on his final trip to the future, So Joon was followed by Kim Yong Jin.ep13-11

Episode 13

After she found out that the future Ma Rin asked So Joon to break up with her, Ma Rin asked So Joon to choose between her and her future self. When So Joon chose her, the present one, Ma Rin send a mail to her future self with what she feels.

Ma Rin:”I’ll never become like you!”

So Joon decided to not go to the future since Ma Rin asked him not to. They will go on with their lives without worrying about the future or what will happen. They wear couple pajamas, they take pictures and live their life like any other normal couple.

So Joon:”I’ll think about tomorrow when tomorrow comes.”

Ki Doong spent the night working with the internal audit team. In the morning, he tells So Joon what they’ve discovered for now. Kim Yong Jin’s been taking money from the company for a while now.

Now that he says he won’t go to the future anymore, So Joon has to learn how to work. Luckily for him Ki Doong is there to teach him. But it’s not easy for So Joon to learn how his company works after years of doing nothing. So Joon fell asleep while reading the documents Ki Doong gave him to start the learning process.


Ma Rin met her mother for lunch. But when her mother started talking about the hard life she had with Ma Rin’s father and how much he cheated of her, Ma Rin asked her mother to stop. Ma Rin is hurt every time her mother talks bad about her father and she hates more and more the father she never met because of her mother. Feeling like she has no one to talk to, Ma Rin’s mother got upset and left.

So Joon met Doo Shik and told the other time traveler about his decision of not going to the future. Suddenly it’s started to rain and So Joon got under Doo Shik’s umbrella. But when they’ve arrived where Ma Rin was waiting for So Joon, Doo Shik ran away to not let Ma Rin saw him.  Ma Rin walked So Joon to work and spent some time together in So Joon’s office. When she left, Ma Rin left with Ki Doong and went to Ki Doong’s house to pick up all of So Joon’s belongings from there.

While packing So Joon’s belongings form Ki Doong’s house, Ma Rin and Ki Doong start drinking and talking about their lives with time traveler So Joon.


So Joon looks at the surveillance camera he installed in Ki Doong’s house a while ago and sees Ki Doong and Ma Rin drinking. He rushes over and takes Ma Rin, who was drunk, home.

Meantime Kim Yong Jin met president Choi. He called president Choi to a lake to fish in the middle of the night when no one was there. He signed a new contract with president Choi, then he got president Choi drunk and threw him into the lake. President Choi is the second person Kim Yong Jin killed!

The next day So Joon has a meeting with his coworkers. They need to decide on which land they will invest next. At the meeting So Joon was good, but he needs to go to the future and see which land will bring him more money before deciding to invest. So when Ma Rin called him, So Joon made it look like he will lose a huge amount of money if he won’t go check it to the future. Since It’s something related to his work, Ma Rin allowed So Joon to go to the future, but with the condition that So Joon won’t meet the future Ma Rin.

So Joon went to the future and brought Ma Rin all the new products she could want, beer, noodles, clothes, makeup products, the newest photo camera, everything. Getting all those presents Ma Rin doesn’t seem so upset with So Joon going to the future. She actually likes it. So could it be that she made such a ruckus about So Joon going to the future and making her worried because So Joon wouldn’t bring her anything?

Ma Rin:”It makes me nervous because he’s suddenly being so good to me.”


So Joon went to the future to buy dumplings for Ma Rin. He brought a serving for the future Ma Rin too. He left the future Ma Rin the dumplings and a USB with a message from him. In his message, So Joon tells the future Ma Rin that he will be by Ma Rin’s side and do everything he can for her until the day he will disappear.

So Joon:” Because you married me, you made me complete. Thank you! I love you!”

Gun Sook called So Ri and Ma Rin over after Yong Jin scared her again. She is sure that something strange is happening to Yong Jin, but she doesn’t know what. She already checked the car’s black box, but she couldn’t find anything. Yong Jin already deleted everything. While talking the three friends realized that Gun Sook didn’t check Yong Jin’s car’s navigation system to find out every address he’s been to lately. While checking the navigation system, Ma Rin realized that Yong Jin’s been to Happiness addresses. Then she realizes that Yong Jin’s car is similar to the car that passed by her at Happiness the day Se Young’s father died.

Meantime Yong Jin follows So Joon to the subway.


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