“Father is strange” ep 15~ Young Shil:”Your father has another son!”


Han Soo tells his wife about Joong Hee. Feeling guilty that he lived a live that wasn’t his, Han Soo wants to take care of Joong Hee. In reality Joong Hee is Byun Han Soo’s son, but Byun Han Soo died over 30 years ago. When the real Byun Han Soo died, his friend started using his life. At first Young Shil didn’t want to accept Joong Hee, but she also feels guilty when she thinks about the real Han Soo. She decided to go on with Han Soo’s decision and accept Joong Hee into her family. She announced her children that their father has another son.ep15-1

Episode 15

Han Soo comes home and finds Young Shil waiting for him, wanting to know where her husband goes. He can’t hide the truth since he already promised Joong Hee that Joong Hee can move in with him so Han Soo told Young Shil everything. Joong Hee is Byun Han Soo’s son! Since for some reason Han Soo lived a life that wasn’t his, he decided to take Joong Hee as his son.

Over 30 years ago the real Byun Han Soo died in an explosion. At that time Young Shil was pregnant with Joon Young and insisted that her boyfriend and Byun Han Soo’s friend to live his live as Byun Han Soo. For so many years Han Soo lived a different life, under a different name, worried always that someone could find out. Now, thankful that he could raise his children well while living under his friend’s name, Han Soo wants to do something in return – take care of the real Byun Han Soo’s son, Ahn Joong Hee.

Han Soo follows around Young Shil, begging her to accept Joong Hee and to tell their children about Joong Hee. But Young Shil refused.

Han Soo:”I want to be his father instead of Han Soo. He’s tall and handsome! He’s an actor! His name is Ahn Joong Hee.”

Joong Hee and Mi Young had a lot to drink together. Since they were both drunk and upset, they’ve revealed the other their problems. Mi Young told Joong Hee that the girl who used to bully her is high school is now marrying her brother. Meantime Joong Hee told Mi Young that he was abandoned by his father.

In the morning, when they woke up, both Mi Young and Joong Hee are embarrassed to face each other. Both of them hope that the other forgot what they’ve talked while they were drinking. But neither of them forgot. … Awkwardly both Joong Hee and Mi Young pretend that they don’t remember what they’ve told each other while drinking the other night.


Thinking that Chul Soo is gay, Ra Young decided to accept it. She approached Chul Soo, told him that she understands, that they should be friends. She even told Chul Soo that if he needs her help , he should just ask for it.

Ra Young:”We’re friends now!”

Hye Young and Jung Hwan met after work. Like a couple, they went shopping and then they went home to prepare a romantic dinner. While they were enjoying each other, Jung Hwan’s mother arrived. She found out that Jung Hwan went to see Young Shil and apologized for the way Bok Nyeo wrongly accused Young Shil of stealing. When Bok Nyeo came in, Hye Young was hiding in another room. But Bok Nyeo started insulting Young Shil and Hye Young came out angry. Luckily Jung Hwan stopped his mother from seeing Hye Young and Hye Young from arguing with his mother again.

Pretending that he is waiting for his staff to prepare a new program, Jung Hwan sent his mother away. Then he had to fix the other problem – make Hye Young let go of her anger.


It’s the day of poster shooting. The first to arrive and take photos was Joong Hee. His rival, Jin Sung Joon, had a commercial to shoot first. While Joong Hee was getting ready, the producer in charge of the making off arrived. It was Jung Hwan! Joong Hee and Jung Hwan aren’t friends and they insult each other every time they meet. This time wasn’t an exception.

During the time Joong Hee was taking his pictures, Jung Hwan was supposed to film it, but instead of filming Jung Hwan was playing around. The moment Jin Sung Joon arrived, Jung Hwan stopped his game and grabbed the camera to film the celebrity. As Jung Hwan, Jin Sung Joon also annoys Joong Hee every time they meet. Since Joong Hee was ignoring him, Sung Joon used Mi Young to get Joong Hee’s attention. Then when he got Joong Hee’s attention, Sung Joon started talking about Joong Hee not getting into the role and emotions he was supposed to at the script reading.

Young Shil can’t stop thinking about his husband and Joong Hee. She decided to take her husband to the real Byun Han Soo’s grave. In front of the grave, Young Shil told Han Soo her decision regarding Joong Hee.

Young Shil:”You can bring Han Soo’s son home.”

Back at the house, Young Shil texted her four children and announced them to come home because she has something important to talk to them about. At the end of her text, Young Shil said something that shocked all four of them.

Young Shil:”Son, daughter, daughter, daughter, I love you!”

Happy that Young Shil agreed to accept Joong Hee, Han Soo went to tell Joong Hee the good news. Finding out that Han Soo’s family accepted him and are willing to let him into their house, shocked Joong Hee.

Meantime Joon Young, Hye Young, Mi Young and Ra Young arrived home. Young Shil gave each of her children a calming pill. Then she told them about Joong Hee.

Young Shil:”Your father has another son!”

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