“Tunnel” ep 9 ~ Jung Ho Young:”You shouldn’t have provoked me.”


After he found out that his wife died and no one knows where his child is, Kwang Ho went crazy. All he does is stay in his house, crying while looking at Yeon Sook’s picture. Sun Jae comes to him and tells Kwang Ho exactly what Kwang Ho needed to hear so he could react and work on finding the killer. But while the two policemen were investigating, Jung Ho Young called Sun Jae to tell Sun Jae that there is another serial killer in town. Some of the victims were killed by the other killer. Unfortunately, even when that second killer is so close to them, Sun Jae and Kwang Ho provoked him without knowing that he is a killer. ep9-11

Episode 9

Yeon Sook’s been working late. She takes a taxi to get home as fast as she can. The taxi driver is careful to not get into an accident, but suddenly a drunk driver appeared in front of the taxi. An accident happened! With her last straight Yeon Sook gets out of the car, but she can’t go far…she’s too hurt…

Yeon Sook:”I don’t want Yeon Ho to be left alone as well.”

Kwang Ho stays inside his house, looking at Yeon Sook’s photo and crying ever since he found out Yeon Sook died. Worried about Kwang Ho, Sun Jae keeps calling him, but Kwang Ho doesn’t answer. He asks Sung Shik who told Sun Jae that Kwang Ho must be out of his mind after finding out that his wife died and no one knows where his child is.

Sun Jae goes to Kwang Ho’s place and makes him come out of the state he was in. Sun Jae makes Kwang Ho understand that nothing will change if he will stay inside, crying. Kwang Ho must think about his child that was left alone when she was just a little six years old.

Since everything happened because of the culprit that killed Sun Jae’s mother, if they catch him, Kwang Ho will be able to go home to his wife. When Kwang Ho will return home, there won’t be any reason for Yeon Sook to get into that taxi and get killed. If Kwang Ho will be where he should be, he can save his wife and together they can raise and take care of their daughter.

Sun Jae:”Find your daughter, solve the case and go back!”

Kwang Ho:”I have to catch that guy. If I was there, Yeon Sook wouldn’t have gotten in that taxi. I’m going to catch the suspect and go back.”

Kwang Ho and Sun Jae rushed to the police station where they’ve participated in the meeting with their team. Then they’ve went to the coroner to find out the cause of death of the young victim. But when Kwang Ho looks at the victim’s legs, he doesn’t see any dots. He takes Sun Jae out and says that it must be another criminal. Unfortunately they can be sure that it’s another criminal. The suspect might’ve changed his killing method…or it could be another criminal.


Kwang Ho and Sun Jae look for surveillance cameras that could’ve filmed the victim and Jung Ho Young, the suspect. Suddenly Kwang Ho realizes that the victim was murdered near a military base…the exact same place were Sun Jae’s mother was killed.

The land owner has a surveillance camera and allowed the two police men to look at the footage. There they’ve seen the victim passing by and Jung Ho Young going after her…

Later at the police station a phone starts ringing. It was a phone that was delivered to Sun Jae earlier. He answered the phone! It was Jung Ho Young! When the newspapers were saying that all the crimes were made by Jung Ho Young, he felt like he needed to tell Sun Jae that it’s not true. Jung Ho Young killed the last victim and admitted doing so, but he said that the crime that happened few days ago it wasn’t his doing. Then Jung Ho Young turned off saying that he will soon call Sun Jae again.

The police tracked the phone number from where Jung Ho Young called and went there. It was a public phone.


Jae Yi arrived at the police station and the policemen started the meeting. Sun Jae presents in front of everyone the cases in which Jung Ho Young is a suspect, including the murder of Jung Ho Young’s wife. Then Jae Yi tells everyone about the three similar murders from 1985. Of course she didn’t know that there were three more similar victims killed in 1986 so Kwang Ho talks about that. Since everyone was wondering how Kwang Ho could know about that, Kwang Ho said that he heard about those cases from Sung Shik.

After the meeting Sun Jae and Kwang Ho went to meet Jung Ho Young’s wife’s family. After the wife died, her sister told the police that the killer is Jung Ho Young. When they’ve asked why the sister accused so strongly Jung Ho Young at that time, the sister said that Jung Ho Young tried to strangle his wife with the stockings one night while she was sleeping. She woke up and managed to survive, but the second time she must’ve not been as lucky as the first time.

During the time Sun Jae and Kwang Ho were with Jung Ho Young’s wife’s family, Jae Yi went to the mental institution where Jung Ho Young was admitted for several years. His mother took Jung Ho Young to the mental institution and begged the doctors to never let him out because her son isn’t human. At the therapy, Jung Ho Young said something that shocked the doctor.

Jung Ho Young:”I killed the dog because I was curious what was inside his belly. Then I got curious how I would feel if I killed a human.”

Jung Ho Young killed the dogs in the neighborhood because he was curious how he will feel. When killing dogs wasn’t fun anymore, Jung Ho Young tried to kill his sister. At that moment his parents put him into the mental institute to protect their daughter.


Jung Ho Young called Sun Jae again and the police tracked the number. It was exactly what Jung Ho Young wanted. When Sun Jae and Kwang Ho arrived at the payphone from which Jung Ho Young called earlier, Jung Ho Young called again and threatened Sun Jae.

Jung Ho Young:”You shouldn’t have provoked me.”

The coroner called Sun Jae and Kwang Ho and tells them that the killings look different. The girl killed by Jung Ho Young was strangled repeatedly, while the other victim found recently died right away. No matter how much the two policemen say that Jung Ho Young is their serial killer, including the killer of the women killed in 1985 and 1986, the coroner, with a smile on his face, tries hard to convince them that beside Jung Ho Young there is another killer. It’s like the coroner knows something and he says with great satisfaction that there is another killer.

Unfortunately either Sun Jae or Kwang Ho didn’t believe the coroner. Later, Kwang Ho and Sun Jae continued to see and talk to the friends and family of the victims.


 Kwang Ho and Sun Jae went to search around the area where Jung Ho Young might be hiding…a place where he and his wife were planning to buy a house. That area is under reconstruction at the moment.

The two policemen searched the area and found the place where Jung Ho Young was hiding. They hide across the street, into another house and wait for Jung Ho Young to come home. Unfortunately they weren’t able to catch their killer. Jung Ho Young saw the two policemen in a mirror while he was entering his house and ran away.

Kwang Ho and Sun Jae followed Jung Ho Young until they’ve lost him.

Jung Ho Young called Sun Jae and threatened him to hurting Jae Yi. Worried, Sun Jae rushed to Jae Yi. He found Jae Yi’s address and went there. Arrived at Jae Yi’s house, Sun Jae discovered that Jae Yi and Kwang Ho live in the same place.

Soon after Sun Jae arrived there, Kwang Ho came too. Kwang Ho tried to hide the fact that Jae Yi lives there too, but then Jae Yi came out of her house. The moment Sun Jae saw Jae Yi, he went to her and screams at her for not answering her phone.

Sun Jae:”Do you know how worried I was?”

Jae Yi invited the two policemen inside for coffee. But soon Kwang Ho leaves to let Sun Jae and Jae Yi alone.

Kwang Ho:”Aren’t you thankful that I left you two alone?”

Sun Jae:”I want you to be more careful. Don’t go around by yourself.”

While Sun Jae was with Jae Yi, another woman was killed. He killer is the…coroner! The criminal is the person Sun Jae trusts and asks for help. He got upset that everyone believes Jung Ho Young to be the killer of his crimes. The coroner believes to be above a trash criminal like Jung Ho Young. For him to be compared, mistaken with Jung Ho Young it must be an insult.

Coroner:”I don’t kill people without any reason. Jung Ho Young…I’m different from that trash.”

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