“Father is strange” ep 16~ Ra Young:”My dad betrayed our family. “


Young Shil told her four children that their father has another son and that son will move in with them soon. Feeling disappointed and betrayed, all four siblings can’t accept their new brother, but there is anything they can do against it. The only thing they could do is move out of their parent’s house, but they can’t leave their mother alone. So they decided to accept their mother’s decision. Of course they didn’t accept Joong Hee with open arms. The shocked appeared when Joong Hee and Mi Young saw each other.ep16-1

Episode 16

Joon Young, Hye Young, Mi Young and Ra Young are shocked and disappointed in their father after finding out that they have a half-brother. They understand that their father wants to be a father and have a relationship with his new appeared son, but they don’t want to share Han Soo’s burden. The four siblings feel betrayed by their father whom they’ve trusted more than anyone in the whole world so they are against their new half-brother moving in with them. They even threatened with moving away of the house if their half-brother will come live with the family. Han Soo doesn’t know what to say, but Young Shil came out strong. She accepted Han Soo’s new son so if her children want to move out, it’s their choice. But they don’t have the money to do so…

Upset with their father, none of the four siblings look at him. They avoid him and make sure Han Soo understands how upset and disappointed they are in him. For a while, Hye Young will stay with her family. She is the strongest of them all and her brother and sisters feel more at easy her Hye Young home.

Another shocked person is Joong Hee, who can’t understand how Han Soo’s wife could accept the son her husband had with another woman. Then he consoles himself with the thought that Han Soo must have told his family that Joong Hee is a celebrity and that’s why they’ve accepted him. But Han Soo’s house is so small and seven people will have to life together, use the two bathrooms in the house…

The next day Joong Hee has lunch with Sung Joon, the producer of his new drama and the writer. No one trusts Joong Hee to do a good job and everyone congratulates Sung Joon for being a great actor.

Sung Joon:”Any actor can act well while working with me.”

Because of the pressure everyone puts on him, Joong Hee accepted to move in with Han Soo and his family in a few days.


It’s the middle of the night and Chul Soo hears some noise in the sport center. He goes to check it out and sees Ra Young drinking. She was drunk and crying. She was saying that she can’t go home because her father betrayed her and her entire family.

Ra Young:”My dad betrayed our family. My father apparently has another son.”

When Ra Young finally agreed to leave, Chul Soo hears the security guard coming. Knowing that if Ra Young will get caught she will get fired, Chul Soo helps her hide. While Chul Soo and Ra Young were hiding into a corner and Ra Young was so close to him, Chul Soo’s heart started beating faster.

Leaving the sport center, Ra Young met Mi Young at a convenience store near their house and fell asleep on the table. When Ra Young woke up and Hye Young arrived, the three sisters drink together. They have two options, to move together or to accept the situation. Still they can’t move away from home and let their mother alone with Han Soo and his new son. So they’ve decide to follow their mother’s decision.


Joong Hee will move soon to Han Soo’s house and he can’t go empty handed. He calls Mi Young and goes shopping for presents. After shopping Joong Hee and Mi Young went to eat. At the table Joong Hee tells Mi Young that he will move with his father and that man’s family. He has four children so he had to buy a lot of presents. Hearing that Joong Hee has four half siblings, a thought comes to Mi Young’s head…could Joong Hee be her father’s son that will move with them in two days?

The weekend came and Joong Hee moved in with Han Soo’s family. He was happy and greeted everyone with a big smile. But his smile vanished when he saw Mi Young…

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