“Tunnel” ep 10 ~ Kwang Ho:”Are you…Yeon Ho?”


Another dead girl appeared! The policemen and Jae Yi are there, investigating. The criminal is getting bolder and returned to the crime scene, in front of the police. Every time the police insists that the killer is Jung Ho Young, the real killer gets upset. He insists that there is another killer, but no one believes him.

Sun Jae and Kwang Ho are sure that the killer is Jung Ho Young and they are doing anything they can to catch him. Jae Yi on the other hand decided to help them and used herself as bait to lure Jung Ho Young. She is alone in the middle of the forest, with Jung Ho Young strangling her with stockings when she uses the whistle her mother gave her.ep10-11

Episode 10

“Some people hide in the light, not in darkness.”

A girl was found death in a park. Sun Jae, Kwang Ho and Jae Yi come to see the body. The moment they saw the body, Kwang Ho realized that on the victim’s ankle there are 8 dots. There must be another victim, alive or a body they didn’t find yet exists somewhere with 7 dots on her ankle.

Suddenly the killer comes to the crime scene and approached the policemen. He’s became more courageous. The coroner showed up and told Sun Jae and Kwang Ho that the victim with 7 dots on her ankle is the girl who was found dead near a river a while ago…the victim Sun Jae wasn’t allowed to see on his mother’s death anniversary.

Jae Yi:”Can there be a different suspect for these two cases?”

Mok Jin Woo, the coroner and killer, insists that there are two criminals. Someone else killed the girls with dots on their ankles. Jae Yi agrees with him, but Sun Jae and Kwang Ho don’t. Seeing that the two policemen don’t believe him and believes that the culprit is Jung Ho Young makes the real killer, Mok Jin Woo, angry. But he can’t show his anger.

Later Jae Yi looks around the information she has about the girls who were killed during the last months. She needs help and asks the dean Hong Hye Won for help. The two psychologists look at the information they have, including the cases from 30 years ago. They start to believe that Jung Ho Young was saying the truth…there is another killer. And if there is another killer, it means that Jung Ho Young didn’t kill the women 30 years ago, but the other killer did. One thing makes the two psychologists worry…why the killing method is similar and why both criminals are obsessed with skirts. Is there a connection between the two killers? Where they’ve met? Were they in the same mental institution?

Mok Jin Woo is examining the body of the last victim, his victim. He is still upset that Kwang Ho and Sun Jae believe that the girl was killed by Jung Ho Young. When they came over, Mok Jin Woo insists that there are two killers, but either Kwang Ho or Sun Jae believe him. They insist that the only criminal is Jung Ho Young and that infuriates Mok Jin Woo more.

Coroner :”I was kind enough to give you a hint. Have they finally caught on?”

Before leaving Sun Jae tells Mok Jin Woo that his mother was one of the victims killed 30 years ago.


After the news was released, the public and journalists gather in front of Jung Ho Young’s sister and mother’s house. The sister was able to run away so she could get away from the public blaming her for Jung Ho Young’s killings. But the mother didn’t run away. She appeared in front of the journalist and told them that Jung Ho Young isn’t her son so they should leave her alone. At that moment Kwang Ho and Sun Jae arrived. They went inside, but the old lady doesn’t tell them anything.

While buying something to eat, Jung Ho Young saw on the news that his mother was denying that he is her son. Angry, Jung Ho Young steals a phone and calls Sun Jae.  He keeps telling Sun Jae that he didn’t kill the two girls with dots on their ankles, but no one believed him. Suddenly Jae Yi takes the phone. She believes Jung Ho Young! Jae talked about the reason Jung Ho Young was admitted to the mental institution. She repeated what Jung Ho Young mother told the doctor, that her son isn’t human. Jae Yi knows that Jung Ho Young kills woman in skirts because with every victim, Jung Ho Young actually kills his mother.

Kwang Ho scolded Jae Yi for provoking Jung Ho Young. He told Jae Yi that she doesn’t care about the victims, that for her it’s not important to catch the killer. All that Jae Yi cares about is interrogating criminals for her own curiosity. Kwang Ho looked at Jae Yi and told her that if Jung Ho Young will kill another person it will be because she provoked him.


Hurt by Kwang Ho’s words, Jae Yi goes home and keeps listening to the cassettes she ahs with Jung Ho Young from the mental institution.

The next day Mok Jin Woo calls Sun Jae and Kwang Ho to tell them the components of the ink used for the dots on the victim’s ankles. He tells them that 30 years ago the ink used to be make at a company called Shin Hae Chemicals…the company Jung Ho Young’s father was the CEO. Later Sun Jae and Kwang Ho went to see Jung Ho Young’s mother. She told them the address of the second factory. They believe Jung Ho Young must be hiding there.

Returned to the police station, Sung Shik makes plans with his team to search the factory in order to catch Jung Ho Young.


Jae Yi has some questions and feels like Mok Jin Woo is the only one that can help her. She goes to see the coroner and seems like she got the answers she needed. She goes home decided to use herself as bait to catch the killer. She puts makeup on, she gets a skirt, gets her whistle and goes to where the criminal might be.

The police went to the factory to catch Jung Ho Young. But Jung Ho Young wasn’t there. The policemen found only some young boys smoking.

Jae Yi stops her car in the middle of the forest and is ready to get out and walk. Suddenly a friend from England calls her. The friend told Jae Yi that someone from South Korea is looking for her… by her real name, Park Yeon Ho.


Mok Jin Woo sees an interview that Jae Yi gave and understood that Jae Yi decided to use herself as bait to lure Jung Ho Young. He calls Sun Jae and tells him that Jae Yi is in danger.

Sun Jae and Kwang Ho watch the interview and become worried. Jae Yi’s phone is turned off. The police rushes over to the last place where Jae Yi’s phone could be tracked down.

Arrived at that place, Kwang Ho runs to search for Jae Yi, while Sun Jae stopped to answer his phone. His friend called to say that he found Park Yeon Ho.

“Professor Shin Jae Yi is Park Yeon Ho!”

Jae Yi walks around, in the middle of the night, when someone appeared from the bush. Jung Ho Young drags the unconscious Jae Yi deep into the forest and ties her up with stockings. Suddenly Jae Yi wakes up. She kicks Jung Ho Young and runs away.  Jung Ho Young chases her until Jae Yi tripped and fall. She knows she is done for, she will die. It’s only her and Jung Ho Young in the middle of nowhere. But then she remembers her whistle and blows it. Kwang Ho heard the sound and run towards it.

When Kwang Ho arrived, Jung Ho Young was strangling Jae Yi with stockings. At the sight of Kwang Ho, Jung Ho Young runs away, but Jae Yi in unconscious.

Kwang Ho:”I knew you’d end up causing troubles like this. Wake up, please!”

When Jae Yi finally came to her senses, Kwang Ho sees the whistle. He recognized it!

Kwang Ho:”Why are you wearing this necklace? Who are you? Are you…Yeon Ho?”

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