“Father is strange” ep 17~ Chul Soo:”I never said I wanted to be your friend.”


Joong Hee moved in with Han Soo and his family. But except for Han Soo and Young Shil, no one else is happy that he is there, not even Mi Young. He spend his first night there, but it’s hard for him to adjust living with so many people…that don’t really like him. Since the second she saw Joong Hee entering her house with her father, Mi Young avoids Joong Hee. She doesn’t answer his phone calls, she doesn’t answer his text,s he sleeps at her grandmother’s house to not see Joong Hee. When they’ve finally saw each other, Mi Young and Joong Hee ended up fighting. But when Joon Young told the family that he and Yoo Joo will live with the family after the wedding, Joong Hee sided with Mi Young to be against it. Meantime Ra Young has a meeting and goes to Chul Soo for help.ep17-1

Episode 17

Joong Hee moved into Han Soo’s house. Both him and Mi Young are shocked to see each other. Han Soo and Young Shil introduced Joong Hee to their children, but none is happy to see him. Mi Young is so shocked that she doesn’t know how to react. Since Joong Hee is a celebrity and even brought her an expensive perfume, Ra Young seems to be more open to accept Joong Hee than Hye Young and Joon Young.

Later when the grandmother and the uncle’s family came by, the grandmother showed Joong Hee her mean side. Joong Hee felt so hurt that he pretended to be tired and went to his room.

Joong Hee couldn’t sleep the first night spend with his new family. It’s way too noisy and he is used to live alone. Then in the morning when he needed to use the bathroom, there were way to many people that got into the bathroom before him.


Joong Hee comes to the kitchen to have breakfast with everyone. Since it’s his first time living with a family, Joong Hee starts eating before the adults. Joon Young, Hye Young, Mi Young and Ra Young look at him strangely. But Young Shil and Han Soo are there to help Joong Hee.

Since he has hemorrhoids, Joong Hee insists having his bidet installed. He even told the family members the reason he needs his bidet. When they agreed Joong Hee told Mi Young to take care of it. Hearing that, Joon Young and Hye Young couldn’t take it. Hye Young used her law knowledge to make Joong Hee understand that in their house he is the intern, the last one who entered the house, Mi Young is his manager during work hours.

Joong Hee:”They all shoot lasers out of their eyes. Why don’t they like me?”

Hye Young feels reassured that Joong Hee isn’t a bad person and moves back to Jung Hwan’s house. They’ve met for lunch and Hye Young told Jung Hwan that actor Ahn Joong Hee is her father’s son and Ahn Joong Hee’s manager is her sister. Jung Hwan is shocked and he also reveals that the making off he is filming is for Ahn Joong Hee’s new movie.

Since she found out that Joong Hee is her father’s son, Mi Young avoids him. Joong Hee calls her, but Mi Young doesn’t answer. He texts her, but Mi Young ignores the messages…. She doesn’t know what to say. She needs time to put her thought in order.


Joong Hee leaves the company and sees Joon Young with his girlfriend. Curious to see who the woman who bullied Mi Young was, Joong Hee checks her out without being seen. Later he returned at the company, looking for Mi Young, but she keeps avoiding him. He goes home and finds out that Mi Young will spend the night at her grandmother’s house.

Chul Soo is eating something at the convenience store while searching online for a room to rent. He looks on the window and sees Ra Young. She was crossing the street on the cross walk when she sees a blind man. Because that man couldn’t make it in time to the other side, Ra Young put herself in front of the cars until the blind man passed.


Chul Soo is sleeping. He feels something strange and opens his eyes. The moment he opened his eyes, Chul Soo sees Ra Young looking at him. She has a blind date and wants Chul Soo to look at her makeup and advice what looks better on her.

Chul Soo moves further away from her every time Ra Young comes closer so Ra Young believes that her hair must smell. She asks Chul Soo to hold her hair while she washes her bangs. Then she returned to Chul Soo’s room to dry her hair. After drying her hair, Ra Young took from her bag a perfume and sprayed it on her hair to smell better.

Chul Soo:”I never said I wanted to be your friend.”

Before leaving for her blind date, Ra Young insisted to find out from Chul Soo which make up looks better on her.


Joon Young and Yoo Joo went house hunting, but they can’t afford a good place to live in. To save some money, Joon Young asked his parents if they agree with Joon Young and Yoo Joo to live with the family for a while after marriage. Han Soo and Young Shil talked about that and agreed.

Because Mi Young ignored him for two days, Joong Hee goes to her office. But she hid under her desk to avoid him. Wanting to see and talk to her, Joong Hee took Mi Young’s phone who was on the desk. If she wants to get her phone she will have to see him, talk to him. But when Mi Young came, she couldn’t look into his eyes. She was avoiding looking at Joong Hee.

Joong Hee doesn’t understand why Mi Young, her brother and sister and her grandmother are all so mean to him. Han Soo told him that they’ve welcomed him. But Mi Young gets upset and tells him that they never accepted him. They can’t accept a brother whom their father brought in suddenly and they grandmother can’t welcome the son of her son-in-law. She also said that Han Soo never told the family who his son was. They only found out that their father son was a celebrity the moment Joong Hee stepped into their house.

Joong Hee:”Why is your family so mean to me?”

Hurt that Mi Young avoids him because she hates that he moved into her house, Joong Hee treats her harshly too. Later at the house, Joon Young and the parents announce that Yoo Joo will move in with them after marrying Joon Young. Since she can’t live with Yoo Joo in the same house, Mi Young is against them moving there. Knowing the reason Mi Young is against Yoo Joo moving in with them, Joong Hee decided to be on Mi Young’s side and was against it too.

Meantime at her house, Hye Young moves her recordings from the pen into her computer. She sees a recording that she doesn’t know and listen to it. Hearing Mi Young’s voice, Hye Young realized that Mi Young’s bully was Kim Yoo Joo.

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