“Tunnel” ep 11 ~ Kwang Ho:”Jung Ho Young is the witness!”


Jae Yi used herself as bait to help the police catch Jung Ho Young. She was about to be killed, but luckily for her Kwang Ho arrived in time. Sun Jae on the other hand went crazy when he met Jung Ho Young. He followed Jung Ho Young and fought him like crazy. The other police officers barely could stop Sun Jae from killing Jung Ho Young. But while interrogating Jung Ho Young, Kwang Ho realizes that Jung Ho Young isn’t the killer they were looking for. There is one thing that doesn’t connects in Kwang Ho’s head – Jung Ho Young knows the exact stop Sun Jae’s mother was killer at and what she was wearing that night. Thinking about that Kwang Ho realizes how could Jung Ho Young know. Unfortunately Jung Ho Young committed suicide…. ep11-1

Episode 11

Jae Yi used herself as bait, without telling anyone, to lure Jung Ho Young. The coroner, Mok Jin Woo, saw Jae Yi’s interview and called Sun Jae to announce him that Jae Yi is in danger. While looking for Jae Yi, Sun Jae found out that Jae Yi is Park Yeon Ho.

Meantime Kwang Ho runs without stopping to find and save Jae Yi. Suddenly he hears a whistle and runs towards it. He arrived at the moment Jung Ho Young was strangling Jae Yi. Kwang Ho scared Jung Ho Young, who ran away. When he was trying to make Jae Yi come to her senses, Kwang Ho saw Jae Yi’s necklace, the whistle Yeon Sook gave him soon after their marriage and realized that Shin Jae Yi is his daughter, Yeon Ho.

Sun Jae on the other hand runs after Jung Ho Young. At some point he lost Jung Ho Young, but Jung Ho Young was hiding and attacked Sun Jae. They fought and because he couldn’t beat Sun Jae, Jung Ho Young ran away again. He tried to get to his car and drive as far as he could from the police, but Sun Jae is persistent. When Jung Ho Young got into his car and locked the door, Sun Jae broke the window, opened the door and dragged Jung Ho Young out. They fought and hit each other, until Sun Jae grabbed Jung Ho Young’s neck. He was few seconds away from killing Jung Ho Young when the other policemen arrived and stopped him. The policemen arrested Jung Ho Young and Sung Shik tried to calm down Sun Jae.

Sun Jae:”I’m going to kill him! I’ll kill you!”

The police took Jung Ho Young to the station and Sun Jae stays like a shadow next to him. Two years ago, Sun Jae lost Jung Ho Young. Now he won’t make the same mistake. Sun Jae pushes over the officer that was taking every dangerous think Jung Ho Young had on him and checks Jung Ho Young himself.

While everyone was at the police station, Kwang Ho was with Jae Yi at the hospital. Jae Yi has some superficial wounds, nothing serious, but she is still unconscious. The shock must have caused her more psychological problems than physical problems.

Kwang Ho:”I can’t believe that you were so close.”


Sun Jae comes at the hospital and sees Kwang Ho. He checks on Jae Yi then he wants to tell Kwang Ho who Yeon Ho is, but Kwang Ho already knows. Sun Jae tells Kwang Ho everything he knows about Jae Yi and how hard her life was after Yeon Sook died and she was adopted to England. Then Sun Jae encourages Kwang Ho to tell Jae Yi who he is. But Kwang Ho blames himself for Jae Yi’s hard life. He can’t tell her who he is and he is satisfied with having seen her face.

Kwang Ho:”I already met Yeon Ho. I don’t deserve to be her father.”

Meantime Jung Ho Young is interrogated. He said something strange to the police, that he tried to save Jae Yi, not to kill her. But Sung Shik doesn’t believe what Jung Ho Young said.

Jung Ho Young:”I didn’t try to kill her. I saved her.”

Jae Yi was unconscious the whole night. She dreams about Yeon Sook, the day Yeon Sook gave her the whistle necklace. Then she dreams about the day she was adopted and blew her whistle for her mother to come save her, but Yeon Sook couldn’t come.

Jae Yi wakes up, she sees Kwang Ho and Sun Jae there with her. The first thing she said when she opened her eyes was if they were able to catch Jung Ho Young. She insists on getting her statement taken. Hearing that Kwang Ho gets angry and screams at her, but Jae Yi ignores him. She almost died and all that she can think about is getting Jung Ho Young locked up.


Sun Jae takes Jae Yi’s statement and records it on his phone. Jae Yi remembers that night, she remembers the hour, she remembers how she was attacked at what Jung Ho Young told her. He confessed that he killed some women, except for the two with dots on their ankles. Then he told Jae Yi that he will kill her too. That night Jae Yi was traumatized. Remembering the night she almost was killed, she relives it…she relives every part of her attack. She relives how she had to run away, how she felt, what was on her mind.

Jae Yi:”I’m not okay. It hurts!”

Kwang Ho and Sun Jae return to the police station where they found out that in Jung Ho Young’s car it was found the necklace of one of the girls he recently murdered. They enter the interrogation room to get Jung Ho Young’s statement. But Jung Ho Young doesn’t confess. He provoked them by insisting that he never killed anyone and when he confess on the phone that he killed someone it was a lie.

Jung Ho Young:”I never killed anyone. I swear!”

Since they can get Jung Ho Young’s confession, Sun Jae has an idea. One can fool others with words, but not with emotions so they should get a lie detector for Jung Ho Young. during the lie detector interview, Jung Ho Young kept lying, but when the interviewer mentioned Jung Ho Young’s sister and wife, he got upset.

Every time she closes her eyes, Jae Yi relives the night Jung Ho Young almost killed her. She wakes up screaming and beside her is professor Hong that calms her down. While talking to professor Hong, Jae Yi reveals that she remembered a woman whom she called “mother”. Hearing that professor Hong is happy that Jae Yi starts to recover her childhood memory and encourages Jae Yi to look for her mother.


Kwang Ho goes to the tunnel. He tells Yeon Sook that he found their daughter, but he can’t return yet. He has to make sure that he catch the killer and locks him up for good before returning home. When he will return home, he promises to give Yeon Sook and Yeon Ho the life they deserve.

Kwang Ho:”I found Yeon Ho, Yeon Sook. I’ll come back and make everything right.”

Jae Yi was discharged for the hospital and the first stop she makes is to see Mok Jin Woo. She thanks him for saving her life after calling Sun Jae. But Jae Yi seems to know more, like she knows that Mok Jin Woo is a killer.

The prosecutor will soon get Jung Ho Young. To try and solve the case before Jung Ho Young will be taken away, Sun Jae and Kwang Ho went to see Jung Ho Young’s mother. They try to make her come see Jung Ho Young and convince him to confess. Sun Jae even told her his story and begged her to convince Jung Ho Young to confess, but Jung Ho Young’s mother refused.

Sun Jae:”Your son killed my mother!”

Kwang Ho and Sun Jae have one last option. They will use Sun Jae to trigger Jung Ho Young’s memory. They will tell Jung Ho Young that Sun Jae is the son of one of the victims from 30 years ago.

Sun Jae:”I’ll be the bait this time.”

Sun Jae shows Jung Ho Young a picture of his mother. Jung Ho Young remembers the woman in the picture. He remembers the exact spot where she was killed and what she was wearing. But he denies having killed her. When Jung Ho Young started to laugh, Kwang Ho put his hand over Jung Ho Young’s shoulder and told the exact word Jung Ho Young told him 30 years ago when Kwang Ho arrested him.

Kwang Ho:”Mister, I did kill the dogs, but I really didn’t kill any person. Do I need a reason to kill a person?”

Hearing those words, Jung Ho Young reacts. He remembers the day Kwang Ho found the dead dogs in his yard and arrested him. He looks at Kwang Ho and realizing that Kwang Ho looks exactly like he looked 30 years ago, Jung Ho Young gets scared. While talking to Jung Ho Young and mentioning the killer who marks his victims with dots, Jung Ho Young didn’t knew anything about those dots. Kwang Ho looks into Jung Ho Young’s eyes and at his reaction and realizes that Jung Ho Young isn’t the killer of the women from 30 years ago.

Kwang Ho:” I passed through the 30 years and came here to catch you. He’s not the one!”


Later Kwang Ho tells his coworkers that there is for sure another killer, the one that marks the victims with dots. But there is something that bothers Kwang Ho…how Jung Ho Young could know the exact place where Sun Jae’s mother was killed and the clothes she was wearing that night. He keeps thinking about that and realizes that Jung Ho Young saw Sun Jae’s mother getting killer…he is the witness!

Kwang Ho:”There’s definitely another man. There’s another murderer! Jung Ho Young is the witness!”

Kwang Ho goes to talk to Jung Ho Young, but he was with his mother. Jung Ho Young’s mother came to see her son. She looks at him with hate and tells him that he is useless dead or alive. She keeps telling him to kill himself. With a mother like that, no wonder her son became a killer. Still…maybe, if he wouldn’t have witnessed Sun Jae’s mother’s death, he wouldn’t have become a killer. Maybe his mother and the fact that he witnessed a murder marked psychologically Jung Ho Young and he turned into the person he is at the moment. Jung Ho Young wanted his mother to love him and pay a little attention to him, but she didn’t. Instead of helping him, she hated her son, pushed him away, locked him into a mental institution…. Kind feeling sorry for him now… After all monsters are created by those around them…

Furious after talking to his mother, Jung Ho Young calls Sun Jae to confess. While Sun Jae was called he was making a mistake…Sun Jae was telling Mok Jin Woo that Jung Ho Young witnessed the real killer murdering his victims.


Sun Jae comes in when Kwang Ho was interrogating Jung Ho Young. He confessed having killed Sun Jae’s mother and to make Sun Jae kill him, Jung Ho Young even repeated Sun Jae’s mother last words “I have a child!”.

Jung Ho Young:”I killed her! I killed your mother!”

Sun Jae got so furious that he tried to kill Jung Ho Young, but Kwang Ho stopped him. After Sun Jae left, Jung Ho Young’s blood tests arrived. Kwang Ho sees that Jung Ho Young doesn’t smoke, but offers him a cigarette. He knows that the real dots killer smokes, the cigarette smell attacked his attention into the tunnel 30 years ago.

Jung Ho Young:”I don’t smoke. It’s bad for your body.”

When he was 18 years old, Jung Ho Young saw Seo Yi Soo on her way home. A man was following her. That man grabbed her and strangled her with stockings even when Seo Yi Soo begged for her life saying that she has a child. Jung Ho Young saw everything, but when Kwang Ho questions him, Jung Ho Young gets upset. He insists that he killed Seo Yi Soo.

The next day, Jung Ho Young was taken by the prosecutors and send to jail. He has a visit in jail…Mok Jin Woo. After that visit, Jung Ho Young died.

Sun Jae brings Kwang Ho home and insists on seeing Jae Yi before leaving. No matter how much Kwang Ho protests, Sun Jae goes in to see Jae Yi. He even offers to go buy Jae Yi everything she wants to eat, which infuriates Kwang Ho. But then the news that Jung Ho Young died came.


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