“Tunnel” ep 12 ~ Kwang Ho:”Am I back to the past?”


Mok Jin Woo went to see Jung Ho Young in prison after hearing that Jung Ho Young witnessed him killing Sun Jae’s mother. After that visit, Jung Ho Young committed suicide, but first he left a present for Kwang Ho – the name of the killer “Noel”. Sun Jae and Kwang Ho search every where for Noel, but when he hears that Mok Jin Woo visited Jung Ho Young in prison, Kwang Ho became suspicious that Mok Jin Woo might by Noel. He finds evidence and faces Mok Jin Woo. But during the battle something strange happened…At the moment of the battler Sun Jae was telling Jae Yi that Kwang Ho is her father.ep12-1

Episode 12

Knowing that Jung Ho Young is the only witness that saw him killing Sun Jae’s mother, Mok Jin Woo went to the prison to see Jung Ho Young. When Jung Ho Young believed that he was a reporter, Mok Jin Woo asked who Jung Ho Young killed his victims. But while Jung Ho Young was talking, Mok Jin Woo completed the sentences. At that moment Jung Ho Young realized who the man that visited him was.

Mok Jin Woo:”They were chocked at once.”

Jung Ho Young:”It was you! Hide well and deep. I can see you. Who will recognize whom first? And who will catch whom first?”

Not understanding Jung Ho Young’s words who were referring to Kwang Ho, Mok Jin Woo provoked Jung Ho Young. He made Jung Ho Young relive the days he was in the mental institute. He played with Jung Ho Young’s mind.  Then he gave Jung Ho Young the key to get out of there. Mok Jin Woo made Jung Ho Young believe that he can only get out dead.

Back to his jail, Jung Ho Young prepares to commit suicide. But he won’t die just like that. He doesn’t know Mok Jin Woo’s name, but he saw the name on Mok Jin Woo’s pen… “Noel”. Before killing himself, Jung Ho Young wrote on a paper the name  “Noel” so the police would know who the dots killer is.

Jung Ho Young:”I can’t leave just one present. The game needs to be fair.”

When he was found dead, Jung Ho Young was holding the paper with the name on it. When the police arrived, the officer gave the note to the policeman whom it was addressed, Park Kwang Ho.


Sun Jae makes a mistake! He trusts Mok Jin Woo and goes to see him. Sun Jae told Mok Jin Woo that the once who figure out that Jung Ho Young was a witness, not a killer, is Kwang Ho because Kwang Ho knew that the real dots killer smocked at the tunnel while Jung Ho Young never smoked in his entire life. At that moment Mok Jin Woo remembers Jung Ho Young’s words. Only Mok Jin Woo and Kwang Ho know what happened at the tunnel. When Kwang Ho came in, Mok Jin Woo is shocked! The detective he hit with a rock in the tunnel, 30 years ago, is in front of him…looking young.

Mok Jin Woo:”I thought he died that time. It’s nice to meet you again.”

Jae Yi keeps thinking about Jung Ho Young. Something doesn’t seem right! If Jung Ho Young wanted to commit suicide to get away from prison, he would’ve killed himself before being arrested, not after the police realized that he was a witness. And he even left a clue to Kwang Ho, but why Kwang Ho. Jae Yi goes to Mok Jin Woo…

Sun Jae, Kwang Ho and their team start investigating again. This they don’t just investigate the two cases that had dots on their ankles, but also the crimes that happened in 1985-1986. Kwang Ho tells everyone all that he knows about those case. The killer can’t be arrested for the crimes he did 30 years ago because the statute of limitation passed, but maybe it can help them discover who the killer it. But they have to investigate without letting anyone know.

After their teammates left, Kwang Ho tells Sun Jae and Sung Shik that the reason the dots killers started killing again might be the young Park Kwang Ho. But Sun Jae and Sung Shik believe that it must by another trigger. For that they need Jae Yi’s help. She can do a profile for the killer. Sung Shik was shocked to find out that Jae Yi is Yeon Ho.


Looking at what they have until now and the name Jung Ho Young left for him, Kwang Ho realizes that “Noel” is the killer baptismal name. Sun Jae and Kwang Ho went to all the cathedrals that were in the area in 1986 to find the name of their killer. They’ve checked the lists and went to see the men that had been baptized with the name “Neol”. One was a man in a wheelchair, the other was man that worked at a convenience store. The man from the convenience store matches the evidence they have, but he also has an alibi. But that man gave some information to the policemen. There was another man baptized with the same name in the same day. Unfortunately he doesn’t remember that man’s name, but he remembers that there was a former soldier who fought in Vietnam. That man used to brag about killing filthy people. He even had tattoo on his leg that meant the number of people he killed. From all the people that man was bragging to, only the other boy baptized Noel listened to the former soldier’s stories. After the former soldier died, Noel stopped going to church.

Later the team met at the station to reveal what each of them discovered. When they were on their way out, Sun Jae and Kwang Ho bumped into Mok Jin Woo. He visited the police station to find out what the police know about him. But the board was turned around and Kwang Ho didn’t let Mok Jin Woo see anything.

Kwang Ho:”It’s a secret for our investigation.”


Kwang Ho goes home and stops by Jae Yi’s house. He checks the window to make sure that Jae Yi will be safe. When Jae Yi asks him if he knows her whistle necklace, Kwang Ho leaves.

Kwang Ho:”I’m sorry, Yeon Ho!”

The next day, Sun Jae and Kwang Ho were called to the prison. The office told them that Mok Jin Woo visited Jung Ho Young the day he committed suicide. Surprised, the two policemen went to see the coroner. Kwang Ho questions him about why he went to see Jung Ho Young and why he never told them about the visit he made at the prison.

Looking around the information she has, Jae Yi realized that the trigger for the killer to start killing again might have been the leg of the fifth victim, the woman who survived 30 years ago and was killer recently. But if the killer saw the leg with five dots and that was his trigger, it means that he is close by. She calls Sun Jae and tells him about her suspicions.


The next morning the police team starts their meeting with the new information that Jae Yi gave them. But Sun Jae makes a mistake. He only suspects the policemen involved in the case, not the coroner too.

Kwang Ho:”Professor Mok autopsied Kim Young Ja’s leg.”

Sitting at his desk, Kwang Ho keeps thinking about “Noel” and the fact that the ink used on the dots tattoo can be used on fountain pens too. He became more and more suspicious on Mok Jin Woo, who always has a fountain pen with his name on. Kwang Ho saw the name, but he isn’t sure. He asks an officer to find out when Mok Jin Woo moved to Hwayang and discovered that Mok Jin Woo moved in 1980. He runs to Mok Jin Woo’s office to check his suspicions.

Kwang Ho:”That bastard was playing games with us. He has an eye on our every move.”


Mok Jin Woo calls Kwang Ho.

Mok Jin Woo:”I know who you are. I believe you’ve found out who I am. Come to the tunnel right now.”

Kwang Ho:”You were hiding so close to me.”

When he arrived at the tunnel, Mok Jin Woo told Kwang Ho the reason the young Park Kwang Ho died. A while ago Mok Jin Woo offered to work as a volunteer and check out the elders health in the village where the young Park Kwang Ho lived. Park Kwang Ho had brought the old lady who raised him there too. While waiting for his turn, Park Kwang Ho saw Mok Jin Woo injecting something to an old man. The next day that old man died.  Suspicious Park Kwang Ho investigated to make sure that Mok Jin Woo really injected vitamins to that old man and not some kind of poison. But Mok Jin Woo didn’t like Park Kwang Ho’s persistence. Mok Jin Woo called Park Kwang Ho and threatened him with killing the old lady that raised him. Park Kwang Ho rushed home, but it was too late. His grandmother was already dead. Then Mok Jin Woo attacked Park Kwang Ho. He injected Park Kwang Ho with something. They started fighting and after dropping his phone, Park Kwang Ho got to his car and drove away. Mok Jin Woo followed him…it was the day Kwang Ho arrived from the past. Mok Jin Woo chased the young Park Kwang Ho and killed him.

Mok Jin Woo:”In this world, there are some paths that you don’t need to walk. “

Kwang Ho and Mok Jin Woo start fighting. During the fight, Kwang Ho fell on the ground. When he got up, he was back to 1986.

Kwang Ho:”Am I back to the past?”

Meantime Jae Yi can’t stop thinking about Kwang Ho, what he said when he saw her whistle necklace and that he blamed himself for her hard life. While she was thinking about Kwang Ho, her friend from England calls and gives her the name of the policeman that was looking for Park Yeon Ho. She met that officer and found out that Sun Jae asked him to look for Park Yeon Ho as a personal favor. Then Jae Yi called Sun Jae and met him to find out why Sun Jae was looking for Park Yeon Ho.

Sun Jae:”He is your father. Kwang Ho is your father! Kwang Ho came from the past.”

Jae Yi:”He is younger than me.”

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