“Father is strange” ep 18~ Mi Young:”You’ve made me a ghost.”


Joong Hee lives with his new family. He is happy that Mi Young is there. At least there is one person he knew from before, but even Mi Young avoids him. All found siblings ignore Joong Hee. Even when Joong Hee tries to side with Mi Young, she gets angry with him. But Joong Hee doesn’t have to do anything to help Mi Young because Hye Young found out that Yoo Joo is Mi Young’s bully from school. ep18-1

Episode 18

Joon Young announced that he and Yoo Joo will move with the family after the wedding. Because of their past relationship, Mi Young is against that idea. Knowing the reason Mi Young hates the idea of her brother and Yoo Joo moving in with them, Joong Hee sided with Mi Young. He said that a 35 years old man and his new wife should live at their house, now with their parents.

Joong He:”I never lived with my father so far.”

Later Joong Hee followed Mi Young on the rooftop. He consoled her and offered to tell the family the reason Mi Young is against living with Yoo Joo. He sided with Mi Young and wanted to help her, but Mi Young got angry at him.

Mi Young:”I don’t appreciate your meddling in my business.”

In the morning Han Soo and Young Shil have to go to the fish market early in the morning. Since Joong Hee isn’t familiar with the house, Han Soo asked Joon Young to help Joong Hee and make breakfast for everyone.

Joon Young prepared breakfast for everyone, including Joong Hee. But when Joong Hee came to the kitchen and talked to them, none of the siblings answered. They all ignored him.


Hye Young met Mi Young to talk about Yoo Joo. Now Hye Young knows that Yoo Joo was Mi Young’s bully in school. Mi Young wants Yoo Joo to sincerely apologize to her. After Yoo Joo will apologize, Mi Young is decided to forgive her and accept Yoo Joo and Joon Young’s marriage. Mi Young is afraid that if she will tell the family what Yoo Joo did to her in school and Joon Young will still marry Yoo Joo after that, she able to forgive her brother. She prefers to accept Yoo Joo’s apology and move on. If Yoo Joo won’t apologize, Mi Young might tell her brother, she doesn’t know yet what she will do. She just wants to solve this problem on her own, to fight back and defend herself like she never did in high school. But Hye Young can’t let things pass so easily. After all Kim Yoo Joo hurt her sister.

Later Mi Young had a heart-to-heart conversation with Yoo Joo. She is upset that Yoo Joo wants to move in with them after the wedding when Yoo Joo didn’t even apologize. In high school, Yoo Joo teased Mi Young for being fat, she kept saying Mi Young smells like a pig, threw Mi Young’s lunch box away. Because of Yoo Joo’s teasing, Mi Young thought that she really smells like a pig and showered so much that she even developed a skin disease. But the psychological scars are dipper than the physical once.

Mi Young:”You’ve made me a ghost.”

Hearing Mi Young’s confession, Yoo Joo also opened up and revealed the reason she was so harsh with Mi Young at that time. In high school Yoo Joo was living with her stepmother, but she was too embarrassed to tell that to anyone. So when Yoo Joo got into trouble because she wasn’t bringing her mother at school, Mi Young tried to help her and told the teacher that Yoo Joo was living with her stepmother.

Yoo Joo:”Who gave you the right to talk about my personal life?”

When Mi Young apologized for telling the teacher the truth about Yoo Joo’s family to help Yoo Joo not get into trouble, Yoo Joo said she doesn’t need an apology. She doesn’t want to fight over something that passed a long time ago. She said that she was mean to Mi Young in high school because she was trying to make Mi Young lose some weight.

Mi Young:”I guess you’re okay with my brother knowing about what you did since you only had good intentions. I should tell my brother about all the things you did for me.”

After her argument with Yoo Joo, Mi Young called her brother and set up a meeting for the next day. Why they had to set up a meeting when they life in the same house…ONLY THEM KNOW!

Unfortunately for Yoo Joo, Hye Young found out about what Yoo Joo did to Mi Young. While Mi Young a soft hearted girl and thinks about puts others happiness before hers, Hye Young is a strong woman, who will do anything to defend her family.

Hye Young:”You better give Mi Young a sincere apology.”

Hye Young plans to force Yoo Joo give Mi Young the apology Mi Young need. If after that Mi Young will forgive Yoo Joo and move on, Hye Young will do the same. Meantime Hye Young wants to know why Yoo Joo hurt Mi Young so much.

In high school, Yoo Joo’s stepmother wasn’t giving her money for lunch or food from home. One day, while pretending that she isn’t eating because she is on a diet, Yoo Joo saw Han Soo bringing Mi Young her lunch. He didn’t let Mi Young bring food in the morning because he was afraid the food will get cold and wont taste good anymore. Seeing Mi Young have a warm and loving father, made Yoo Joo jealous. She envied Mi Young. But Hye Young isn’t like Mi Young and doesn’t get easily impressed.

Yoo Joo:”I was jealous of her.”

Hye Young:”You’re only trying to justify the cruel things you did to her.”


Ra Young sees her coworkers and Chul Soo goes to watch a football game and accompanied them. She sits beside Chul Soo and asks him questions about football. He explains her the game and gets nervous when he touched Ra Young’s hand by mistake. But Ra Young has not reaction. Since she started believing Chul Soo to be gay, Ra Young doesn’t see him more than a simple friend anymore.  So she can act comfortable around him. She doesn’t need to impress him anymore.

When the team they were supporting won, Ra Young was so excited that hugged Chul Soo. But Chul Soo is starting to feel attracted to Ra Young and his heart beats faster every time she is close to him or touches him.

Ra Young sees Chul Soo as a simple friend so she acts really friendly around him. She jumps around, she puts her arms around his neck. But Chul Soo’s brother came… the one Ra Young believes to be Chul Soo’s boyfriend. Chul Soo goes over happy and hugs his brother.

Ra Young:”I wish you happiness.”

Joong Hee is happy so he came at the company to discuss his contract renewal. The CEO is willing to give in to everything Joong Hee wanted, including to fire Mi Young as Joong Hee requested him a while ago. But Joong Hee doesn’t want that anymore. He wants Mi Young by his side.

Joong Hee:”It doesn’t look nice if I change my manager too often.”

Later Joong Hee is practicing and uses that excuse to call Mi Young. But Mi Young isn’t as she used to be. She keeps avoiding him, she doesn’t look at Joong Hee and only answered with short sentences on the subject, about work.

Joong Hee:”All four siblings act like I’m invisible. If you hate me that much, tell me to leave.”


Mi Young is on her way to meet Joon Young when Yoo Joo approached her. Yoo Joo opened up, sincerely apologized and begged Mi Young to let her marry Joon Young.

Yoo Joo:”I hated and envied you. You are not the only one who got hurt.”

Mi Young got the apology she wanted. Then when she met Joon Young, he told her how happy he is with Yoo Joo. She encourages him and makes him want to become a better person. Seeing her brother happy, Mi Young can’t say anything. She can’t ruin her brother’s happiness. So Mi Young decided to let Joon Young and Yoo Joo get married and move into her house. But Yoo Joo isn’t forgiven. She will have to work hard daily and treat everyone in the family well.

Meantime Ra Young sees Hye Young and Jung Hwan shopping. They were acting like newlyweds. Ra Young follows them and sees that Jung Hwan is the friend Hye Young is living with. She sends Hye Young the picture she took with Hye Young and Jung Hwan.


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