“Father is strange” ep 19~ Ra Young:”Your boyfriend is weird!”


Living with Joong Hee makes Han Soo and Young Shil think about the real Byun Han Soo. When he was young Lee Yoon Seok was blamed for something he didn’t do and send to prison. After he got out Yoon Seok was treated as a murdered and couldn’t even get a job to have money to save his mother’s life. Yoon Seok’s friend, Han Soo, was living in United States at that moment and called Yoon Seok there. Unfortunately Han Soo died and Young Shil, who just found out that she is pregnant, insisted that Yoon Seok continues his life as Byun Han Soo so their child won’t be treated as an ex convict son. Meantime Ra Young found out that Hye Young lives with her boyfriend. Not knowing if she should tell or not her parents, Ra Young told Mi Young and Joon Young. But Young Shil heard them talking and rushed over to get her eldest daughter. There she met Bok Nyeo who also discovered that Hye Young and her son are dating because of Jung  Hwan’s mistake.


Episode 19

Ra Young found out that Hye Young lives with her boyfriend. Afraid that her parents will also find out, Hye Young called Ra Young. They went to talk over coffee. At first Ra Young scolded her sister for moving with her boyfriend. She scolded Hye Young for not introducing her boyfriend to their parents and get married, but Hye Young knows her sister well. In the end Hye Young tempted Ra Young with expensive products to shut her mouth.

At the house Mi Young keeps avoiding Joong Hee, but at work she is forced to talk to him. Because Yoo Joo will move in with them, Joong Hee is worried about Mi Young’s feelings and asks her, but Mi Young treats him coldly. Later Joong Hee has a meeting with the art team. Kim Yoo Joo selected Joong Hee’s outfits for the drama he will be in. But Joong Hee rejected all of Yoo Joo’s proposal since he already sow Jin Sung Joon and other artists already wearing them. During the meeting Joong Hee gave Yoo Joo a hard time. He is okay with wearing anything that matches his role as long as those clothes weren’t on someone else before.

Joong Hee:”I’m sensitive towards these kinds of things.”

After Joong Hee left, Yoo Joo scolded her subordinate. But Joong Hee heard her on his way out and returned and put Yoo Joo in a difficult position.

Joong Hee:”Team leader Kim, were you a bully when you were a student? I can sense that you used to bully people in the past.”


Mi Young gets upset with Joong Hee and scolds him for getting involved in her life again. They have no relationship for him to defend her in front of Yoo Joo. Since they are on the subject, Mi Young tells Joong Hee that she is uncomfortable being around him. She remembers that Joong Hee said the night they got drunk that he is moving with his father to make the family uncomfortable and to get the emotions he needs for his role. That was just drunk talks. Joong Hee wants to be part of a family. He is willing to do anything Mi Young wants for their relationship to be better. Unfortunately Mi Young wants to keep her distance from Joong Hee and asked him to transfer her to another team.

Joong Hee:”We’re not complete strangers either.”

Mi Young:”I can’t work with you anymore.”

From his conversation with Mi Young, Joong Hee went straight to the CEO’s office and asked him to remove Mi Young from his team. Meantime Mi Young was approached by Yoo Joo who is upset that Mi Young told Joong Hee about what happened between them during school days. But Yoo Joo isn’t in the position to start a fight with Mi Young.

Having Joong Hee around him, Han Soo remembers his past when he was Lee Yoon Seok. He was a practicing a sport and before an competition, young Yoon Seok saw a high school boy being bullied and hit by others classmates. He wanted to help, but the coach had just told him and the whole team that they would be disqualified if they will get into fights. To help the young boy, Yoon Seok called the police. When he returned to the place where the boy was being bullied, the boy was dead. His classmate had killed him!

While Yoon Seok was with the dead boy, the police arrived. Since he was with the body the police accused Yoon Seok of killing the boy and arrested him. There was also a witness, but at the trial the witness changed his testimony and said that he didn’t see anything. As a result Lee Yoon Seok was accused of murder and send to three years of prison.

Getting out of prison, Yoon Seok was treated as a murderer and got kicked out of his hometown. He couldn’t get a job and because he didn’t had money, Yoon Seok couldn’t pay for his mother’s surgery. Yoon Seok’s mother missed her chance of getting operated and died. Then a theft happened at a construction site and Yoon Seok was accused of it just because he was an ex convict. To help his friend, Han Soo called Yoon Seok to the United States for work. But the explosion happened and Han Soo died. Relieved that Yoon Seok is alive and since she was pregnant with Joon Young, Young Shil insisted that Yoon Seok life as Byun Han Soo.

During the explosion a misunderstanding happened and Yoon Seok was confused with Byun Han Soo. Not wanting her son to be treated as the son of a killer, Young Shil insisted until Yoon Seok accepted to live as Han Soo the rest of his life.

Han Soo:” Joong Hee reminds me of Han Soo a lot.”


Ra Young is ready to start her class when Chul Soo and his brother, Young Hee, came in. Young Hee seems to like Ra Young and uses the class to get close to her. Since he can’t go alone, Young Hee forces Chul Soo to come along. During the class, when Ra Young gets close to Young Hee to show him the moves or Young Hee smiles at Ra Young, Chul Soo feels jealous. And when Ra Young gets close to help him with the moves, Chul Soo can’t breathe properly. But Chul Soo was always interested in studying and football so he doesn’t realizes that he likes Ra Young.

After the class Young Hee approaches Ra Young and asks for her phone number. Thinking that Young Hee is Chul Soo’s boyfriend that wants to make sure that it isn’t anything between Ra Young and  Chul Soo, Ra Young gave Young Hee her phone number.

Ra Young :”He’s not hitting on me, is he? I’m his boyfriend’s friend. “

Getting Ra Young’s phone number, Young Hee leaves happy that he can contact her for dates too. Uncomfortable with the situation, Ra Young goes to Chul Soo to tell him that his boyfriend flirted with her. Not knowing that Ra Young believes him to be gay and Young Hee to be his boyfriend, Chul Soo doesn’t understand her.

Ra Young:”Your boyfriend is weird!”

Yoo Joo visited Joon Young’s family to thank Young Shil for accepting her to move in after the wedding. Since she came and she will move in with them, Ra Young makes sure to tell Yoo Joo that she has to bring wedding presents. Being on the subject Ra Young tells Yoo Joo that the washing machine is old, their fridge makes noises and they need a new TV. Also Ra Young didn’t forget to show Yoo Joo the expensive bag she wants as present.


Joong Hee comes home and tries to act friendly with Joon Young, but Joon Young treats him coldly.

Joon Young:”Don’t expect me to treat you as an older brother.”

Later Joong Hee hears Joon Young, Mi Young and Ra Young talking about the present they want to give their parents for Parent’s Day. Joong Hee wants to join them and give money for the present, but Joon Young and Mi Young ignored him and coldly rejected his offer. Only Ra Young was willing to accept Joong Hee to join them, but her brother and sister decided that Joong Hee isn’t their family.

Joong Hee:”Why am I living here?”

Hurt by the way the siblings treat him, Joong Hee took his turtle and decided to go home. He gets to his car, but something stops him from leaving. But then Young Shil and Han Soo arrived. They took Joong Hee and the turtle inside.


Even if she accepted the bag from Hye Young, Ra Young can’t keep the secret. She keeps thinking that she has to tell her parents, but she doesn’t want to betray her sister. Not knowing what to do, Ra Young told Mi Young. Both of them are concerned of what to do, to betray their sister or their parents. So Mi Young and Ra Young decide to tell Joon Young too when he will come from work.

Han Soo received a large order. His wife and Mi Young join to help him prepare the order. Joong Hee comes for breakfast and joins in to help them. While getting the order ready, Joong Hee has a happy feeling when Han Soo feeds him warmly like he feeds any of his children.

Young Shil:”We’re family now so you should help out.”

Later when Joon Young came from work, Ra Young and Mi Young tell him that Hye Young is living with her boyfriend. But from outside Young Shil heard them talking. Furious, Young Shil went to Jung Hwan’s apartment.

Not knowing the storm that was going their way, Hye Young and Jung Hwan are enjoying a date. The walk, they take pictures, they do all that couples do. Arrived home tired, Hye Young goes to shower and Jung Hwan sends Hye Young the pictures they took with each other that day. Unfortunately Jung Hwan made the mistake to send the picture to his mother, not to Hye Young.

The two mothers arrived at the same time and stormed in.

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