“Tomorrow With You” ep 14 ~ So Joon:”You and I were not meant to meet! “


Kim Yong Jin followed So Joon to the subway, but So Joon vanished before his eyes. Shocked by what he just witness, Kim Yong Jin went to Ma Rin and placed a microphone under So Joon and Ma Rin’s table. With the help of that microphone, Kim Yong Jin discovered that So Joon can time travel. At the same time he realizes that Ma Rin has the black box of his car and plans to kidnap her.ep14-1

Episode 14

Kim Yong Jin follows So Joon to the subway, but So Joon vanished right in front of him. He goes to So Joon’s house and when Ma Rin was coming home holding the black box of Kim Yong Jin’s car, she saw Kim Yong Jin. He insists to go inside and wait for So Joon to come home.

When Yong Jin talked about seeing So Joon disappearing before him in the subway, Ma Rin said that her mother should be there soon and forced Yong Jin to leave. Unfortunately while Ma Rin was getting something to drink for them, Yong Jin places some microphones into the house. Later, that day when So Joon came home and Ma Rin told him about Kim Yong Jin’s visit, Ma Rin also mentioned So Joon being a time traveler. From his car, Kim Yong Jin was hearing everything.

After Ma Rin fell asleep, So Joon talked on the phone with Kim Yong Jin. He told Yong Jin to never again show up in front of him or his house.

So Joon:”Don’t come near me or my house.


Investigating Kim Yong Jin, Ki Doong found out that president Choi died after being often seen with Kim Yong Jin. Having a bad feeling about everything, Ki Doong looks for So Joon. While talking about president Choi, So Joon remembered that Se Young’s father talked about president Choi before he died. He tells Ki Doong to call the police, but another bad news appeared. Kim Yong Jin already run away after debt collectors showed up at his house.

So Joon met Doo Shik to get more information about Kim Yong Jin. He wants to know if Kim Yong Jin killed someone and if Kim Yong Jin is the reason So Joon disappeared. Doo Shik admitted that So Joon disappeared because of Kim Yong Jin. He kept riding the subway to find evidence against Kim Yong Jin and disappeared. Doo Shik begs So Joon to stay put for two days because these two days are the days in which So Joon disappears.

So Joon offered to look for Ma Rin’s father. He talked to Ma Rin and her mother about it. Ma Rin’s mother talks to Ma Rin about letting So Joon find her ex-husband. She even gave Ma Rin a picture with her father whom Ma Rin doesn’t remember. But Ma Rin is afraid to face her father again. After seeing the picture of her father, old feelings came to Ma Rin. She is afraid she will be disappointed when she will meet her father again.

Ma Rin:”What if I meet him and I’m just disappointed.”

Ma Rin shows So Joon a picture of her father. The moment So Joon looked at the picture he was shocked. Ma Rin’s father is Doo Shik!

So Joon:”This man…is your father?”


Shocked by the news he just found out, So Joon need some fresh air. He goes for a walk and Ma Rin accompanied him. While walking So Joon confessed Ma Rin the reason they’ve met. He tells Ma Rin that she wasn’t in his future, they were not suppose to meet. Then the other time traveler advised So Joon to date Ma Rin. Since they are together because of that man, So Joon proposed Ma Rin to meet together the other time traveler and ask him why his wanted them to date.

So Joon:”You and I were not meant to meet! You were not in my future! Let’s go meet that man tomorrow.”

While following So Joon and Ma Rin, Kim Yong Jin notices that his car’s black box is missing. angry he goes to see Gun Sook, but he gets furious when Gun Sook said that she left the black box with Ma Rin. Since Gun Sook is living with So Ri until the divorce, So Ri saw Kim Yong Jin going crazy and physically abusing Gun Sook. Then next day So Ri calls Ma Rin to tell Ma Rin what happened the night before and to advice Ma Rin to not get involved in Gun Sook and Yong Jin’s fight.

The moment So Ri called her, Ma Rin was on her way to get the black box. After the phone call, Ma Rin got nervous. Still she went to get the black box.


Doo Shik came to So Joon. The night before Doo Shik went to the future. He visited the future Ma Rin to find out what happened the day So Joon disappeared in order to prevent everything from happening. The future Ma Rin told Doo Shik that Kim Yong Jin ran away to Vietnam. She had the black box of Kim Yong Jin’s car, but she couldn’t see what was on it because Kim Yong Jin took it away. She also mentioned the evidences of Kim Yong Jin kidnapping Ma Rin and evidences about Kim Yong Jin emblazing money.

Back to the present Doo Shik tells So Joon everything. Then he asks So Joon to go inside and stop Ma Rin from leaving the house. Unfortunately it was too late. Ma Rin wasn’t in the house. She was at the place where the black box was restored…and Kim Yong Jin was following her.

Luckily for Ma Rin, So Joon knew where her kidnapping will happen and went there before Kim Yong Jin had the chance to attack her. So Joon took Ma Rin, put her into a taxi and send her home. Then he went to look for Kim Yong Jin. But Kim Yong Jin was waiting for Ma Rin in front of her house.

Now seriously… Why on Earth So Joon left Ma Rin alone knowing what was going to happen? Why did he returned to look for Kim Yong Jin on the street? It’s not like Kim Yong Jin would stay there waiting for someone to come looking for him….Then Ma Rin took a taxi, right? So why was she walking home? Her house is big enough for cars to pass so the taxi could’ve stopped in front of her house. And where is Doo Shik? He knows the future too so if he wants to prevent it, he should be there helping So Joon to stop Kim Yong Jin kidnap Ma Rin… Also Ma Rin is the source of all of So Joon’s problems… She always gets into trouble and So Joon has to fix them… It would’ve been easier if she had told So Joon about the black box from the start…

This drama is just stupid!!!!!!

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