“Suspicious Partner” ep1~ep2~Ji Wook:”I feel like we’ve met before.”


Noh Ji Wook and Eun Bong Hee met one day in the subway and had an embarrassing accident. That day Bong Hee accused Ji Wook of being a pervert and later she caught her boyfriend cheating on her. While trying to get even with her cheater boyfriend, Bong Hee gets drunk and Ji Wook is the one that stays by her side the whole night.

Ji Wook is a handsome, intelligent and successful prosecutor. Three months after his encounter with Bong Hee, she appears before Ji Wook again. She came in to his office as Ji Wook’s intern. For days they bicker with each other and when they start to get along, Bong Hee’s ex-boyfriend, Hee Joon, is murdered in her own house. Bong Hee becomes the suspect of  Hee Joon’s murder and the merciless Ji Wook is the prosecutor.


Ji Chang Wook       as   Noh Ji Wook

Nam Ji Hyun            as    Eun Bong Hee

Choi Tae Joon          as    Ji Eun Hyuk

Nara                          as    Cha Yoo Jung

Hwang Chan Sung    as    Jang Hee Joon


Episode 1

Eun Bong Hee is on the subway when she feels a pervert touching her. She looks around and sees a young man next to her and believes that he is the one touching her. Upset because of the pervert, Bong Hee argues with the young man, No Ji Wook. But Ji Wook was innocent. There was another man close to Bong Hee, who was actually the pervert that touched her.

Bong Hee:”I have a trauma because of perverts like you. You just touched my ass in a really disgusting way.”

Because he was accused of something that he didn’t do, Ji Wook fights back. But no matter how much he denies it, Bong Hee doesn’t believe him and the other people in the subway look at him like he was a pervert. Ji Wook is embarrassed! Unfortunately things don’t stop there. Ji Wook and Bong Hee were supposed to get off the subway at the same stop. Bong Hee got down first and stopped Ji Woo from getting down too.

From the subway, Bong Hee was going to a hotel. Earlier that day she received a text telling her that her boyfriend was cheating on her. Bong Hee went inside that hotel lobby and saw her boyfriend, Hee Joon, with another woman.  At that moment Bong Hee realized that she knew that Hee Joon changed, that he was cheating on her, but she pretended not to know. She fights with Hee Joon and tells him that they will break up after she will have her revenge, after she will also have a one night stand.

Bong Hee:”I’m going to sleep with the first man I run into.”

She turns to leave and the first man that appeared in front of her was an old man. Bong Hee doesn’t want to sleep with an old man and wants to avoid him, but she slipped and fell. Embarrassed, Bong Hee leaves. She wipes her tears and one of her lenses fell. At that moment a young man passes by her. It was Ji Wook!

Bong Hee:”Do you want to sleep with me?”

Bong Hee leaves with Ji Wook. He helped her get away from Hee Joon and on their way, they cleared the misunderstanding from the subway.


Upset after all that happened that day, Bong Hee goes for drinks. She invited Ji Wook to accompany her, but he refused. After Bong Hee got off the taxi, Ji Wook saw that Bong Hee left something behind and followed her. Happy to see a familiar face, Bong Hee put a glass in Ji Wook’s hand and practically forced him to drink it. Ji Wook sat down and accompanied Bong Hee for drinks that night.  Luckily Ji Woo didn’t drink that night, but unfortunately for him Ji Wook is a nice man and had to take care of the crazy drunk woman he met for the first time that day.

In the morning Bong Hee woke up at Ji Woo’s house. Thinking that something happened between them the night before Bong Hee leaves while Ji Wook was in the shower.

Ji Wook found his girlfriend cheating on him in his own house. Since then he wasn’t interested in women or relationship. But when he witnessed Bong Hee’s argument with Hee Joon, Ji Wook understood what Bong Hee was feeling and wanted to help her.


Episode 2

Bong Hee is at the school and is shocked to find out that Hee Joon told everyone that they broke up after he caught Bong Hee at a hotel having an one night stand. She’s embarrassed and everyone criticizes her. Later when they saw each other, Hee Joon humiliates Bong Hee again. In front of his friends, Hee Joon told Bong Hee that he already dumped her at the hotel when he found her cheating of him.

Three months later, Bong Hee becomes an intern who works under a prosecutor. She goes in and sees the stranger she asked for an one night stand. That stranger is prosecutor Noh Ji Wook.

Ji Wook:”I feel like we’ve met before.”

Since from the first moment Ji Wook was teasing her, Bong Hee thought it will be a good opportunity to ask him if anything happened between them that night. But Ji Wook doesn’t give her an answer. He just avoids to answer, teasing Bong Hee more.

For several days Ji Wook works Bong Hee so hard that she barely has time to eat. She even was hit by the clients she was supposed to help mediate. Then a pervert was brought in and she remembered. It was the same pervert that touched her when she accused Ji Wook in the subway.


Bong Hee has a small break and goes outside to eat something. Hee Joon and his new girlfriend Ji Hae passed by and makes Bong Hee feel bad. Ji Wook was close by and heard everything. He remembered Hee Joon and went over. In front of Hee Joon, Ji Wook acted like he likes Bong Hee.

Ji Wook:”I missed you! Eun Bong Hee, you’re dirty, but pretty.”

Ji Wook confesses that he likes Bong Hee to help her. After Hee Joon left, Ji Wook advices Bong Hee to become a better person and ignore her ex boyfriend.

Ji Wook:”Become a better person and live a nice life.”

Bong Hee goes to buy something from the convenience store. On her way to the store it’s a black out. Because of the black out there was no electrical power in the whole neighborhood so there was no surveillance camera and at the store Bong Hee had to pay cash. The cashier at the store was too busy playing a game to look at Bong Hee’s face so he doesn’t remember her either. Back at the house, Bong Hee goes in and finds Hee Joon’s body.

Without an alibi, Bong Hee is accused of killing Hee Joon. The prosecutor in charge is Ji Wook.

Ji Wook:” I’m a merciless prosecutor!”


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