“Tomorrow With You” ep 15 ~ Ma Rin:”Why did you leave So Joon all alone!”


Kim Yong Jin kidnapped Ma Rin and left her to freeze to death in the forest. But Doo Shik already knew where Kim Yong Jin took Ma Rin and went to save her. Meantime So Joon gave the evidence against Kim Yong Jin to Ki Doong, and Ki Doong took them to the police station. Then So Joon  went to meet Kim Yong Jin at the subway. They fight and Kim Yong Jin stabbed So Joon. After being stabbed So Joon disappeared and appeared few days later after Ma Rin died.ep15-1

Episode 15

While searching for Kim Yong Jin, So Joon called Ma Rin to check if she arrived home safely. But Ma Rin was lying unconscious in Kim Yong Jin’s car and Kim Yong Jin answered her phone. Since Kim Yong Jin has Ma Rin, So Joon made a plan with Doo Shik to not let Kim Yong Jin get away. Doo Shik will free Ma Rin since Kim Yong Jin doesn’t know that So Joon isn’t alone. Meantime So Joon will have to make sure that the black box gets to the police before his meeting with Kim Yong Jin.

So Joon:”You have to save her! You are Ma Rin’s father!”

There is no time to lose. So Joon called Ki Doong, gave him the black box and instructed him to go to the police with it. On that black box might be the evidence of Kim Yong Jin killing Se Young’s father. But the police had to intervene after So Joon holds Kim Yong Jin.


Ki Doong went to the police with the black box and while looking at , they discover that Se Young’s father was killed by Kim Yong Jin. Meantime Kim Yong Jin left his car, with Ma Rin in it, in the middle of a forest. He changed his car and left and calls So Joon to meet up. But So Joon already knows the meeting place.

Kim Yong Jin:” You really can see the future, right? Your wife will freeze to death. ”

Doo Shik arrived in the forest. He breaks the car’s window and gets Ma Rin out. After he took Ma Rin to the hospital, Doo Shik called So Joon to let him know that Ma Ri is safe.

Ma Rin:”Please save me!”

Doo Shik:”I’m you father…your father!”

Soo Joon gets to the subway. Ki Doong and the policemen are getting on too. The police has 90 seconds to catch Kim Yong Jin in the subway before So Joon disappears. But things get complicated. The So Joon from the past is in the subway too. He is there to see what happened the day he disappeared. Unfortunately the So Joon from the present and So Joon from the past saw each other. When they’ve seen each other, So Joon from the past ran away. The police saw him and followed So Joon from the past…to the other direction from where So Joon from the present and Kim Yong Jin were.


So Joon and Kim Yong Jin met and started to fight…more like So Joon was hitting Kim Yong Jin because all that Yong Jin was doing was screaming… But during the fight, Kim Yong Jin stabbed So Joon. The moment he was stabbed, So Joon disappeared. The 90 seconds are gone…

So Joon:”You can’t beat me. Your life is already a failure.”

Ma Rin woke up at the hospital when a policeman came to ask her few questions. Doo Shik was with her and prevented the policeman from talking to Ma Rin and tell her that So Joon disappeared. The next morning when Doo Shik came at the hospital, he found a note in which Ma Rin was telling him that she went home. While she was trying to cook something for So Joon, Ma Rin received a phone call from the police and found out that her husband is missing.

After that phone call, Ma Rin went to the police station where she told the officer that her husband is a time traveler. But the officer didn’t believe her. He thought that Ma Rin must be traumatized after being kidnapped and her husband disappeared.

Both Ma Rin and Ki Doong are in shock after So Joon disappeared. Suddenly Ki Doong remembers that about 3 months about So Joon made plans with Ki Doong to meet on December 3th. He calls Ma Rin and tells her that the next day So Joon from the past will come. They could meet So Joon from the past and tell him everything that way they could change the past and So Joon might not disappear.


Doo Shik came to see Ma Rin. He tells Ma Rin to move on with her life because So Joon won’t return. He also reveals Ma Rin that he is the other time traveler So Joon was talking about. Few years ago when Ma Rin and So Joon survived the subway explosion, there was another survivor…Doo Shik. He got off the subway when he saw Ma Rin and So Joon arguing. It was the first time in years he was seeing his daughter and got off the subway before the explosion. But finding out that her father is a time traveler that knew that So Joon will disappear, Ma Rin got angry and blamed Doo Shik for not helping So Joon.

Ma Rin:”Why did you leave So Joon all alone!”

Not being enough that So Joon disappeared because of her stupid choices, Ma Rin continues to create troubles. She goes to Ki Doong’s house before the past So Joon arrived. She tells Ki Doong to said to So Joon that his relationship with Ma Ri was bad and that he went abroad to get rid of her. She instructs Ki Doong to tell So Joon to return to the past and break up with Ma Rin as soon as possible.

What is doing that stupid? If they would’ve told So Joon from the past the truth, So Joon could’ve returned to the past. So Joon could’ve stopped Kim Yong Jin from killing Se Young’s father and nothing would’ve happened. In the end because of Ma Rin everything happened… Se Young’s father getting killer, So Joon disappearing… Still she lives well…and doesn’t do anything to prevent all those things from happen and she stops Ki Doong from helping too…

And Ki Doong is more stupid than Ma Rin. He actually did exactly how Ma Rin asked him to….

Two years after So Joon disappeared, Ma Rin sends So Joon an e-mail and set the e-mail to be send in year 2022. Meantime in year 2022 So Joon wakes up from coma. He was kept alive by machines.


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