“Father is strange” ep 20~Joong Hee:”She’s my sister!”


Finding out that their successful daughter Hye Young lied to them and lives with a man, Young Shil and Han Soo are disappointed. They feel betrayed. Furious Young Shil brought her daughter home. Meantime Mi Young sees an interview of Joong Hee and feels sorry for him. She apologizes for the way she acted and makes up with Joong Hee. The same time Ra Young spends more time together with Chul Soo and Young Hee and discovers that they are brothers. ep20-1

Episode 20

Young Shil and Bok Nyeo enter like storm in Jung Hwan’s house. Both of them are shocked that their children live together, but Young Shil is also embarrassed. Young Shil hits Hye Young, then she takes Hye Young home. Meantime at the house Joon Young, Mi Young and Ra Young told Han Soo that Hye Young was living with her boyfriend.

Hye Young is embarrassed to look her parents in the eyes and both Han Soo and Young Shil are furious. They are disappointed in their perfect and successful daughter. While she was scolded Hye Young talked back to her parents telling that she never lied to them, theoretically, because she told them that she was living with a friend, she never said that it was a female friend. But when she talked back to her mother, Han Soo screamed and scolded Hye Young for the first time.

After being scolded by her parents, it’s time for Hye Young to be scolded by her siblings. But Hye Young talked back to her parents so what will hold her from getting angry with her siblings. She argues with Joon Young and Mi Young for scolding her after she disappointed their parents so much. Hye Young also gets angry with Ra Young for telling the family that she was living with Jung Hwan. Joon Young, Mi Young and Ra Young understand that Hye Young is in love and wanted to live with her boyfriend, but they are disappointed in the way Hye Young acted. She could’ve told her family about her boyfriend and do things differently, instead Hye Young chose to betray Han Soo and Young Shil’s trust.

Mi Young:”I’m really disappointed in you for what you did.”

In the morning Joon Young cooked for the whole family. Then he and Mi Young went to their parent’s room to force them come out and eat by telling the parent that if they won’t eat, none will eat. While eating breakfast the atmosphere is heavy so Joong Hee asked if something happened to the family. He wants to know what happened and maybe try to help, but everyone excludes him.

Later Joong Hee had an interview together with the other actors of the drama he will be in soon. The interviewer asked them to share a memory they each have with their father and Joong Hee said that the good memory with his father is his father feeding him.


Young Hee came at the sport center again to participate in Ra Young’s yoga class. He has luch with Chul Soo when Ra Young joins them. She’s one a diet, but when Young Hee said that she doesn’t need to lose any weight, Ra Young asked Chul Soo for a piece of his dish. Because Ra Young was enjoying it so much, Young Hee gave Ra Young a piece of his dish too. Jealous Chul Soo pushed his tray for Ra Young to eat it all. During lunch Young Hee was flirting with Ra Young.

Ra Young:”I guess you’re sweet to everyone.”

Young Hee:”I’m sweet to only a specific person.”

Jealous Chul Soo leaves, but Ra Young calls him to come urgent where she and Young Hee are. She can’t let Young Hee flirt with her while he is dating Chul Soo. When Chul Soo arrived, Ra Young told him that Young Hee is flirting with her so Chul Soo should break up with him. At that moment Chul Soo revealed Ra Young and Young Hee is his twin brother. Embarrassed Ra Young leaves…

Ra Young:”Your loves is putting the move on me. Break up with him! He’s not a good man.”

Chul Soo:”We’re twins!”

Young Hee:”We look good together?”

Ra Young locks herself in the toilet embarrassed by the way she acted around Chul Soo since she thought he was gay.


Jung Hwan talks with his father who wants to know what kind of girl Hye Young is. Then he scolds Jung Hwan for not cherishing the girl he loves so much. He understands his son’s point of view, but Gyu Tak also puts himself in Han Soo’s shoes. Gyu Tak knows how painful it must be for Hye Young’s parents that she lived with a man before marriage.

At breakfast Gyu Tak mediates between his wife and son, but Bok Nyeo is against Hye Young and asks Jung Hwan to break up with Hye Young and move back to the house with them. Jung Hwan got upset and told his mother that he can’t break up again with Hye Young since he plans to marry Hye Young. Finding out that Hye Young is the same girl she forced to break up with Jung Hwan eight years ago, Bok Nyeo understands why Hye Young was so rude to her, but she is more against Jung Hwan marrying Hye Young than ever.

Mi Young saw Joong Hee’s interview and felt bad for him. She and her siblings felt like Joong Hee appeared out of nowhere to steal their father. Now, after she saw that interview, Mi Young starts thinking that from Joong Hee’s point of view it must be Mi Young and her siblings the ones that stole Joong Hee’s father for more than 30 years. She feels bad and apologizes to Joong Hee for how she acted and pushed him away lately. After making up, Mi Young and Joong Hee make rules about their private and work relationship from now on.


Joong Hee went to the CEO to tell the CEO to bring back Mi Young to Joong Hee’s team. When the CEO implied that there must be some kind of a relationship between Joong Hee and Mi Young, Joong Hee got upset.

Joong Hee:”She’s my sister!”

The next day Joong Hee received what he wanted the most, a celebrity van. When he showed Mi Young their new car, Mi Young seemed happier than him. Later that night Joong Hee opens the door and sees Jung Hwan. He finds out that Jung Hwan is Hye Young’s boyfriend. Jung Hwan had come to apologize for everything to Han Soo and Young Shil.


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