“Suspicious Partner” ep3~ep4~Ji Wook:” Let’s never cross paths again!”


Hee Joon was killed in Bong Hee’s apartment which made Bong Hee the first suspect. She is arrested and calls the only person she can trust. Unfortunately Hee Joon was the son of an powerful man that hired Ji Wook as the prosecutor to send Bong Hee to prison or Ji Wook will be fired. Ji Wook becomes the prosecutor that accused Bong Hee and Eun Hyuk the lawyer to defend her. During the trial in Ji Wook’s hands arrived evidences in Bong Hee’s favor and he becomes troubled. Should Ji Wook save Bong Hee or chose his career? ep3-1

Episode 3

Hee Joon comes to see Bong Hee when she was at the store. He knows the passwords and goes inside, but someone follows him. When Bong Hee returned from the store she met a masked man on a bike. That man seemed surprised to see her, but went his way. Arrived home, Bong Hee finds Hee Joon’s dead body in her house.

The police came and Bong Hee was taken to the station as a suspect. While she was giving her testimony, Ji Hae arrived telling everyone about the song Bong Hee was singing that she will kill Hee Joon after he dumped her.

Ji Hae:”I’m going to kill her! I’ll kill her!”

Bong Hee:”Men bring nothing by trouble into your life.”

The only person who can help Bong Hee now is Ji Wook so she calls him. But Ji Wook is a prosecutor who hates everyone that defends a killer.


Furious Ji Wook goes to see Bong Hee at the police station. He rushes into the cell about to hit Bong Hee, but stops. He screams at her, but Bong Hee is so scared that he feels sorry for her.

Ji Wook:”Let me see your shameless face.”

Bong Hee:”You’re the only person I can count on.”

Unfortunately for Bong Hee, Hee Joon was the son of an important and powerful man who pointed Ji Wook as the prosecutor to accuse Bong Hee. The higher ups threatened Ji Wook with firing him if he won’t be able to get the maximum penalty for Bong Hee. They will also make sure that Ji Wook won’t be able to work in that field if he won’t put Bong Hee in jail.

Ji Wook went to interrogate Bong Hee and make her understand in what situation she is in. But Bong Hee can’t hear him and can’t see him. The police officers won’t allow her to wear lenses and some journalist broke her glasses. Weird when she can’t see, Bong Hee can’t hear either.

During the interrogation, Ji Wook tries everything he can to make Bong Hee confess. It doesn’t matter if she is guilty or not because the higher ups need someone to be sentenced for Hee Joon’s death and Ji Wook needs to save his career.

Bong Hee:” You believe me, don’t you? I trust that you believe me. I trust that you’re on my side. You’re the only hope I have right now. I trust you!”

Being with Bong Hee, Ji Wook remembers a fake monk that used to live in the same neighborhood as him when he was a child. That monk told Ji Wook that he will meet a woman who will destroy his path in the future. Now Ji Wook is sure that the woman the monk was talking about is Eun Bong Hee.


Ji Wook can’t defend Bong Hee, but he also can’t live her undefended so Ji Wook called the only person who can defend Bong Hee – lawyer Ji Eun Hyuk. Happy that Ji Wook called him for a favor for the first time in years, Eun Hyuk accepted the case. He went to question Bong Hee, but he is more curious about the relationship between Ji Wook and Bong Hee.

Meantime Ji Wook is busy searching for evidence in Bong Hee’s favor. He goes to Bong Hee’s house and remembering what Bong Hee said she did the night of the murder, Ji Wook thinks that Bong Hee might have witnessed something without knowing that she did, since she wasn’t wearing her glasses.

While Ji Wook was searching around Bong Hee’s house, he found a knife that matched the murder weapon. But another murder weapon was found at the same time about 7 km away from Bong Hee’s house.


Episode 4

Two identical murder weapons appeared in the same time, in different places. One was found 7 km away from the crime scene and the second one was found in Bong Hee’s house, after the police searched the crime scene many times. That means that one of the murder weapons is fabricated, that someone is doing everything to make Bong Hee the killer.

Ji Wook took the two weapons to the forensics and asked the coroner to work on them confidentially. Later Eun Hyuk asked Ji Wook to meet and talk about Bong Hee’s case. They’ve met, but Ji Wook sat at a different table, without looking at Eun Hyuk. Their meeting lasted for only a few minutes.

Eun Hyuk:”Ji Wook, I love you!”

After meeting Eun Hyuk, upset Ji Wook went to the police station and vented his anger on Bong Hee.

Ji Wook:”You existence itself is a mistake!”

Soon the trial started with Ji Wook accusing Bong Hee and Eun Hyuk defending her.


Everyone that knew Bong Hee and Hee Joon were called to testimony, including Ji Hae. When she was called to testimony against Bong Hee, Ji Hae said that she is sure that Bong Hee killed Hee Joon, she is sure that every time Bong Hee was singing threatening songs to Hee Joon, Bong Hee meant them. But Eun Hyuk makes sure to remind her that she also threatened to kill Bong Hee at the police station, in front of the police officers, the night Hee Joon died.

Eun Hyuk:”I heard that you also said the same thing at the police station. Then does that also make you a potential murderer?”

Another classmate was called to testimony against Bong Hee, but Eun Hyuk remembered him that he asked out Bong Hee and got rejected. Eun Hyuk implied that the witness is accusing Bong Hee of murder because he was rejected every time he asked Bong Hee out. Then it’s Bong Hee’s turn to testify. While testifying Bong Hee made things worse for herself when she said that every women in the world might have wanted to kill her boyfriend or husband at a certain point.

Bong Hee:”If I had really planned to murder him, I wouldn’t have told the whole world about my plan, don’t you think?”


The forensic report of the two murder weapon is ready. Ji Wook saw them and brought them to the trial the next day. He handed over to the judge in the middle on the trial the weapon that was found at Bong Hee’s house.

The judge accepted the evidence and a forensic was called in. Both Ji Wook and Eun Hyuk interrogated the forensic. They are good on their jobs. But after his closing argument, Ji Wook stopped the trial. He revealed everyone that another murder weapon was found 7 km away from the murder scene. Ji Wook chose to sacrifice himself to get Bong Hee out of jail. If two weapons on the same murder are found in different places it means that someone is trying to put the blame of an innocent person.

Ji Wook:”I’d like to submit additional evidence.”

Leaving the trial, Bong Hee is surrounded by police officers and journalists. Suddenly she feels the presence of the man she met while returning home the night Hee Joon was killed.

After giving up the trial and releasing Bong Hee, Ji Wook was fired. He is no longer a prosecutor. The day Ji Wook packed his belonging and leaves the prosecutor’s office, Bong Hee comes to work. They meet and she is happy to see Ji Wook, but Ji Wook isn’t.

Bong Hee:”I’ve come to trust and like someone again…the man who saved me.”

Ji Wook:”I think that we’ve met by fate…an ill-fated encounter. Let’s never cross paths again!”


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