“Father is strange” ep 21~Jung Hwan:”Hye Young, let’s break up! “


Jung Hwan visited Hye Young’s family and asked Young Shil and Han Soo permission to marry their daughter. But Hye Young has no intention of getting married. Even when Jung Hwan, after finding out that his mother is the reason Hye Young broke up with him few years ago, proposed to move away from his parent’s house Hye Young didn’t change her mind. Because from the beginning Jung Hwan saw Hye Young as his wife, but with her seeing things differently, Jung Hwan broke up with her. In the meantime Ra Young tries to avoid Chul Soo and Young Hee, but she can’t. She apologizes for misunderstanding their relationship. But because Young Hee was too friendly with Ra Young, Chul Soo feels jealous and does everything he can to keep his brother away from Ra Young.ep21-1

Episode 21

Jung Hwan visited Hye Young’s house. He apologized to Han Soo and Young Shil for convincing Hye Young to live together instead of asking for their permission to date their daughter. Then he asked their permission to get married to Hye Young, but Young Shil got upset.

Young Shil:” I have no intention of taking you in as my son-in-law.”

After Jung Hwan left, Hye Young tried to calm down her parents, but she ended up shocking them even more. Han Soo and Young Shil are surprised that Jung Hwan dared to come and ask them to marry Hye Young, but they are grateful that at least he thought about it. What shocked them more is that Hye Young accepted living with Jung Hwan without marriage in her mind. Never in her life, Hye Young thought of getting married.

Hye Young’s siblings are also surprised that Hye Young never intended to marry Jung Hwan. He has a decent job, he is good looking and he wants to marry her so Hye Young has no reason to reject him.

Arrived home, Jung Hwan has another show. This time with his mother who is against his relationship with Hye Young. She doesn’t want Hye Young and Young Shil as her family.


In the middle of the night Joong Hee calls Mi Young on the rooftop. He just found out what was going on at the house when Jung Hwan came to visit. He wants to know more and he wants to know what he should do at a time like that, should he do something or should he pretend not to know anything. Since Han Soo and Young Shil weren’t able to eat well since they found out the truth, Mi Young suggested that Joong Hee should buy some porridge for the whole family.

Early in the morning, Joong Hee and Mi Young went to buy porridge and dessert for the family. Everyone like the porridge and Han Soo and Young Shil were happy to eat it. The only one who hated Joong Hee’s gesture was Joon Young. He is jealous that his father has another son and he is always in competition with Joong Hee. Especially Joon Young doesn’t like that Mi Young and Joong Hee are close recently.

Jung Hwan met Hye Young and tries to convince her to get married. But Hye Young refuses. She didn’t work so hard to become an independent woman, a successful career woman, so that she will get married and lose herself while becoming someone’s wife, someone’s daughter-in-law, someone’s mother. She wants to work, she wants to live, she wants to do a lot of things that she wasn’t able to do for her. If she will get married she will have to give up everything she wanted, in order to become a wife, a mother, a daughter-in-law. She will have to come home from work, if she won’t give up her career, and do the housework. Also she knows that Jung Hwan’s mother won’t accept and like her. And even if she will marry Jung Hwan, Hye Young isn’t the type of daughter-in-law that becomes the mother-in-law’s slave…like Korean daughter-in-law’s are. Also the most important reason for Hye Young to refuse marry Jung Hwan is Bok Nyeo.

Ra Young is embarrassed to face Chul Soo. If she sees him on the hallway, she turns around and leaves as fast as she can or hides. If Chul Soo comes to the cafeteria while she just sat dawon to eat, she leaves without eating. But while she was avoiding Chul Soo, Ra Young got caught between Chul Soo and Young Hee.

Young Hee:”My lover, should we eat together?”

Young Hee and Chul Soo tease Ra Young for her misunderstanding and invite her to eat with them so others won’t misunderstand them either. They were eating together when Young Hee asked Ra Young to date him. Chul Soo became jealous and took Young Hee away after telling Ra Young that they should stay as friends.

Chul Soo:”Let’s just be friends, Ra Young.”


Everyone is having breakfast and Joon Young remind his mother about rearranging the rooms. With Yoo Joo moving with them soon and since she is pregnant, Young Shil asked Joong Hee to move to Joon Young’s room on the rooftop and let Joon Young and Yoo Joo use the room he is currently using. Joong Hee accepted happily, but he also had a request – for everyone to use slipper inside. He also asked the family to make a plan for when they are in the bathroom since there are a lot of people in that house. Then when he heard that all found children have to pay living expenses, Joong Hee offered to pay his share too since he also lives there.

Later that day Joong Hee had to film the first scene of his new drama. Unfortunately he was really nervous and the filming didn’t go well. After the filming, the disappointed Joong Hee went to practice. But he is too embarrassed to concentrate. Mi Young is there for him. She consoles him and congratulated him that he came to practice instead of going to drink.

Mi Young:”I think you’re awesome! One day, soon, you will reach your full potential.”


Bok Nyeo met Hye Young and asked her again, like she did eight years ago, to break up with Jung Hwan. But this time Hye Young refused. She said that she will discuss it with Jung Hwan and decide together. Upset that Hye Young didn’t bow her head, Bok Nyeo went home and without realizing revealed to Jung Hwan that she was the reason Hye Young broke up with him eight years ago.

Jung Hwan can’t believe what his mother did and gets upset with Bok Nyeo. Furious he leaves the house and goes to Hye Young.  He asks Hye Young if his mother was the reason she broke up with him 8 years ago and if his mother is the reason Hye Young refuses to marry him. Then he proposes to Hye Young again telling her that he will move out of his parent’s house in order to be with her. But Hye Young doesn’t want to be the reason Jung Hwan will abandon his parents. She doesn’t want to break up a family.

Jung Hwan :”I will leave my house. Let’s get married!”

Because Hye Young still refuses to get married, Jung Hwan breaks up with her,

Jung Hwan:”Hye Young, let’s break up! “

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