“Father is strange” ep 22~Chul Soo:”I like you!”


Hye Young returned home and told her parents that she and Jung Hwan broke up. The next day the whole family is worried about Hye Young, but she pretends to be alright. On the same day Yoo Joo moved in with the family. The night Yoo Joo moved in, Hye Young and Ra Young got a little closer to Joong Hee. The three sister’s, with Joong Hee’s help, managed to show Yoo Joo that she shouldn’t mess with them.ep22-1

Episode 22

Finding out that his mother was the reason Hye Young broke up with him eight years ago, Jung Hwan went to see Hye Young. He asked her again to marry him and live away from his mother. But because Hye Young is against the idea of getting married, Jung Hwan broke up with her. From the beginning Jung Hwan dated Hye Young with marriage prospect in mind. With Hye Young so against of getting married, he doesn’t see any future for the both of them.

Jung Hwan:” Hye Young, let’s break up! I know I don’t exist in your future.”

Arrived home, Hye Young is called by her parents to talk about her marriage with Jung Hwan. Instead of getting married, Hye Young announced her parents that she broke up with Jung Hwan. Then she went to her room, but Young Shil followed her and hit her for breaking up with Jung Hwan after living with him. Hye Young is upset enough after her breaking up and with Young Shil acting the way she is without thinking about her daughter’s feelings, Hye Young and Young Shil start arguing.


The next morning, Hye Young pretends that she isn’t hurt by the breaking up. She acts as if nothing happened. She is happy. After breakfast Hye Young left for work and Joong Hee and Joon Young exchanged their rooms.

Young Hee realized that Chul Soo likes Ra Young. He made Chul Soo say it out laud and encouraged Chul Soo to confess. After talking with his brother, Chul Soo sees Ra Young. The moment he saw Ra Young smiling, Chul Soo smiles and his heart beats faster.

Chul Soo:”Why is my heart beating faster?”

Chul Soo goes out to exercise, but he sees Ra Young again and admits that he likes her. He approaches Ra Young and confesses. But when he confessed, Chul Soo also said that he lied when he said he had someone he loves to get rid of Ra Young. She got upset and left. But she is happy that Chul Soo likes her.

Chul Soo:”I like you!”


Yoo Joo moved in with Joon Young’s family. She asks everyone to get along well, but Hye Young, Ra Young and Joong Hee expect to see how Yoo Joo acts first. Of course Ra Young doesn’t know about what Yoo Joo did to Mi Young yet, but Joong Hee and Hye Young know.

Joong Hee:”As long as you’re nice, I think I’ll be nice as well.”

Mi Young doesn’t feel comfortable having dinner with Yoo Joo so she excuses herself. Hye Young and Joong Hee follow her to see if Mi Young is alright. The three of them went to Joong Hee’s room on the rooftop and had some drinks. While drinking Hye Young and Joong Hee realized that they are more similar that they would’ve thought.

Later Ra Young joined them. Yoo Joo approached Ra Young and gave Ra Young a pair of flats shoes to wear them at the wedding. Yoo Joo was afraid that Ra Young would wear high heels and being already so tall and beautiful, Ra Young could stand out and be prettier than the bride.

Joong Hee:” She doesn’t want you to look prettier than the bride?”

Mi Young and Hye Young also feel upset. They think that they didn’t receive any present because Yoo Joon doesn’t consider them prettier than her. Joong Hee also feels annoyed and sided with his sisters. He forced them to stop drinking so they won’t have a bloated face the next day at the wedding. Then he offered to take the three of them to an expensive salon for a complete makeover before the wedding.

The next morning Joong Hee and the girls leave early. After being arranged by professionals they all look good, but Mi Young looks amazing. Hye Young and Ra Young always were feminine and took care of themselves, but Mi Young was always like a boy. Now with a complete makeover Mi Young shocked Joong Hee, Hye Young and Ra Young with how well she looks.

Hye Young:”For the first time in 31 years, I’m realizing how beautiful my younger sister is.”

Ra Young:”You should dress like this from now on.”

Arrived at the wedding hall, Joong Hee didn’t want to participate at the wedding, but Mi Young convinced him.


Yoo Joo was happy, taking pictures with Joon Young. Suddenly Hye Young, Mi Young and Ra Young entered and stole all the looks. They sat next to Yoo Joon for pictures and made sure that they will show up better in those pictures. Later the grandmother embarrassed Yoo Joo in front of her coworkers when she said that they rushed the wedding because Yoo Joo is pregnant.

At the end of the wedding it was Joong Hee’s turn to feel bad since he couldn’t be part of the family photo. Joong Hee left.

The day of the wedding, Hye Young realized that she loves Jung Hwan way too much to break up so she goes to see him.

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