“Tunnel” ep 13 ~ Kwang Ho:”This whistle saved out daughter’s life.”


Kwang Ho found the killer, but while fighting with Mok Jin Woo, he was send back to the past. He runs home to Yeon Sook and tells her about everything that happened in his life in the last few months. Then Kwang Ho starts finding evidences to arrest Mok Jin Woo from the past and stop Mok Jin Woo from killing. He met the young Mok Jin Woo and starts chasing Mok Jin Woo…towards the tunnel. ep13-1

Episode 13

Kwang Ho met Mok Jin Woo in the tunnel. They fight and something strange happened, Kwang Ho returned to the past, in year 1986. He runs home to his wife. They hug each other, they cry in each other’s arms. It’s been five months since they’ve last saw each other.

Yeon Sook:”I’ve been waiting for you for so long.”

When they’ve calmed down, Kwang Ho told Yeon Sook where he was. He told Yeon Sook that she was hit with a rock by the murderer in the tunnel and when he woke up, he went to the police station. There he didn’t see any familiar faces and the phone were completely different. Because he went to year 2017, Kwang Ho also knows that the baby Yeon Sook is pregnant with is a girl named Yeon Ho.

Kwang Ho:”This whistle saved out daughter’s life.”

The same time, in 2017, Sun Jae was telling Jae Yi that Kwang Ho is her father who traveled from the past. Shocked Jae Yi goes home remembering the moments she spend with Kwang Ho. She tries to call him, but Kwang Ho doesn’t answer. After waiting all night for Kwang Ho, Jae Yi calls Sun Jae in the morning and tells him that Kwang Ho disappeared.

Sun Jae and Sung Shik went to Kwang Ho’s house, where Jae Yi was waiting for them. Worried about Kwang Ho, Sung Shik told Sun Jae to track Kwang Ho’s phone and check the call lists because Kwang Ho doesn’t have any place he could got here. Also Sung Shik remembers that 30 years ago, Kwang Ho suddenly disappeared, just like now.


Kwang Ho took with him the fountain pen with Noel written on it that Mok Jin Woo has. He is sure that the DNA of the victims must still be there, but in year 1986 he can do anything with it. He put the pen in a plastic bag and intends to conserve it well until the technology will be developed. In the meantime, Kwang Ho goes to investigate so Mok Jin Woo won’t kill anyone else.

Kwang Ho goes to the police station he used to work, but like Sung Shik told him in the future, the team Kwang Ho used to work with was disbanded and all the documents regarding the case was burned. No one will believe Kwang Ho that Mok Jin Woo is the killer until Kwang Ho finds evidence.

There is one person that recognizes Kwang Ho and helps him, reporter Oh. Together with reporter Oh, Kwang Ho goes to find the fifth victim, Kim Young Ja…the victim that survived. Meantime in the future, the team is searching for Kwang Ho. They tracked Kwang Ho’s phone list. While Tae Hee and Min Ha will check the surveillance cameras to see Kwang Ho’s last steps, Sung Shik, Sun Jae and Jae Yi went where Kwang Ho’s phone was last active…the tunnel. Tae Hee and Min Ha discovered that Kwang Ho came out of the police station, went to the hospital, then came out and took a taxi.

Sung Shik:”It might be better off if he had returned to the past.”


Kwang Ho spends every free moment he has with Yeon Sook. He takes Yeon Sook out, he buys her anything Yeon Sook wants to eat, he buys toys for Yeon Ho, who’s not born yet. Meantime Sun Jae can’t believe that Kwang Ho left without saying goodbye and he is curious why Kwang Ho went to the hospital when the only person Kwang Ho knows there is Mok Jin Woo. He checks the police station surveillance cameras and sees what Kwang Ho was doing at the station, including the people Kwang Ho talked too. Sun Jae sees Kwang Ho talking to an officer and asked that officer to send him all the date he has about what Kwang Ho asking that officer the night before, the dates related to Mok Jin Woo.

The next day, Kwang Ho woke up early to do all the housework and buy strawberries for Yeon Sook. Later Young Ja called him. She wants to testify who the killer is. Yeon Sook bags Kwang Ho to stay at the house, she even cries like she feels that something will go wrong.


Jae Yi found a picture of Yeon Sook at Kwang Ho’s apartment and remembers her mother. She goes to the adoption center to find out more about her past and from there Jae Yi went to the oriental clinic where she used to live with Yeon Sook before Yeon Sook died.

Jae Yi:”Mother and father must have met each other by now.”

Later that day, Jae Yi meets Sun Jae and talks about her feelings since she found out that Kwang Ho is her father. Even if she won’t be able to meet him again, Jae Yi is happy that she knew him and she knows what kind of person her father was. Kwang Ho also said the same thing when he found out that Jae Yi is his daughter. He was happy with just seeing her face. Then Jae Yi tells Sun Jae about her conversation with Mok Jin Woo earlier. After Kwang Ho disappeared, Sun Jae became more and more suspicious that Mok Jin Woo might be the killer. Unfortunately Mok Jin Woo heard Sun Jae and Jae Yi talking and discovered that Jae Yi is Kwang Ho’s daughter.

Thirty years earlier Kwang Ho is at Mok Jin Woo’s house trying to find an evidence to lock the killer up. While Kwang Ho was searching Mok Jin Woo’s house, Mok Jin Woo arrive home. Kwang Ho confronts the young Mok Jin Woo, but Mok Jin Woo runs away…towards the tunnel.

Kwang Ho:”We finally meet! Did you kill someone and mark them with dots again? I’m here to arrest you for murder, Mok Jin Woo!”

Kwang Ho follows Mok Jin Woo to the tunnel, but during the chase he is send back to the future.

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