“Tunnel” ep 14 ~ Sun Jae:”He’s never stopped killing!”


Sun Jae follows Kwang Ho’s steps and realizes that his mother’s killer is Mok Jin Woo. When Kwang Ho returned, Sun Jae came back to his senses and together the two policemen arrested Mok Jin Woo. Without any evidence to lock Mok Jin Woo for good, Sun Jae and Kwang Ho search around Mok Jin Woo’s house. They are shocked by what they found there. But when Mok Jin Woo was realizes and Jae Yi remembered that she has the only evidence that can get Mok Jin Woo arrested, Mok Jin Woo kidnapped Jae Yi.ep14-11

Episode 14

Kwang Ho is chasing the young Mok Jin Woo now that he knows that he is the serial killer. They run towards the tunnel and before he could catch Mok Jin Woo, Kwang Ho was send back to the future. Meantime the future Mok Jin Woo, who had just discovered that Jae Yi is Kwang Ho’s daughter, has a new memory – of meeting Kwang Ho and being chased by Kwang Ho.

Mok Jin Woo:”What is this new memory?”

Since Kwang Ho disappeared, Sun Jae followed Kwang Ho’s last steps and discovered that Mok Jin Woo is the killer they’ve been looking for- his mother’s killer. He trusted Mok Jin Woo more than anyone else and talked about everything with Mok Jin Woo and now he discovered that Mok Jin Woo is a serial killer. Sun Jae hurts himself and goes to where his steps took him … to Jae Yi. When Jae Yi opened the door she saw Sun Jae crying and his hand bleeding. She takes Sun Jae is and cured his wounds.

Sun Jae:”He was watching me all along. He already knew who I was.”


In the tunnel, Kwang Ho realizes that every time he time traveled he was with Mok Jin Woo. That means that catching Mok Jin Woo is the key of him going back to his pregnant wife. Unfortunately Kwang Ho left the only evidence he has against Mok Jin Woo in the past.

When Sun Jae was announced that Kwang Ho is back he was with Jae Yi. Together they rushed to the police station where Kwang Ho was. The moment he saw Kwang Ho, Sun Jae went crazy. He was so worried about Kwang Ho this past few days.  On the other hand Jae Yi comes in crying and Sun Jae tells Kwang Ho that Jae Yi knows everything. The father and daughter hug each other and cry in each other’s arms.

Kwang Ho:”I sorry, Yeon Ho!”

Soon after hugging, Kwang Ho and Jae Yi start arguing. Jae Yi wants to help the investigation while Kwang Ho doesn’t want Jae Yi to be in any danger. Still Jae Yi helps them.


They don’t have any evidence, but Sun Jae and Kwang Ho went to arrest Mok Jin Woo hoping that they could make him confess. The two policemen found Mok Jin Woo laughing happily with his coworkers and arrested him.

Kwang Ho:”You are laughing again! We meet again! You must have been relieved after I had disappeared. The real game begins now!”

Mok Jin Woo was arrested and while he is interrogated by Kwang Ho and Sun Jae, Mok Jin Woo denied the accusations. Because Mok Jin Woo was provoking and trying to play with Sun Jae’s mind, Kwang Ho started talking about “Noel”, Mok Jin Woo’s baptize name that it’s engraved of his fountain pen. Then Kwang Ho asked Mok Jin Woo if someone took his pen. But no matter what the policemen do, Mok Jin Woo keeps a poker face and denies the accusations. He is sure that they won’t be able to arrest him.

Soon they will need to release Mok Jin Woo if they won’t have any evidence. In order to find any evidence, as small as that could be, Sun Jae and Kwang Ho went o Mok Jin Woo’s house. Mok Jin Woo lives in a big house, but empty. He only has a bed and some books, nothing else. The house is completely empty, with no furniture.

While searching Mok Jin Woo’s house, Sun Jae and Kwang Ho found a room whose wall were full of funeral portraits.

Sun Jae:”He must have kept photos of his victims like this. He’s never stopped killing!”

Needing more help, Sung Shik convinced Kwang Ho to tell Tae Hee and Min Ha the truth about Kwang Ho time traveling and that Jae Yi is Kwang Ho’s daughter. Then they continue interrogating Mok Jin Woo, who threatens Kwang Ho about using Park Kwang Ho’s born in year 1988 identity.

Sung Shik:”He’s not human, he’s a monster!”


Jae Yi investigates Mok Jin Woo’s past. She went to Mok Jin Woo’s hometown and found out that when Mok Jin Woo was about 11 or 12 years old his mother left him with his grandmother and went to work…as a prostitute. Every time she was coming home, Mok Jin Woo’s mother was bringing stockings as presents… at that time stockings were really expensive. But in 1985, Mok Jin Woo’s mother died of alcoholism in a hospital.

Jae Yi:”Could his mother’s death have triggered him?”

Later Kwang Ho took Jae Yi to eat at the Chinese shop Yeon Sook used to love. There Kwang Ho told Jae Yi what kind of person Yeon Sook was. He also scolded Jae Yi for having a dangerous job and asked her to do something else. Then he told Jae Yi that he disapproves Jae Yi dating Sun Jae. He wants Jae Yi to find a reliable man like himself.

While eating together Jae Yi gave Kwang Ho a present, a new phone. The first person who called Kwang Ho was Sun Jae.

Following Mok Jin Woo, the police lost him. He left the hospital early, followed a young woman who was coming late from work and killed her. The next morning, the body was found. Furious that he couldn’t stop Mok Jin Woo from killing another young woman, Kwang Ho went to the hospital. Sun Jae followed him. Mok Jin Woo was happy as always, waiting for them with tea.

With a smiling face, Mok Jin Woo provokes Kwang Ho until Kwang Ho hit him and was taken away by the security guards.

Kwang Ho:”Die! You must die! You deserve to die!”

After the security guards took Kwang Ho away, Mok Jin Woo threw a chess piece to Sun Jae.

Mok Jin Woo:”Don’t give up even if you’ve made a foolish move. The game won’t end until you catch the king.”

Meantime Jae Yi is in class with her students. Suddenly a student dropped his pen and Jae Yi picks it up. At that moment Jae Yi has a flash back. She has the fountain pen with Noel written on it. When she was little, Jae Yi liked that pen, but Yeon Sook didn’t let her play with it. Yeon Sook told Jae Yi that the pen belongs to her father and that someday her father will need it. Until then they should hide the pen where only Yeon Sook and Yeon Ho knows. Unfortunately Jae Yi doesn’t remember where she and her mother hit the pen. She called Kwang Ho and when they’ve met Jae Yi told him about the pen. Then Jae Yi returned to her office and looked on an old photo album of herself to trigger her memory. And it worked! But on her way to get the pen, Jae Yi was kidnapped by Mok Jin Woo. Inside the chess piece he gave Sun Jae, Mok Jin Woo put a microphone an heard Kwang Ho telling Sun Jae that Jae Yi has the pen.

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