“Father is strange” ep 23~Joong Hee:”Why did you hold my hand all of a sudden?”


Since they’ve broke up, Jung Hwan changed his phone number, sold his apartment, distanced himself from his parents and allied for a job in Vietnam. To finds her son Bok Nyeo went to see Hye Young, who was also suffering after Jung Hwan. Meantime Joong Hee and Mi Young are getting closer and closer. They play around and when Mi Young is close to him, Joong Hee feels strange.ep23-1

Episode 23

Hye Young misses Jung Hwan. She still doesn’t understand why they have to broke up if they love each other. Jung Hwan explains her that he is a simple man who wants to marry the woman he loves and spend the rest of his life with her. That’s the reason they broke up.

Jung Hwan:”Hye Young, I’m too ordinary for you.”

Yoo Joo and Joon Young returned from their honeymoon. The family tried to be happy for them while being extra careful round Hey Young. She doesn’t pretend to be happy after her break up. She isn’t the strong Hye Young anymore. She is always sad or crying.

In the morning Yoo Joo was supposed to wake up early and help Young Shil with the breakfast. But she woke up late and luckily for her Young Shil is a good mother-in-law that doesn’t let her do much work. Instead of preparing breakfast, Yoo Joo prepares herself for work. She used the  bathroom while it was Joong Hee’s time and even used his bidet. While everyone was having breakfast, Han Soo proposed for Yoo Joo, Joong Hee and Mi Young to go together to work since they work at the same place. But Joong Hee and Mi Young pretended that they have another schedule first.


Jung Hwan moved away from home, he doesn’t answer his phone when his mother calls him. Gyu Tak came at the broadcasting station to see and talk to his son. He intended to convince Jung Hwan to come back home and together persuade Bok Nyeo to accept Hye Young. But that it’s too late. Jung Hwan tells his father that he and Hye Young broke up because Hye Young can’t accept a mother-in-law like Bok Nyeo. Also Jung Hwan told his father that he will leave for Vietnam soon.

Joong Hee is practicing some martial arts for his role. He understands the theory, but his body doesn’t go according. When his trainer left, Joong Hee remained to practice more and remembering that Mi Young used to do that sport asks her to help him. Mi Young helps him practice, but being so close to each other they are both awkward…Joong Hee more than Mi Young. After seeing her all dressed up for Joon Young’s wedding, Joong Hee started seeing Mi Young as a woman, even if he doesn’t realize it yet.

After being thrown on the floor by Mi Young, Joong Hee hurt his back.

Joong Hee:”Don’t come closer! I’m trying to concentrate on my emotions.”


Chul Soo confessed to Ra Young, but Ra Young only said that she understands. Thinking that she turned down his confession, Chul Soo gets drunk. While drinking with Young Hee, Chul Soo calls Ra Young to ask her what she meant when she said that she understands that he likes her.

Chul Soo:”Does it mean you like me too or are you rejecting me? I’m telling you I like you!”

Mi Young and Joong Hee came home. Joong Hee is embarrassed after a small and skinny girl like Mi Young beat him up. Mi Young, worried about him, brings him a hot pack and some patches for his back pain. Then she asks him why he avoids Han Soo. When the whole family is around, they seem alright, but when they are alone Joong Hee avoids Han Soo. They are awkward with each other.

Joong Hee opens up and tells Mi Young about his feelings and resentments. Mi Young comforted Joong Hee and advised him to talk to Han Soo. He should tell Han Soo what he really feels to get closer to Han Soo.

In the morning Joong Hee took Mi Young’s advice and asked Han Soo to have some drinks together when he will come home that night.


Joong Hee is ready for his practice at the stunt academy, but because of Sung Joon he was asked to wait. Sung Joon wanted to practice at that hour. Mi Young and Joong Hee are bored in the waiting room so they decide to play three games. The loser will go buy some snacks.

During the first game Joong Hee fell into Mi Young’s arms. She was happy to win the game, but Joong Hee felt awkward, his heart was beating faster. Mi Young won the second game too, but Joong Hee threw a tantrum and the game was considered a tie. On the third game Joong Hee cheated and won.

Joong Hee:”Why did you hold my hand all of a sudden?”


Jung Hwan cut his ties with his parents. He changed his phone number, he gave up his work and went on vacation. He sold his apartment. No one knows where Jung Hwan is and who they can get in touch with him.

While they were trying to find Jung Hwan, his parents saw at the news that a man, similar with Jung Hwan, was involved in a car accident. Worried that it could be him, Bok Nyeo and Gyu Tak rushed to the hospital. Luckily it wasn’t Jung Hwan.

Joong Hee came home and started drinking with Han Soo. When Joong Hee got drunk, he opened up and asked Han Soo all the questions he bottled up for his entire life. He talked about his feelings, his resentments, his questions.

Joong Hee:”How dare you cry in front of me? You need to be a father to me from now on.”

Joong Hee makes the rules for their relationship from now on. He tells Han Soo what he likes to have the day after he drinks. He tells Han Soo to wake him up every morning. Han Soo has to see him off every day he leaves for work. Han Soo has to stay and wait for him until he comes home. Han Soo has to call and text him. They have to go and watch games together. But when Han Soo carried Joong Hee to his room, Joon Young saw them and became jealous.

The next morning Bok Nyeo came to see Hye Young.

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