“Tunnel” ep 15 ~ Jae Yi:”Kill me, you murderer!”


Mok Jin Woo kidnapped Jae Yi in order to get back his fountain pen. That pen was the last present he received from his mother. With that pen, Mok Jin Woo committed his first crime, a taxi driver that called his prostitute mother “dirty”. Mok Jin Woo took Jae Yi to the house he used to live in with his mother as child. While she was held hostage, Jae Yi managed to buy some time for the police to find her and at the same time she send a message to the police. The police managed to save Jae Yi few days later, but one night when she returned home, Mok Jin Woo was inside Jae Yi’s apartment…to kill her.ep15-11

Episode 15

Mok Jin Woo:”That makes me a serial killer.”

After 30 years of hiding his true identity, Mok Jin Woo visited the tunnel where he used to kill the women in 1985-1986. But he wasn’t alone. Park Kwang Ho, the young one, was following him. He was in the neighborhood for 3 years, but didn’t knew that the old tunnel exited so Park Kwang Ho asks around and found out that 30 years ago women were found murdered there.  Unfortunately for the young Park Kwang Ho, Mok Jin Woo heard him talking about the tunnel. When Park Kwang Ho became close to have evidence that Mok Jin Woo is a killer, Mok Jin Woo killed him. Now the crazy Mok Jin Woo believes that everything that happened is his destiny that brought Kwang Ho, from the past, Sun Jae and Jae Yi to him.

Mok Jin Woo:” Destiny brought the three of them to me.”

Jae Yi was supposed to come to the police station, but she was late. Kwang Ho comes to the university and found Jae Yi’s car and phone, but Jae Yi was gone so he called Sun Jae. When Sun Jae arrived, he found Kwang Ho in a state of shock. They check the surveillance cameras from the campus and see Mok Jin Woo taking Jae Yi.


Mok Jin Woo drives to a certain destination with Jae Yi tied up in the truck. He has to stop suddenly because a nail was stuck in the wheel. He called for help and the repair man patched it up. Before leaving the repair man heard a noise coming from the trunk. He gets closer and is about to open it, but his phone ringed and he left. When the repair man’s phone called, Mok Jin Woo was about to kill him. Luckily he got away safely. The next day the repair man told the police about the noise from Mok Jin Woo’s trunk. Hearing that there was a sound coming from the trunk gave hope to the policemen that Jae Yi is still alive.

The police got to their cars and hurried towards the place where Mok Jin Woo was last seen. Around that area Mok Jin Woo did medical volunteer work. They arrived to a neighborhood and search everywhere without finding Mok Jin Woo and Jae Yi. But Mok Jin Woo and Jae Yi where in a house where Mok Jin Woo used to live with his mother as child in the same neighborhood.

When the police left, Mok Jin Woo asked Jae Yi where the fountain pen is. Because Jae Yi didn’t answer, Mok Jin Woo put his hands in Jae Yi’s throat and strangled her. Forced to answer, Jae Yi said that all the things from her childhood, including the fountain pen, are in England. Luckily Mok Jin Woo believed her and using his phone called Jae Yi’s friend from England. Jae Yi told her friend that she will find the fountain pen should be inside the bible that from the third drawer of her desk.

It will take three days for the pen to arrive from England. Jae Yi bought herself and the police three days.


Jae Yi’s friend from England thought that Jae Yi sounded strange on the phone. Also the desk Jae Yi used in England didn’t have any drawers so the English girl called the police. She had the phone number of Sun Jae’s friend and that friend put her in contact with Sun Jae. Another thing that was strange was that none of Jae Yi’s belongings are in England anymore.

In the meantime, Jae Yi sees a drawing on a wall about a child and his mother. She realized that the drawing was made by Mok Jin Woo and represented his mother and himself. Jae Yi asks him about his mother. They have three days so she is using this three days to profile Mok Jin Woo.

Every time she was meeting a man, Mok Jin Woo’s mother used to wear stockings and skirts. Mok Jin Woo saw his mother wearing skirts and stockings and leaving him alone. He started hating his mother for doing so when he began to understand what she was doing. The little Mok Jin Woo even ruined all of his mother’s dresses. When he was killing a woman in skirt, Mok Jin Woo was killing his mother, again and again.

Jae Yi compares Mok Jin Woo with Jung Ho Young, who used to kill for fun. Being compared to Jung Ho Young made Mok Jin Woo angry. In his mind he believes that he did a good job killing the women who were wondering on the street at night. For him that itself is a sin.

Jae Yi:”Kill me, you murderer!”

Furious Mok Jin Woo goes out. He remembers the night he went to his mother’s  “work place”. She gave Mok Jin Woo the fountain pen with his baptismal name on it, then she put him in a taxi and sent him away before throwing herself to the first man that passed by. The taxi driver advised the teenager Mok Jin Woo to not come to places with filthy women because that’s no place for him. Angry, Mok Jin Woo took the fountain pen his mother just gave him and killed the taxi driver.

Mok Jin Woo:” My mother, isn’t that kind of person.”


The day the package had to arrive, the police surrounded the university when Jae Yi works. Unfortunately the package was delivered somewhere else and the police couldn’t catch Mok Jin Woo and save Jae Yi.

Disappointed the policemen returned to the police station. They don’t understand how Mok Jin Woo could know about their plans.  Thinking about that, Sun Jae sees the chess piece Mok Jin Woo gave him. Sun Jae breaks the chess piece and sees the microphone inside.

Kwang Ho:”He was listening to everything.”

Meantime Mok Jin Woo received the package and opened it. When he saw that the fountain pen wasn’t inside, he went to where he was holding Jae Yi hostage furious.


Kwang Ho goes to Jae Yi’s house. He looks around and sees the recorder on which Jae Yi recorder everything about Mok Jin Woo. After listening the recordings, Kwang Ho realized that Mok Jin Woo might hold Jae Yi somewhere related to his mother.

Sun Jae and Kwang Ho went to the hospital where Mok Jin Woo’s mother died to get her address from the hospital recordings.

Mok Jin Woo is about to kill Jae Yi for not telling him where the fountain pen is when he heard the police coming. He carries Jae Yi out to his car.  Kwang Ho and Sun Jae saw Mok Jin Woo carrying Jae Yi and run after him. When Kwang Ho screamed Jae Yi woke up. She threw herself out of the car.


Kwang Ho and Sun Jae took Jae Yi to the hospital. After the doctor took care of her, Jae Yi went home with Kwang Ho and Sun Jae. She remembered where the fountain pen is.

The fountain pen was taken to the laboratory and the victims DNA was found on it. But Jae Yi wants to know the reason Mok Jin Woo is so attached to the pen. He could’ve killed her, but he didn’t just to get that fountain pen. Jae Yi returned to the house she was held hostage. She went up to the attic where Mok Jin Woo was staying every time his mother was bringing a man home. Jae Yi finds the books Mok Jin Woo was reading and a journal.

The policemen found Mok Jin Woo’s hunting place, from where he chose his victims. They went there to wait for him. The see a man following a woman and stop him. But it wasn’t Mok Jin Woo. When they’ve caught that man and realized that is not Mok Jin Woo, Kwang Ho remembers what Jae Yi said. At that moment Kwang Ho understands who Mok Jin Woo’s next victim is…Jae Yi.

Mok Jin Woo:”Just like corporal Park did to me, I’ll have to take away from him what he cherishes the most…Park Kwang Ho’s daughter.”


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