“Fight for My Way” ep 1 ~ Dong Man:”I’ll kill you!”


Fight my way is the story of young adults who struggle with their daily life. Go Dong Man and Choi Ae Ra know each other since childhood, but they are still childish and immature.

Go Dong Man used to be a taekwondo famous player, but now he is nameless young man who does all kinds of strange jobs to be able to pay rent. At the moment he crushes bugs…

Choi Ae Ra dreamed all her life to become a news anchor, but she ended up being a department store employee who works at the information desk.


Park Seo Joon    as   Go Dong Man

Kim Ji Won        as   Choi Ae Ra


Episode 1

Ae Ra used to dream of becoming a news anchor, but she ended up working at the information desk of a department store. She is also supporting financially her boyfriend who is still studying.

This year, once again, he failed his exam and instead of getting a job he wants to travel around the country. In the meantime Dong Man in on a blind date. Unfortunately for him the woman he is dating isn’t impressed with him. He is good looking, but he is successful.

Upset that her boyfriend didn’t pass the exam, Ae Ra called Dong Man to have lunch together. Earlier that day, Ae Ra met an old classmate who bragged about her rich doctor boyfriend and how well she looks like, how well her life is at the moment. When Dong Man arrived, Chan Sook liked him and asked Ae Ra to introduce them. To have something to brag about in front of Chan Sook, Ae Ra said that Dong Man likes her, but she rejects him because Dong Man isn’t as good looking as her boyfriend.

At the restaurant Dong Man sees some men looking at Ae Ra and asks her to chance sits. She doesn’t know the reason he did that, but she sees Chan Sook looking at them and asks Dong Man to do something for her to make Chan Sook angry.

When Ae Ra ordered the food, Dong Man realized that her boyfriend failed to pass the exam again. He criticizes Ae Ra’s boyfriend for doing nothing and making Ae Ra work hard to support him. But Ae Ra got upset with Dong Man. She knows Dong Man is right, but she can’t let her childhood friend criticize her boyfriend.


After lunch, Ae Ra bought her boyfriend a bike since he said that he wants to travel the country with the bike. That night she went to the guesthouse Moo Ki lives to give him the bike and caught him cheating on her. The woman Moo Ki cheated with is a restaurant owner. She gave Moo Ki an expensive bike and a car. She also offered Ae Ra compensation money which humiliated and insulted Ae Ra more.

Moo Ki and his old girlfriend who is also pregnant gave Ae Ra a ride home. On their way, Moo Ki was about to hit Dong Man. When Ae Ra told him what happened, Dong Man got furious.

Dong Man:”I’ll kill you!”

Dong Man walks Ae Ra home. He consoles her on their way. He buys her a pair of shoes after the ripped. He bought her a new bag.

Dong Man:”Did this make your heart flutter?”


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