“Suspicious Partner” ep5~ep6~“If you keep looking for me, I’ll find you first?”


Bong Hee wants to confess that she likes Ji Wook, but he doesn’t want to see her ever again. Days passed and Bong Hee only watched Ji Wook from far away. Two years later Ji Wook and Bong Hee met in court as lawyers. But at that time Hee Joon’s killer send Bong Hee a message.ep5-1

Episode 5

During the time she worked with Ji Wook and was in jail, Bong Hee fell in love with him. She’s decided to confess to Ji Wook, but he is decided to not see her ever again.

Bong Hee:”I’m going to confess me love. I’ll confess that I love him.”

Instead of confessing to Ji Wook, Bong Hee ends up apologizing and thanking him for everything that happened since they’ve met until that day. She also tells Ji Wook that he is her hero and that she met the real killer the night Hee Joon died. While returning home from the store, Bong Hee met a man on the bike. She remembers the song that man was whistling and she heard someone whistling that song at her trial.

Bong Hee:”I believe that the real killer came to my trial.”

Bong Hee is walking on the street when she suddenly hears someone whistling the song she heard the night Hee Joon was murdered. She looks behind her and she sees the killer. She runs away and the killer follows her. Bong Hee wakes up and realizes it was all a nightmare, but someone is at the door – Hee Joon’s father. He comes in and blames Bong Hee for Hee Joon’s murder. He is furious that Bong Hee in free, living and breathing while his son is death. But Bong Hee doesn’t stay silent listening to Jang Moo Young’s blaming. She defends herself. There is no evidence that she killed Hee Joon and if Moo Young wants to see her in prison he has to prove that she murdered Hee Joon. Also Bong Hee is decided to prove her innocence no matter what it takes or how long it will take.

Jang Moo Young:”How dare you be alive? I’m going to catch you by all means. As long as you and I are alive, I’m going to make you suffer and I won’t forget to punish you.”


Ji Wook goes to work. He is no longer a prosecutor. Now he is a lawyer and he has to share the office with Eun Hyuk, who is extremely happy to see Ji Wook daily. Meantime Bong Hee listens to every song she can to find the song the killer was whistling. She left a message for the killer to come look for her and when to the place where the murder weapon was found.

While being alone to the place the killer threw the murder weapon, Bong Hee hears some steps behind her. Scared to death, Bong Hee looks behind her. The man walking behind her it was Ji Wook. Realizing that it was him, Bong Hee breaths relieved. She is also happy believing that Ji Wook might be worried about her.

Bong Hee:”I heard culprits return to the crime scene.”

Ji Wook and Bong Hee leave that place talking about the killer. Ji Wook intends to show Bong Hee the surveillance cameras footage, maybe she could recognized the killer’s face. But he becomes frustrated when Bong Hee says that she never saw the killer’s face. The killer passed by her on his bike while whistling the song with his face covered with a mask.

Ji Wook:”Please don’t cause trouble and live safely.”


Since that day, Bong Hee and Ji Wook didn’t see each other again. Days passed by, seasons passed by and they didn’t meet again. For two years Bong Hee only looked at Ji Wook from far away.

In those two years Ji Wook worked as a lawyer, but he hates lawyers and became an outcast. He often comes by his former office to have lunch with his former coworkers. Meantime Bong Hee finished school. One day when she was in court, she is surprised to see Ji Wook.


Episode 6

After Bong Hee’s case was over she leaves the court without being seen by Ji Wook. He is the lawyer of the next case. While Ji Wook was in trial, defending his client, Bong Hee is caught by Eun Hyuk looking at Ji Wook.

Few days later, Bong Hee goes to trial again. A young man came looking for her to defend him. He liked a woman and followed her around. One day, out of pure coincidence, he met her in the bus and wanted to say hello to her. But that woman was so scared of her stacker that she pushed him. At that moment the bus stopped and the door opened. The man fell and got hurt. The woman who was stacked is defended by Ji Wook. So in court Bong Hee and Ji Wook meet for the first time in two years.

Both Bong Hee and Ji Wook did their job as good as they could and left. They met again on the hallway and the elevator. Ji Wook is cold and distant and the atmosphere is awkward between the two of them.


After the trial Bong Hee and Ji Wook’s clients ended with an agreement. The day of the agreement the clients left each on a different way. But soon Bong Hee’s client asked the taxi driver to turn the car and follow the taxi in which Ji Wook’s client was.

Meantime Bong Hee can’t stop thinking about her client. It was the last time he was seeing the girl he liked, but he was smiling. Bong Hee feels like something is strange and tried to call her client, but he didn’t answer. She calls Ji Wook, tell him her suspicions and together go to Ji Wook’s client.

Na Eun, Ji Wook’s client, is on her way home. She suddenly has the feeling that someone is following her and runs as fast as she can home. She enters, but loses her phone in front of the door. She opens the door to get her phone and her stacker was there. He stopped her from closing the door and entered after her.

In his crazy mind, he thinks Na Eun called him to her house. But she is scared to death. At that moment Ji Wook and Bong Hee came in. He threatened them with a bat, but Ji Wook put him down.

Ji Wook:”An attorney shouldn’t beat up her client.”

After the stacker was arrested, Ji Wook drove Bong Hee to her office. She doesn’t want to be a stacker like her client and tells Ji Wook that she doesn’t like him, even if her actions show that. She denied it in front of Ji Wook, but without realizing it, Bong Hee confessed.

Bong Hee:”I don’t like you.”

Bong Hee runs to her office. She cries for a while and then she sees a package on her desk. She opens it and sees a pair of shows she was looking at few days ago. There was also a note. It was a message from Hee Joon’s killer.

“If you keep looking for me, I’ll find you first?”


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