“Tunnel” ep 16 ~ Sun Jae:”You should die!”


Mok Jin Woo was arrested for all the crimes he did and locked up. He killed all those people for ridiculous reasons like Sun Jae’s mother who died because she smiled at someone on the bus… But this drama was good from start to end ( my opinion). I have to admit that I kind wanted to see how the future changed after Kwang Ho returned. Still I enjoyed this drama. At first Jae Yi’s character seemed strange, like a crazy woman.ep16-1

Episode 16

Jae Yi reads Mok Jin Woo’s journal and finds out that the fountain pen was the last present his mother gave him. She realizes that now Mok Jin Woo is driven by his emotions so his next victim will be Jae Yi to get back on Kwang Ho for taking his fountain pen. Later Jae Yi meets Kwang Ho and Sun Jae  and make plans to catch Mok Jin Woo.

Kwang Ho:”He’ll come after you.”

Jae Yi comes home as if nothing happened. She goes inside and suddenly turns around and wants to get out. Mok Jin Woo was inside and stopped her. He grabbed Jae Yi, threw her on the ground and strangles her. But Mok Jin Woo didn’t knew that the police figured out what he wanted to do and Jae Yi’s house was surrounded by policemen.

While Mok Jin Woo was strangling Jae Yi, Kwang Ho and Sun Jae came in. Sun Jae holds Jae Yi into his arms while Kwang Ho beats up Mok Jin Woo.


The police arrested Mok Jin Woo, they’ve searched his house and have enough evidence against him. But they need Mok Jin Woo to confess. Unfortunately Mok Jin Woo doesn’t confess during interrogation. So Sun Jae and Kwang Ho realized that the only way to make Mok Jin Woo react in any way is to talk about Mok Jin Woo’s mother. Everything that Mok Jin Woo did was related to his mother in a way or another. They start talking about his mother and how he felt, but instead of reacting the way the police wanted and confess, Mok Jin Woo was laughing.

Meantime Jae Yi keeps reading Mok Jin Woo’s diary and realized Mok Jin Woo’s weakness wasn’t his mother, it was himself. In Mok Jin Woo’s mind he was accomplishing his mission given by God killing all the dirty people.

Jae Yi:”He’s fighting a war with himself.”

After Jae Yi told them that, Sun Jae and Kwang Ho return to the interrogation room. They compare Mok Jin Woo with Jung Ho Young, calling him a piece of trash who killed innocent people. Hearing that Mok Jin Woo reacted and said why he killed all those women. One was killed because she called her mother to say she was working overtime while in realty she went on a date with her boyfriend. Another was killed because she was bragging to her friends about the love letter she received saying that she can’t decide which one to date because she would date all of them. Another one was killed because she started wearing a skirt after a younger man said she would look pretty in a skirt. Another one was killed because she was talking about moving to Seoul and earn a lot of money, but Mok Jin Woo thought that she will earn those money doing what his mother was doing. Another girl was killed because she spent the night with a man. An then there is Seo Yi Soo, Sun Jae’s mother…who was killed because she smiled at a man on the bus. Hearing that ridiculous reason, Sun Jae went crazy and Kwang Ho barely stopped him from killing Mok Jin Woo.

Sun Jae:”You should die!”

Mok Jin Woo:”This world is still full of people who need to be punished.”

Sun Jae leaves the interrogation room. His mother was killed for no reason. He was hoping that at least it would have been a good reason for his mother to die, but it wasn’t. Jae Yi goes after him and consoled him.


Kwang Ho, Sun Jae, Min Ha, Tae Hee and Sung Shil split into teams and went to tell each victim’s family that the killer that took their loved once was caught. For some of the victims, including Sun Jae’s mother, it took 30 years for the killer to be caught, but Kwang Ho told his team that they should at least tell the families that the police didn’t forgot about their daughter’s, sister’s, mother’s, wife’s being murdered.

After talking to the victim’s families, Sun Jae and Kwang Ho visited the place where Sun Jae’s mother is resting. Then the police officers gave Park Kwang Ho born in 1988 the proper funeral he deserved. In the process, they’ve took Park Kwang Ho’s ashes to his house one more time. There they’ve found Park Kwang Ho’s phone with evidenced against Mok Jin Woo.


It’s time for Kwang Ho to return home to his wife. Sun Jae and Jae Yi accompany Kwang Ho to the tunnel. Before leaving Kwang Ho received two presents from Jae Yi, she cooked for him for the first time and she called him “dad”.

In 1988, Kwang Ho and Sung Shik chase a culprit when that man bumped into a pregnant woman. That woman fell and Kwang Ho and Sung Shik took that woman to the hospital. That day the woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy whom she named after the policeman that saved her that day…Park Kwang Ho. She wished her little baby to became a policeman just like the one he was named after.

Later Kwang Ho returned home to his wife and baby daughter. Little Sun Jae was there too. Sun Jae visits Kwang Ho’s house often.


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