“Father is strange” ep 24~Hye Young:” Let’s get married…but only for a year.”


Han Soo does everything Joong Hee told him to do as a father. Because of that Joong Hee was able to enter in his role well and was praised by everyone at the filming scene. But Joong Hee’s happiness didn’t last long because Sung Joon seems to look for Mi Young’s attention. Seeing Sung Joon and Mi Young friendly, Joong Hee gets angry with Mi Young. Meantime Ra Young and Chul Soo started dating and Hye Young found Jung Hwan and accepted to marry him.ep24-1

Episode 24

Early in the morning is someone at the door. Hye Young opens and it was Bok Nyeo. She wants to talk to Hye Young, but Young Shil doesn’t allow her get close to her daughter. After Bok Nyeo bowed her head, apologized for being there so early and asked for permission to talk to Hye Young, both Hye Young and Young Shil were surprised.

Bok Nyeo and Hye Young went to a coffee shop close by to talk. As soon as they sat, Bok Nyeo asked Hye Young if she knows something about Jung Hwan.  She tells Hye Young what Jung Hwan did and begged Hye Young to find him.

Hye Young:” I broke up with him.  I did as you wished.”

Bok Nyeo:” Jung Hwan disappeared!”

Crying, Bok Nyeo sincerely apologized for what she did to Hye Young eight years ago and asked Hye Young to find Jung Hwan. Returned home, Hye Young tells Young Shil why Bok Nyeo was looking for her. Then Hye Young went to see Jung Hwan’s friends and coworkers to try and figure out where Jung Hwan night be.

Meantime Han Soo prepared the pasta Joong Hee said he wants to eat and went to wake up Joong Hee. Han Soo is doing everything Joong Hee said the night before while they were drinking.

While having breakfast with the whole family Joong Hee is hurt again. Without realizing that they are hurting Joong Hee, Mi Young and Ra Young talked about the free lunch boxes Sung Joon’s fans will send everyone later that day.


Hye Young can’t concentrate on her work. All she does is think of Jung Hwan and where he might be. Suddenly she remembers something Jung Hwan said about what he did after they’ve first broke up eight years ago. She went there, but unfortunately Jung Hwan wasn’t there.

Joong Hee arrived at the filming location. He is extremely nervous and people look and talk bad about his bad acting and that he should be replaced. But then a text from Han Soo came and calmed down Joong Hee.

Han Soo:”I’ll have dinner ready and wait for you. See you at home, Joong Hee.”

After reading Han Soo’s text, Joong Hee caught the emotions he needed to act the scene he was supposed to. He acted so well and sent the right emotion that surprised everyone, including Sung Joon and the girls that were talking bad about him earlier. Everyone there applauded and congratulated Joong Hee for acting so well that day.

Mi Young:”My actor is so impressive!”


Young Shil comes into her room and sees Han Soo holding two passports. One was the burned passport of the real Byun Han Soo and the other one what his passport with the name Byun Han Soo. He regrets having decided to live as Byun Han Soo. He regrets having to lie to Joong Hee. He regrets not being able to tell Joong Hee that his father didn’t abandon him, that his father died.

Later Young Shil remembers the time she met her husband. He had come to the hospital to visit his sick mother. Later he went to work. It was his pay day, but the superior refused to pay him because he was an ex-convict. Yoon Seok begged to get the money he worked hard for because he needed to pay his mother’s hospital bill. Still he didn’t get his money.

Yoon Seok:”Please pay me. My mother might die!”

Because Yoon Seok couldn’t pay the hospital, his mother was send home. She was sick, but no one cared. Young Shil was a nurse at that hospital at that time. She felt bad for Yoon Seok and gave him the medicine his mother needed.

Few days later, Yoon Seok was accused of stealing some money from the construction site he was working at. The only prove that he took the money was that he was an ex-convict. During the time Yoon Seok was falsely accused of stealing the money, his mother died.


Ra Young dressed up the best she could and went to work. She pretended to be indifferent towards Chul Soo while he was following her asking to meet up later so she could give her answer to his confession.

After work they’ve met and Ra Young asked Chul Soo if he really likes her, since when, what he likes about her. Every answer Chul Soo gave made Ra Young happy. She confessed that she also like Chul Soo and decided to start dating.

Ra Young:”I like you too.”

Chul Soo:”Let’s start dating each other.”

Sung Joon comes to Joong Hee’s waiting room with lunch boxes. While eating Sung Joon keeps staring at Mi Young until he remembered that he met her when they were children. Both Mi Young and Sung Joon were judo players and met during competitions. They connected easily and started talking like old friends. That made Joong Hee really jealous and on their way home, Joong Hee scolded Mi Young.


At home Mi Young ignores Joong Hee. Feeling sorry for making Mi Young upset, Joong Hee calls her on the rooftop and apologizes for his behavior that day. Then they’ve talked about the time Mi Young was a judo athlete and her feelings after she got injured and was forced to give up the sport she loved.

Joong Hee:”She must be mad at me, right?”

Back to her room, Mi Young has a conversation with Hye Young and makes Hye Young realize what she want to say to Jung Hwan when she will meet him. The next day, Hye Young left home early. She found out where Jung Hwan is hiding and went to bring him back.

When Jung Hwan saw Hye Young, he was cold towards her and sent her away. But at that moment Hye Young asked him to get married because she can’t live without him.

Jung Hwan:”Don’t come looking for me again?”

Hye Young:”I can’t imagine living without you as well. Let’s get married…but only for a year.”


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