“Father is strange” ep 25~Jung Hwan :”I missed you!”


Hye Young found Jung Hwan and brought him back. Meantime Han Soo cooked for Joong Hee and the whole staff from the drama Joong Hee’s in. The next day Joong Hee went to see a movie with Han Soo. From the movie, they had lunch and talked about each other, to know each other.ep25-1

Episode 25

Hye Young found Jung Hwan and asked him to get married, but just for a year. She is still afraid of getting married. She doesn’t know if she can make Jung Hwan happy or if Jung Hwan can make her happy. She doesn’t want the two of them to regret getting married because they’ve imagined marriage in a way and the reality is completely different. So they will get married, but will not register their marriage. In a year, if they will both agree that marriage fits them, they will register their marriage and continue with their life together.

Jung Hwan :”I missed you!”

After agreeing to get married for a year, Hye Young told Jung Hwan that his mother came looking for her. She said Bok Nyeo looked worried and apologized for what she did to Hye Young eight years ago. Hearing that, Jung Hwan returned home.

Bok Nyeo is happy that her son returned home, but she got angry hearing that Jung Hwan got back together with Hye Young.

Han Soo can’t get out of his mind what Ra Young said about fans sending lunch boxes to the celebrity they love on the filming set. He called Joon Young and together went shopping. Han Soo prepared lunch boxes and asked Joon Young to take them to the filming set where Joong Hee is. Joon Young is jealous of all the attention a love that Joong Hee receives from Han Soo, but still he helps his father.

Joon Young delivered the food. Joong Hee and Mi Young are so happy and insisted for Joon Young to stay and eat with them. But Joon Young refused. He is embarrassed with the way he looks and the way his life is.

Joong Hee on the other hand is extremely happy. He doesn’t let Mi Young carry the lunch boxes now that he knows that she hurt her shoulder and can’t lift heavy things. He carries and hands the boxes himself to every staff member.


Joong Hee and Mi Young are on their way to work when Yoo Joo stops them. Yoo Joo handed Joong Hee the shoes he has to wear that day at the shooting. But when Joong Hee checked the size of the shoes, they weren’t his size. He argued with Yoo Joo for not doing her job right and left. After Joong Hee left, Yoo Joo got angry with Mi Young, but Mi Young responded.

When Joong Hee and Mi Young were on their way, they received a phone call that the shooting was canceled. Since they have free time Joong Hee and Mi Young stopped at a coffee shop to get something to eat, to drink and for Mi Young to rearrange Joong Hee’s schedule.

After coffee Mi Young took Joong Hee to a dermatology clinic. There Joong Hee heard Mi Young asking about the cost of freckles remove. He offered to pay for her since it was too expensive, but Mi Young refused. So Joong Hee made a plan with the nurse there and paid for Mi Young’s intervention without her knowing anything. After Joong Hee asked her, the nurse told Mi Young that she can get a 90% discount because she is a Gabi Entertainment employee.


At the sports center they have a meeting. A coworker keeps asking Ra Young to spend time together and Chul Soo stares at them. Chul Soo makes it obvious that he and Ra Young are dating. Ra Young doesn’t want their coworkers to know and asks Chul Soo to not let anyone know. Later they’ve met, far away from the sport center for coffee. They talk, they hold hands and they kiss.

Joong Hee and Han Soo went to see a movie together. But they left early because it was a thriller movie and Joong Hee was scared. From the theatre they went to have lunch. While eating Han Soo asks Joong Hee about his life. Then he told Joong Hee that he downloaded all the dramas Joong Hee was in to watch them when he has time.

Hye Young comes home while the whole family was eating fruits and tells her family that she and Jung Hwan want to get married. Meantime Jung Hwan is home doing the same. Unfortunately for both of them Young Shil and Bok Nyeo are against that marriage.

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