“Fight for My Way” ep 2 ~ Ae Ra:”I’m not getting married!”


Ae Ra went to her friend’s wedding and had to host it. There she met the groom’s coworkers who made a bet on her. The one who will get Ae Ra to a motel will be the winner. Luckily for Ae Ra one of the groom’s coworkers, Moo Bin, told her the truth. Humiliated, Ae Ra called Dong Man for help. ep2-11

Episode 2

Ae Ra went to Chan Sook’s wedding. She met old friends there and was embarrassed since all of them were successful. Ae Ra didn’t understood if her friends were considerate towards her or where insulting her, but she wanted to leave. On Ae Ra’s way out, Chan Sook approached her  and begged Ae Ra to host the wedding. Because of the beautiful dress she was supposed to wear Ae Ra accepted.

Ae Ra:”As soon as I wrap my hand around the microphone, the world becomes mine.”

After she hosted the wedding, Ae Ra meets some of the groom’s coworkers, one of which was Moo Bin the starts boy in Dong Man’s class in high school. She had some drinks with those young doctors who insisted to take her home. They were insisting to drinks instead of her, but Ae Ra left Moo Bin have her drink because he was the quietest. Moo Bin can’t drink, but he did it for Ae Ra. Later Moo Bin told Ae Ra to go alone home that night. He told Ae Ra that his friends made some bets over her. The one who drives her home or gets her to a motel will have win the money they’ve bet on.


Crying Ae Ra called Dong Man to come pick her up. He refused to go, but hearing Ae Ra’s crying voice, Dong Man got angry and rushed over.

In the parking lot, the three doctors kept bragging about their expensive cars with whom they will drive Ae Ra. But Ae Ra got upset and ruined their cars. One of those doctors, upset, offended and slapped Ae Ra. At that moment Dong Man arrived.

Dong Man was so angry that he beat up the three doctors and was arrested. He called his formed coach to bail him out, but the coach was proud that Dong Man could still fight. One of the doctors bragged about his uncle who is a judge and asked Dong Man to be arrested. But Ae Ra jumped to safe Dong Man. She said that she is crazy and if Dong Man will be arrested, she will follow the doctor for life and ruin his and his entire family’s lives. Then she paid Dong Man’s bail and took him home.

On their way home Dong Man felt sorry that Ae Ra had to pay the settlement money with the money she was saving for her wedding. But Ae Ra made Dong Man feel better.

Ae Ra:”I’m not getting married!”

The sit on the bench and eat. Then Ae Ra makes Dong Man cry when she encouraged him. No one believes in him, encourages him. Except for Ae Ra everyone believes that Dong Man is lame. Hearing Ae Ra encouraging him, Dong Man hugged her while crying. Then he asked her to stop meeting bad guys and spend her time with him.

Dong Man:”Hang around with me. I’ll spend time with you.”

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