“Suspicious Partner” ep7~ep8~Ji Wook:”Come back to me!”


Hee Joon’s killer came to Bong Hee’s office and left her a message. Bong Hee even met him and followed him. Hearing that Bong Hee met the killer, Ji Wook took Bong Hee to his house to keep her safe. But when things were going well between Ji Wook and Bong Hee, Yoo Jung – Ji Wook’s ex girlfriend – showed up. ep7-1

Episode 7

Bong Hee forgot something in Ji Wook’s car so he called her. When she answered she said that Hee Joon’s killer was there, but actually he was still there. While Bong Hee was talking to Ji Wook, the killer left Bong Hee’s office. She dropped her phone and run after the killer. Worried Ji Wook turned back his car and went to see Bong Hee. Seeing the Bong Hee is fine, that she is exited like a child watching a movie that she met the killer, Ji Wok scolds her.

Ji Wook:”You could’ve died.”

Bong Hee:”I’ll die anyway! I’m really happy that the culprit showed up.”

Because Bong Hee’s office it’s not only her working place, but also her house, Ji Wook took Bong Hee to his house. She will live at his apartment for a while.

Ji Wook:”When did you start looking at me, Bong Hee?”


The next morning a forensics man comes to search for the killer’s fingerprints. But he acts strange. He is happy that Bong Hee didn’t see the killer’s face and he hides something that belongs the killer. That man is either the killer or someone that knows the killer.

For the two years they’ve didn’t meet, Ji Wook’s life was peaceful and calm. No one every invaded his space. But after he met Bong Hee again, Ji Wook’s days became entertaining. He says that he is annoyed to be around Bong Hee, but he seems relaxed and happy. He even overslept and for the first time in his life, Ji Wook went late to work.

Coming home from drinking, Ji Wook sees Bong Hee in front of his house. She brought all her belongings because she can’t stay at the office anymore.

Ji Wook:”I’m drunk!”


Episode 8

Ji Wook scared Bong Hee and she sprained her ankle. They go inside and Ji Wook took care of her ankle. He fell asleep while holding the ice pack on Bong Hee’s ankle. She took the ice, put Ji Wook in a comfortable position, put a blanket on him and let him sleep. That night Ji Wook dreamed about the night his father died. Earlier that day, Ji Wook met and had an argument with Hee Joon’s father. At that meeting Moo Young said that Ji Wook is similar to his father and made a huge mistake defending Bong Hee. While dreaming about that, Ji Wook remembered the night his father died. There was a fire, his father was lying on the floor, little Ji Wook was crying and a man came in.

At a coffee shop three man try to steal a woman’s laptop. Another woman saw them and stopped them. They attacked her, but she fought them. Bong Hee sees that woman fighting three men and went to help, hurting her ankle more. That woman was a prosecutor…and Ji Wook’s ex girlfriend who cheated on him.

Returned home with a cast on her ankle, Ji Wook believes that Bong Hee is wearing a cast because of him. He carries Bong Hee to her room. He takes care of her, he puts ice on her ankle, he feeds her, he brings her anything she wants. At first Bong Hee wanted to tell Ji Wook what happened, but she liked the way Ji Wook took care of her.


Ji Wook and Eun Hyuk are forced to go for drinks with their coworkers. There they see Bong Hee coming and drinking with some men from a law firm. She is trying to impress them and get a job there. She is desperate and willing to do anything to get a job and she did, but not the kind of job she wanted. They’ve hired Bong Hee and want her to wear short skirts and revealing tops to impress their clients.

Hearing that, Ji Wook got up and went to Bong Hee’s table and took Bong Hee away. He asked Bong Hee to come back to work with him then he fell into Bong Hee’s arms.

Ji Wook:”You’re not inconveniencing me. Come back to me!”

Meantime inside the bar, another Bong Hee’s friend takes revenge for her. Eun Hyuk hears the three men that were with Bong Hee talking bad about her at the toilets and pretending to be anemic pushed them into their own urine.

The next morning Ji Wook wakes up naked. He remembers Bong Hee bringing him home and the two of them in his room, but he can’t remember if anything happened between them. He asks Bong Hee, but she acts embarrassed and doesn’t give him a clear answer. She is giving him a lesson for not telling her if something happened between the two of them two years ago when they’ve met.

Since things were going well between Ji Wook and Bong Hee a problem showed up at Ji Wook’s door…his ex girlfriend.

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