“Suspicious Partner” ep9~ep10~Ji Wook:”I won’t ever forgive you.”


Bong Hee sees Ji Wook with Yoo Jung and goes to them pretending to be Ji Wook’s girlfriend. But in a few days, Bong Hee decided to give her job as a lawyer and work as a taekwondo instructor. She left Ji Wook’s house, but he came looking for her. Ji Wook quit his job and opened his own law firm. ep9-1

Episode 9

Ji Wook comes out of his house and sees Yoo Jung, his ex girlfriend. She wants them to get back together, but Ji Wook is still upset with her. He is cold and rejects her. Bong Hee sees the tension between Ji Wook and Yoo Jung and intervened, pretending to be Ji Wook’s girlfriend.

Ji Wook:”To me you mean nothing.”

In the car, away from Yoo Jung, Bong Hee tells Ji Wook that she only repaid him for doing the same in front of Hee Joon two years ago. But Ji Wook asked Bong Hee to never help him like that again because he is scared she will say that she is his wife next.

Bong Hee:”I could say that you’re the father of my children.”

Ji Wook comes home and goes straight to his room. Bong Hee sees him and follows him. She stares at Ji Wook listening to music and he caught her. Ji Wook thinks that Bong Hee is hungry and went to the kitchen to cook for her.

Ji Wook:”Why am I always making food for you?”

While eating, Bong Hee asked Ji Wook why he broke up with Yoo Jung. He told her that Yoo Jung cheated on him and Bong Hee started cursing at Yoo Jung. Hearing Bong Hee talking like that about Yoo Jung made Ji Wook smile for a little while.


Lately Bong Hee and the killer got closer. They met for dinner and he offered to take her home. Bong Hee accepted, but when she was about to get into his car, Ji Wook appeared. He stopped Bong Hee from getting into the killer’s car and took her home.

Few days later, Bong Hee closed down her law firm. She is jobless and has almost no money. But she is thankful for all the help she received from Ji Wook and goes shopping. There she met Ji Wook and offered to pay for everything he needed so Ji Wook shopped a lot. The next day Ji Wook found a thank you note from Bong Hee….


Episode 10

Ji Wook wakes up and finds a note from Bong Hee. She organized everything, packed her belongings and left Ji Wook’s house.

Bong Hee:”Thank you for everything you’ve done for me all this time.”

After Bong Hee left, Ji Wook quit his job and opened his own law firm in his living room. Meantime Bong Hee became a taekwondo instructor. One day Ji Wook comes looking for her. He asked Bong Hee to quit her job as taekwondo instructor and come work for him.  But it took a lot of courage for Bong Hee to give up her work as a lawyer and she doesn’t want to go through that again if it won’t work out at Ji Wook’s firm. Still Ji Wook insisted that she should think about his offer.

Ji WookL:”Are you dumping me?…That was a bit too cool.”


In seven minutes since she last saw Ji Wook, Bong Hee decided to go to work at his law firm. She packed her baggage and runs out where Ji Wook was waiting for her.

Ji Wook:”You’re a hostage! In order for me to catch the culprit, you need to be by my side.”

When Ji Wook and Bong Hee arrived home, they’ve found Eun Hyuk, Byun Young Hee and prosecution investigation officer Bang there. They’ve all came to work for Ji Wook.

Eun Hyuk:”I love you, Ji Wook!”

Ji Wook meets Eun Hyuk and gives a chance for Eun Hyuk to explain himself and clear the misunderstanding between them. But while they were talking some high school kids passed by throwing the cigarette end at them. They scolded the high school kids and the boys surrounded them. Since they are lawyers Ji Wook and Eun Hyuk needed the boys to hit them first to be self defense, but there was no surveillance camera around so the two lawyers decided to run away. Unfortunately the high school kids run after them, surrounded them and a fight started.

Eun Hyuk liked Yoo Jung and the day he wanted to confess, he saw Yoo Jung confessing to Ji Wook. After that day, Eun Hyuk had to always be around the two love birds. Eun Hyuk is the man Yoo Jung cheated on Ji Wook.

Ji Wook:”I won’t ever forgive you.”

Hurt, Ji Wook goes home. Bong Hee sees his injured face and cleanse his cuts. She takes care of him and asks him to call her next time he is involved in a fight.

Meantime Hee Joon’s killer killed another person. An innocent was accused and arrested, just like Bong Hee.

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