“Fight for My Way” ep 3 ~ Dong Man:” How could she just… touch me like that?”


An opportunity for Ae Ra to come closer to her dream showed up. She was good as an announcer and did a good job at the interview. Unfortunately she didn’t have the right connections and lost that job. As always, the person who consoled Ae Ra was Dong Man…who started thinking about his own dream.ep3-1

Episode 3

Ae Ra is going to Dong Man’s apartment with breakfast. He doesn’t answer so she goes in since she knows Dong Man’s apartment password. He is in the shower and come out soon after Ae Ra entered. Seeing Dong Man naked Ae Ra is a little embarrassed so she turns to get the bowls. But Dong Man sees that the bowls are about to fell on Ae Ra and goes to help her. Ae Ra turns around and her heart beats faster to be so close to Dong Man, but her painted eyebrows ruined the moment.

Dong Man:”Let’s try not meet in the mornings.”

While Ae Ra was having her lunch break, Park Hye Ran showed up asking for Dong Man’s phone number and his address. Park Hye Ran is Dong Man’s first love. She always shows up in front of Dong Man after a break up and leaves Dong Man hurt when she finds a new love. She ‘s been calling Dong Man, but he didn’t answer so Hye Ran came to find out Dong Man’s contacts from Ae Ra. But Ae Ra is no fan of Hye Ran. She hates Hye Ran for always hurting Dong Man. Ae Ra tells Hye Ran that Dong Man got married so she should leave him alone.

Ae Ra:”Leave Dong Man alone!”


The girl who does the announcements at the department store suddenly asked for three month off to get married. Ae Ra took advantage of the situation and asked for that position. It’s not her dream job, but it close enough to it.

Ae Ra is doing her first announcement so she called Dong Man to hear and record her. After the announcement the two friends meet to listed the recording that Dong Man made. Ae Ra is so happy that she cried hearing her first announcement.

Ae Ra:”I guess people really need to do what they love.”


Ae Ra is on her way home when she feels like someone is following her. She starts running and her follower chases her. When he caught her and put his hand on her shoulder, Ae Ra took her bag and hit the follower. Looking at her follower, Ae Ra realized it was Moo Bin. He brought Ae Ra a pair of shows.

Moo Bin:”I want to be with you! I missed you! I kept thinking of you. Do you have a boyfriend?”

Dong Man keeps thinking about Ae Ra’s happiness for being able to do what she loves. He goes to visit his former coach and asks the coach if he will became rich after starting to fight again.

In the bus, on the way home, Dong Man sees Ae Ra. He pretends to be asleep, but Ae Ra knows him way to well. Ae Ra gets closer to Dong Man. She hits him, but because Dong Man keeps pretending to sleep, Ae Ra covers Dong Man nose and mouth. Not being able to breathe, Dong Man opens his eyes and moves so Ae Ra could sit.

Arrived home, Dong Man and Ae Ra went on a rooftop and had something to drink. Seeing Ae Ra keep listening to her first announcement, Dong Man encourages her to chase her dream.

Dong Man:”My dream is to be rich.”

Ae Ra:”When you become rich, will you make me a rich madam?”

They lie down on a bench, next to each other, Ae Ra using Dong Man’s arm as her pillow, and talked about their dreams. At some point Ae Ra pretended to be asleep and Dong Man was about to touch her face. Ae Ra opens her eyes and tells Dong Man to never touch her because she might get the wrong idea. She has strange feelings when Dong Man touches her, but pretends to be sick when Dong Man touches her. While saying that Ae Ra casually hugs Dong Man, who has hard time breathing.

Ae Ra :”Don’t touch me!”

Dong Man:” How could she just… touch me like that?”


Exited Ae Ra comes to work. Her happiness doesn’t last long because as soon as she arrived, Ae Ra discovered that the department store already hired a new announcer without an interview. Ae Ra complained and the department store gave her a chance to give an interview. At the interview, Ae Ra was a lot better than the other girl, but Ae Ra had no connections and lost. The other girl’s connection was the man holding the interview, the one that had the right to choose between the two of them…

Dong Man had a hard time at work and needed Ae Ra around. But when he met Ae Ra, Dong Man found out that she was rejected because she didn’t had had connections. Dong Man consoled her and even covered her while Ae Ra was crying in Dong Man’s arms.

Later that night, Dong Man went with his coach to a mixed martial arts game. There Dong Man saw the person because of whom he gave up martial arts, Kim Tak Su.

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