“Father is strange” ep 26~Sung Joon:”Feel free to throw yourself into my arms.”


Joong Hee takes care of Mi Young with the pretext that she is his manager and his sister. But Joong Hee’s jealousy shows up every time Sung Joon gets close to Mi Young. They’ve exchanged phone numbers and Joong Hee saw Mi Young receiving a text from Sung Joon. Also Sung Joon is always around, looking for Mi Young…but when Joong Hee saw Sung Joon and Mi Young hugging…Joong Hee was about to start a fight. ep26-1

Episode 26

Early in the morning Hye Young and Jung Hwan met. They need to write down the contract of their one year marriage. They will split the wedding and living expenses. They will never sleep in separate rooms, no matter what happens. They will say “I love you” once a day. They will share the housework, Jung Hwan will do the cooking and dish washing and Hye Young will clean the house and do the laundry. They will never involve their families in their arguments. If any of them will cheat, the marriage will end immediately.

Jung Hwan:”Let’s dream like we’ll live forever and love like we’ll die tomorrow.”

Joong Hee keeps staring at Mi Young. She removed her freckles, but doesn’t put sunscreen. He makes Mi Young stop the car and went inside a store with cosmetics and bought Mi Young the best sunscreen.

Joong Hee:”You’re my younger sister.”

Chul Soo came to pick up Ra Young. He will pick her up every day. They walk holding hands, but near the sport center, Ra Young lets go on his hand. She doesn’t want their coworkers to see them. She wants to keep their relationship hidden at work.

Later, while they were with their coworkers, Ra Young doesn’t sit next to Chul Soo. He is angry because Ra Young sat next to a coworker that keeps asking her out. Aslo Ra Young denies it when the other girl instructor asks her is she is dating someone.

Since the other guy was insisting to go out with Ra Young, Chul Soo said that Ra Young has a boyfriend…tall and handsome. When Chul Soo said that, everyone misunderstood that Ra Young is dating Young Hee.

Chul Soo:”Don’t you have a boyfriend?”


Ra Young is holding her class and Young Hee is one of the participants. The other two girl instructors participated in Ra Young’s class too, just to look at Young Hee. Jealous of Young Hee being considered Ra Young’s boyfriend, Chul Soo went to that class too.

When Chul Soo hears the two girls saying that Ra Young’s boyfriend, referring to Young Hee, is handsome, Chul Soo got jealous. He takes revenge on Young Hee.

Han Soo ordered some baseball cloves and asked Joong Hee to play some catch. They went to the park, but playing catch isn’t fun so Joong Hee wants to stop.

Joong Hee:”You should’ve come looking for me when I was younger. Did you expect me to enjoy this at this age?”

When he was a child, Joong Hee envied the children around him who were playing with their fathers. Now that he had the chance, Joong Hee threw the ball further away to make Han Soo run for it. That was Joong Hee’s revenge. After playing for a short while, Joong Hee and Han Soo left the park. Han Soo would love to go to the public bath with Joong Hee, but that’s impossible because people will recognize Joong Hee.


Joong Hee is filming another scene with Sung Joon and is doing a great job again. Since he moved in with Han Soo’s family and started developing a close relationship with Han Soo, Joong Hee is expressing the exact emotions that the drama director wants.

During the break Sung Joon approached Mi Young which got Joong Hee upset again. He takes Mi Young away from Sung Joon. While they were watching the recording of Joong Hee’s acting, Mi Young received a text from Sung Joon. Jealous, Joong Hee tells Mi Young that Sung Joon is a womanizer so she should be careful. But then Joong Hee becomes angrier when Mi Young said that she saved Joong Hee’s phone number as “Actor Ahn Joong Hee”, the same way she saved Sung Joon’s number  as “Actor Jin Sung Joon”.

Back on where everyone was, Joong Hee finds out that one actress was injured and they need a replacement. Sung Joon looks at Mi Young and asks the producer to use Mi Young since she has a similar build as the actress. Mi Young was dressed up and arranged to be part of the shooting. All she has to do is run to Sung Joon’s arms.

Sung Joon:”Just think of me as your boyfriend and let me hold you. Feel free to throw yourself into my arms.”

After few mistakes, Mi Young was able to run to Sung Joon’s arms as if he was her boyfriend. Seeing that, Joong Hee is jealous again. And the producer is of no help…saying that Sung Joon and Mi Young have great chemistry.

Joong Hee:”No one told her to wrap her arms around his neck.”


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