“Fight for My Way” ep 4 ~ Dong Man:”Why does she keep getting prettier?”


Dong Man goes to a MMA game and meets the man who crushed his dream. They had an argument and Dong Man beat him up. After that argument Dong Man decided to quit his job and start fighting again. Happy he runs over to Ae Ra, but he sees Ae Ra with Moo Bin. Since Moo Bin likes Ae Ra, Dong Man doesn’t let Moo Bin and Ae Ra alone for a second. He even told Ae Ra that he doesn’t like the idea of Ae Ra dating Moo Bin. But…Hye Ran appeared in front of Dong Man …ep4-1

Episode 4

Dong Man’s former coach took him to a MMA game. There Dong Man’s saw Kim Tak Su. They used to do stupid things together, but Tak Su lives as a celebrity while Dong Man bows his head and lives as a failure. That day Tak Su won the game using Dong Man’s specialty.

Jang Ho:”Him of all people shouldn’t be the one to use your specialty.”

When he was younger and still practicing taekwando, Dong Man was forced to lose a fight in Tak Su’s favor. In return of that Tak Su’s rich father paid for Dong Man’s sister’s surgery and Dong Man’s father’s debts. The judges realized that something was strange. But Tak Su wasn’t willing to take the blame. He blamed Dong Man for being caught and Dong Man was forced to take all the blame. Tak Su wasn’t willing to apologize for buying his wining and told Dong Man to take the blame if he wants his sister’s hospital bill to be paid off. For his sister, Dong Man lost the game and took the blame…Tak Su was innocent in people’s eyes…

After the game, when Tak Su left the arena, he saw and recognized Dong Man. Even through Dong Man wasn’t trying to start a fight, Tak Su humiliated and insulted him. When Tak Su started talking about Dong Hee, Dong Man couldn’t handle in anymore. He hid Tak Su in front of all the journalists there.

Tak Su:”Are you here to see me? Do you need more money? That beggar’s mentality would never change.”

Dong Man:”Are you scared? Are you scared I’ll make a comeback? If you are going to copy my move, do it properly! If we ever meet in the ring, you’re dead. ”

In few minutes the video of Tak Su being knocked out became viral. That night Dong Man quit his job and told Jang Ho that he wants to fight again.

Dong Man:”I’m going to do martial arts!”


Dong Man comes happily home. He sees Ae Ra and runs to her. While Dong Man was hugging Ae Ra, Moo Bin comes out of his car. Moo Bin had just drove Ae Ra home. Not liking the relationship between Ae Ra and Dong Man, Moo Bin explained his intentions of dating Ae Ra and asked Dong Man to not hug Ae Ra from now on.

Moo Bin:”I am going to officially date Ae Ra.”

Thinking that Moo Bin misunderstood he relationship with Dong Man, Ae Ra tells Moo Bin and Dong Man and her are like siblings. But Dong Man tells her that they aren’t siblings and that he hates the idea of Ae Ra dating Moo Bin.

Ae Ra:”He and I are like siblings.”

Dong Man:”We’re not siblings!”

For a while Dong Man and Moo Bin fight over Ae Ra. Even if he didn’t realized it yet, Dong Man likes Ae Ra and he is jealous that Moo Bin might take Ae Ra away from him. So when Moo Bin and Ae Ra decided to go have something to eat, Dong Man tagged along.

During dinner Ae Ra was paying too much attention to Moo Bin so Dong Man pulled her chair close to him. Even if someone successful and gentleman like Moo Bin likes her, Ae Ra is more attracted to Dong Man. They both like each other, but both Ae Ra and Dong Man misunderstand their feelings for each other with siblings feelings.

After dinner Dong Man held Ae Ra’s hand and walked her on the rooftop in front of Moo Bin. He said that he doesn’t want Moo Bin to know where Ae Ra’s apartment is.


After Moo Bin left, Ae Ra scolded Dong Man for quitting his job to start fighting again. She is worried Dong Man might get hurt in the ring. She tells Dong Man to quit the idea of starting fighting again and get a new job the next day or she will find him a new job.

Ae Ra:”I can’t see you get hit!”

Ae Ra wants to leave the rooftop, but Dong Man grabbed her hand and pulled her into his arms. They both feel embarrassed, but move on. Dong Man asks Ae Ra to spend her time with him instead of going out on dates with Moo Bin. On the other hand Ae Ra wants to know why Dong Man was so immature the whole time Moo Bin was there. She gives him hints, but Dong Man doesn’t get them.

Ae Ra:”Don’t confuse a simple, country girl.”

Dong Man:”Why does she keep getting prettier?”

The next morning Ae Ra and her friends are shocked to see Hye Ran in front of Dong Man’s house. Ae Ra fights Hye Ran, but Hye Ran sees Ae Ra as an insignificant thing and looks at Ae Ra as if Ae Ra would be a small bug under her shoe. But when Dong Man appeared, Hye Ran put on her mask. At Dong Man she looks with big puppy eyes, talking in a sweet manner. Hye Ran is sure that no matter what she will do, no matter how many times she will hurt Dong Man, he will still accept her when she comes back.

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