“Suspicious Partner” ep11~ep12~Bong Hee:”I like you!”


Eun Hyuk is getting closer and closer to Bong Hee which makes Ji Wook jealous. But he doesn’t admit to like Bong Hee. Since Yoo Jung’s appearance wasn’t enough trouble for them, the murderer committed a new crime. The young man who was arrested, Hyun Soo, requested Bong Hee as his lawyer. Bong Hee and Ji Wook defended him, while Yoo Jung was the prosecutor of that case. One day after the trial, Yoo Jung was sick and Ji Wook took her home…Yoo Jung wanted more than that….on the same day Bong Hee confessed that she likes Ji Wook.ep11-1

Episode 11

Eun Hyuk is trying to get close to Bong Hee. They will be coworkers and because of Bong Hee’s case Ji Wook called Eun Hyuk for the first time in years. Bong Hee and Eun Hyuk talk about the reason Ji Wook hates Eun Hyuk so much – Eun Hyuk was the man Yoo Jung cheated of Ji Wook with.

Bong Hee:”I’m a murderer! I’m a person who killed someone.”

Ji Wook comes out and sees Eun Hyuk and Bong Hee talking and laughing. He doesn’t like what he sees and when officer Bang joins him saying that Eun Hyuk and Bong Hee seem close, Ji Wook’s jealousy showed up.  Ji Wook got Eun Hyuk all wet to keep him and Bong Hee far away from each other.


The killer murdered another man, a well known chef. Unfortunately an innocent was arrested for that murder. Because no one believes him, the suspect requested Bong Hee as his lawyer. He feels like Bong Hee will understand him and will believe in his innocence.

Together with Ji Wook, Bong Hee went to interrogate their new client. There they’ve met Yoo Jung, the prosecutor who accuses the suspect of murder. Yoo Jung and Bong Hee liked each other when they’ve first met, but now they are fighting over Ji Wook. When Yoo Jung asked if she and Ji Wook are really dating, Bong Hee said that they are. But because Bong Hee couldn’t look into her eyes, Yoo Jung knows that Bong Hee was lying. At that moment Ji Wook came and pulled Bong Hee towards him. He looked straight into Yoo Jung’s eyes and said that he chooses Bong Hee.

Yoo Jung:”Are you two really going out?”

In the interview room, Bong Hee asks Jung Hyun Soo, the suspect, why she chose her as his lawyer when she isn’t that experienced and didn’t win that much lawsuits. Hyun Soo looked at her and said that he thought she was his last hope, the only person who would believe in his innocence. While Hyun Soo was talking about his feelings and what he experiences at the moment, being a suspect, both Bong Hee and Ji Wook are remembering the times Bong Hee was in Hyun Soo’s position. He kind says the same words and has the same feelings Bong Hee had while she was falsely accused of killing Hee Joon.

Jung Hyun Soo:”I thought you might be my only ray of hope.”

Hyun Soo tells Ji Wook and Bong Hee everything he did the day that the chef was murdered. He remembers every little detail of that day, including that he went drinking at the bar. There a couple was celebrating a birthday while filming each other.


Episode 12

Moo Young is out buying Hee Joon’s favorite cake. If Hee Joon would’ve been alive, he would’ve celebrated his birthday. Suddenly Moo Young sees Bong Hee, who was smiling. Furious Moo Young showed up in front of Bong Hee because she is smiling. He puts his hand into her neck and is about to strangle her. But being the district attorney, Moo Young knows the consequences he will have to face if he kills Bong Hee so at the last moment he let Bong Hee go.

That day Bong Hee was smiling because she found a small evidence that Jung Hyun Soo was telling the truth. She put a scarf around her neck to hide the mark Moo Young left and went home. Smiling, Bong Hee showed Ji Wook what she had found.

Feeling that something is strange, Ji Wook follows Bong Hee to her room. She had removed the scarf and Ji Wook saw the red mark around her neck. No matter how much Ji Wook asked what happened, Bong Hee didn’t tell him.

The following days, Bong Hee and Ji Wook try hard to find evidence that prove Hyun Soo’s innocence. One day it suddenly started to rain. Ji Wook grabbed Bong Hee’s hand and run away to cover from the rain. While waiting for the rain to stop, Ji Wook and Bong Hee play. Ji Wook can’t take his eyes off Bong Hee.


The day of Hyun Soo’s trial, Ji Wook and Bong Hee met Moo Young in front of the court house. When they’ve met, Bong Hee took, unconsciously, her hand to her neck. Ji Wook saw her and realized that Moo Young was the one that tried to strangle her few days ago. He grabs Bong Hee’s hand and takes her inside.

As fierce as he was as a prosecutor he is now as a lawyer. Ji Wook won the trial against Yoo Jung and Ji Hae. The two of them were the prosecutors that were accusing Hyun Soo of murder. The first trial was won by Ji Wook and Bong Hee.

Wook left Bong Hee there and went to drive Yoo Jung home. Arrived home, Yoo Jung clings on Ji Wook, telling him how much she loved him and how much she still loves him. Meantime Bong Hee was waiting for Ji Wook in front of the house.

Ji Wook comes home where Bong Hee was waiting for him. The moment she saw him, Bong Hee run to his arms and confessed that she likes him. Ji Wook wanted to accept Bong Hee’s feelings, but something stopped him…

Bong Hee:”I like you!”

Ji Wook:”Don’t fall for me!”

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