“Father is strange” ep 27~Joong Hee:”It’s because I’m your brother.”


Both Hye Young and Jung Hwan went to meet each other’s families and ask for their permission to get married. For Hye Young is easier because she only has to deal with Jung Hwan’s parents. But Jung Hwan has to please Hye Young’s parents, grandmother, aunt and uncle and Hye Young’s siblings. This days Joong Hee and Joon Young seems to be on the same page. The both give Jung Hwan a hard time and they both look out for Mi Young’s well being.ep27-1

Episode 27

Hye Young came to visit Jung Hwan’s family. Bok Nyeo isn’t exactly pleased with Hye Young’s visit, but Gyu Taek is on Hye Young and Jung Hwan’s side. Also Hye Young was smart enough to win Gyu Taek even more by showing interest in his dog Chico. Hye Young brought presents for Bok Nyeo, Gyu Taek and even Chich.

Hye Young:”Now even dogs are family members.”

Hye Young thanked Bok Nyeo for apologizing the other day for what she did to Hye Young eight years ago. Then she said that Bok Nyeo behavior impressed her and made her think about her own mistakes. So Hye Young apologizes for talking harsh and threatening Bok Nyeo. Then Hye Young asked Bok Nyeo and Gyu Taek for their permission to marry Jung Hwan.

Bok Nyeo:”I will never give my permission.”

While Hye Young was with his parents, Jung Hwan visited her family. Since in Hye Young’s family there are a lot of people, Jung Hwan brought several boxes of fish and fruits. Jung Hwan said that he loves Hye Young and asked Han Soo and Young Shil for their permission to marry Hye Young.

After Young Shil bombarded him with questions related to his hobbies, the reason he loves Hye Young, how can he be sure that he will make, Hye Young happy, if he drinks or smokes, if he has any hereditary illnesses in the family or where he and Hye Young will leave after getting married, Han Soo and Young Shil called the rest of the family, Hye Young’s grandmother, Hye Young’s aunt and uncle.

Jung Hwan is alone, surrounded by all 11 members of Hye Young’s family. The elders of the family, Han Soo, Young, Shil, the grandmother, uncle and aunt give Jung Hwan a hard time. But Hye Young has also siblings. Ra Young wanted Jung Hwan to tell them one bad thing about Hye Young and if there isn’t any it means that he is lying. Then beside Ra Young there are also Hye Young’s older brothers, Joong Hee and Joon Young, who give Jung Hwan a hard time and are hard to please.

Joong Hee:”Cha PD, you know I’m the eldest child?”

Jung Hwan:”I was editing the making film so that you could stand out.”

From all of Hye Young’s siblings, Mi Young is the one that met Jung Hwan eight years ago. After they broke up, Jung Hwan kept coming to Hye Young’s house to find out the reason that they separated. At that moment Mi Young twisted his arm, but Mi Young doesn’t remember.

Mi Young:”I don’t remember. I twisted many arms when she was in college.”

After kneeling for a long time in front of Hye Young’s family, Jung Hwan received a phone call. He tried to get his phone from his pocked and his leg cramped. At that moment Jung Hwan straightened his leg and was about to hit Hye Young’s grandmother in the face. Upset the grandmother kicked his leg. Lying down and screaming of pain, Jung Hwan got a cramp in his other leg too.

After his cramps passed, Jung Hwan got drunk from all the alcohol that was offered to him. The moment Hye Young arrived home, Jung Hwan passed out.


Since Jung Hwan passed out, Han Soo and Young Shil had to let him spend the night at their house…in Joong Hee’s room. After Joon Young carried Jung Hwan to Joong Hee’s room, Hye Young got upset with her brother for making Jung Hwan drink so much. But it wasn’t Joon Young, it was Hye Young’s other brother Joong Hee to blame. In the morning, Jung Hwan woke up hugging Joong Hee.

Young Shil made for breakfast a soup to relieve Jung Hwan’s hangover. While they were eating Han Soo and Young Shil announced that they give their permission for Jung Hwan to marry Hye Young.

Joong Hee is practicing martial arts and improved a lot. Excited he looks at Mi Young, but she was busy texting and talking on the phone. She couldn’t concentrate at all that day. When he asked her about who she is talking too, Mi Young said that she talks with her brother. She is worried about Joon Young who has a hard time. Joon Young, Joong Hee and Jung Hwan are about the same age, but one is a producer, the other one a celebrity…and Joon Young works part time while waiting for his exam results. He feels inferior. He feels like a failure and Yoo Joo vended her stress and anger from work on him few days ago. So Mi Young tries to make her brother feel better.

Mi Young:”I’m worried because he’s my brother.”

Mi Young worried so much about Joon Young that she doesn’t realizes that Joong Hee also needs her attention. But she made Joong Hee feel better when she said that in the relationship between Joong Hee and Han Soo she is on Joong Hee’s side.


Chul Soo is getting ready for his date with Ra Young. He can’t decide what t-shirt to wear when Young Hee came. Young Hee gave Chul Soo his suit and told Chul Soo where to take Ra Young. Chul Soo went to his date trying to match Ra Young’s style without knowing that Ra Young is doing the same. He appeared at the date looking great while Ra Young was wearing sports clothes and sneakers.

Chul Soo:”I dressed up to match you.”

Chul Soo bought tickets to a concert and made reservations to an expensive restaurant. But Ra Young couldn’t enjoy any of it. She was the only one dressed up the sports suit to all those places where people go dressed up.

Seeing Ra Young sad and disappointed, Chul Soo kept calling Young Hee to ask what he is doing wrong. When Chul Soo returned from his phone call, Ra Young took him away. She is embarrassed to be dressed like that and wanted to leave as soon as possible. She took Chul Soo to the park to talk. It’s Chul Soo’s first time going on a date and was too embarrassed to ask Ra Young what they should do so instead he asked Young Hee. Chul Soo explained everything to Ra Young and she told him to talk to her everything concerning their relationship, not anyone else. Then they’ve told each other what they like and dislike so they would know for their next date.

Ra Young:”I’m letting you off because you’re handsome.”

Chul Soo:”I think I’ll like anything I do with you.”

Also Ra Young scolded Chul Soo for going on a date in Young Hee’s expensive style when both of them don’t earn that much as a paycheck. She tells Chul Soo to date in their own budgets.


Joong Hee doesn’t have any schedule so he is resting at home. Suddenly Joon Young comes to his room and shows him an online article that just appeared. The protagonists of that article were Sung Joon and Mi Young.

Joon Young:”Is she seriously dating him?”

For the first time Joon Young and Joong Hee are on the same page. Worried that Sung Joon’s fans will believe the article and hurt Mi Young, Joong Hee went to the company and told director Kang to remove the article.

Leaving the company Joong Hee sees Sung Joon and Mi Young. Furious he goes over and vends his anger on Sung Joon.  Mi Young understands that Joon Young is upset that she could be hurt by Sung Joon’s fans, but she doesn’t understand why Joong Hee is so upset. So Joong Hee told her that he is also her brother…like Joon Young.

Joong Hee:”It’s because I’m your brother.”

Arrived at home, Joon Young was waiting for them and Mi Young is happy to have two dependable older brothers. Meantime Bok Nyeo called Hye Young over. She said that if Hye Young will move in with her after the marriage than she will approve Jung Hwan and Hye Young’ s marriage. Understanding what Bok Nyeo is doing, Hye Young shocked Bok Nyeo while accepting to move in with her in-laws.


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