“Suspicious Partner” ep13~ep14~Ji Wook:”I wonder if I’ll regret this moment.”


Bong Hee confessed to Ji Wook, but he is too scared to accept her feelings so he rejects her. After that he becomes jealous seeing that Bong Hee and Eun Hyuk are getting closer and closer. Still they have to work together and find evidence to prove Hyun Soo’s innocence. After the trial Hyun Soo was released and Chan Ho was scared to dead…and Ji Wook found out that Hyun Soo’s alibi was fake.ep13-1

Episode 13

Bong Hee waited for Ji Wook to come home and when she saw him, she run to his arms and confessed. Unfortunately Ji Wook rejected her feelings. He is afraid to start something with her so he just pushed her away…but Ji Wook is also afraid that he will regret having rejected Bong Hee’s feelings.

Ji Wook:”I wonder if I’ll regret this moment.”

The next morning Ji Wook comes to the kitchen and sees Bong Hee with two spoons on her eyes. He wanted to prepare her a cold towel, but Bong Hee asked him not to. She will reset herself and return to the time she didn’t like Ji Wook, but for that she needs Ji Wook’s help. Bong Hee asked Ji Wook to not be nice to her or do anything for her.

Ji Wook is the one that rejected Bong Hee’s feelings, but she doesn’t feel too well about his decision. To stop feeling so bad about his decision, Ji Wook prepared a big breakfast for everyone.

Byeon Young Hee saw Bong Hee and Ji Wook hugging the night before, but when he asked about it both Ji Wook and Bong Hee strongly denied having any relationship.

Later Eun Hyuk sees Bong Hee hiding. She is about to cry so Eun Hyuk sits beside her until Bong Hee finished her tears out.


Bong Hee and Ji Wook went to investigate the murder scene and the surroundings and try to find out something to help them release Hyun Soo from jail. Unfortunately they entered the crime scene without permission so when they hear someone coming in, they both hide. Luckily for them it was Yoo Jung.

Bong Hee:”I can’t get arrested again. I have a trauma.”

Yoo Jung threatened Ji Wook and Bong Hee with arresting Bong Hee for trespassing if Ji Wook won’t talk to her for few minutes. Ji Wook sent Bong Hee away and accepted talking to Yoo Jung. Left alone Yoo Jun gives Ji Wook some information about Hyun Soo. He almost killed a man a while ago and has a record. With his new information, Ji Wook went to talk to his client.

Hyun Soo gets angry and tells Ji Wook the reason he beat up that man. While Hyun Soo was getting angry, was calming down and crying, Ji Wook felt like something is strange.

Hyun Soo:”I tried to kill him. This bastard tried to assault a woman. I never use violence without a reason.”

Ji Wook:”This wasn’t to stop a crime. This was a punishment!”

Bong Hee is out, drinking with Eun Hyuk and officer Bang. She regrets not liking Eun Hyuk. He also regrets not liking Bong Hee. If they would’ve liked each other, then they wouldn’t have suffers loving people that don’t love them back. But while everyone was drinking and talking happily, Ji Wook came and sent everyone home. He brought Bong Hee home…

Bong Hee:”I wish I liked lawyer Ji instead.”


Episode 14

Upset that Bong Hee drank with Eun Hyuk and officer Bang and jealous, the next morning Ji Wook gives a lot of work, while screaming and scolding them, to the three of them. If they have time to drink, they have time to overwork too. Ji Wook sent Eun Hyuk and officer Bang to the hard work, but he kept Bong Hee next to him. He told Bong Hee to check every second of the surveillance camera from and around the dead chef’s house. While Bong Hee was looking at the footage, Eun Hyuk followed for day an employee of the chef’s restaurant. That employee, finally talked and said that chef Yang wasn’t a good person like everyone thought he was and his sister is the one to clean his mess always. Also chef Yang’s sister was the first at the crime scene and cleaned everything before calling the police. Then Bong Hee also found something on the surveillance camera from a convenience store close by chef Yang’s house.

Hyun Soo’s second trial started. Ji Hae and Yoo Jung are more prepared than the first trial, but Ji Wook is too. He crushed the prosecutor’s accusations at the second trial.  Ji Wook crushed all the witnesses testifying. There was a neighbor who saw Hyun Soo coming out of chef Yang’s house the day chef Yang was murdered. But the neighbor said he was skinny and wearing black clothes, without carrying anything so how could Hyun Soo take away everything that chef Yang’s sister said it was stolen…

Then it was chef Yang’s sister’s time to testify. Ji Wook has evidence that she lied during her testimony. She said that she arrived at her brother’s house at a certain hour, found chef Yang dead and immediately called the police. But Ji Wook found evidence that she arrived at her brother’s house about 2 hours before she called the police. To get her to confess the truth, Ji Wook accuses chef Yang’s sister of murdering her brother. Cornered Yang Ji Yeon confessed that her brother was already dead when she arrived. She saw a video with what he brother was doing to the women he was assaulting and covered it up, while setting the crime scene as a robbery followed by murder.

Yang Ji Yeon:”All I did was cover it up for him.”

Ji Wook:”Who will protect the honor of the women whom your brother assaulted?”

After the trial, Ji Wook fell asleep on the chair. Bong Hee saw him and wanted to take off his necktie for him to sleep more comfortable. But Ji Wook woke up. Embarrassed Bong Hee tried to explain what she was doing and then she turned around to leave. Ji Wook held her hand and asked her to say with him. Even if he suffers from insomnia, Ji Wook sleeps well when Bong Hee is close.

Ji Wook:”Stay with me for five minutes.”

The next morning officer Bang saw Ji Wook and Bong Hee sleeping next to each other. He guarded them and didn’t allow Eun Hyuk or Young Hee to see them.


Ji Wook and Bong Hee won the case and Hyun Soo is released, considered innocent. Bong Hee and their whole team are excited, Ji Wook feels like something isn’t right, Ji Hae and Yoo Jung are upset to have lost a case, but one person is scared, almost terrified…Chan Ho.

Ji Wook:”This isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning.”

After winning the case, Ji Wook, his whole team and Hyun Soo went to celebrate. While they were celebrating Ji Wook received a phone call from the couple that was celebrating at the bar the day chef Yang was killed. The couple remembered having seen Hyun Soo that day and even showed Ji Wook a video in which Hyun Soo appeared. But Ji Wook has the impression that Hyun Soo wasn’t alone there, than day.

Ji Wook:” Did you…see another man beside him?”

Then Ji Wook sees a wall with photos and notes. He realizes that everything Hyun Soo said he did the day of the murder was in the pictures of that wall. Ji Wook realizes that Jung Hyun Soo didn’t come there on the day of the murder, but came afterwards and saw the photos and memos other people left. Hyun Soo remembered everything and used those photos and memos as his alibi when he was arrested.

Ji Wook:”What was he trying to hide behind those lies?”

Meantime Bong Hee, who is drunk, sang in her own manner the song that she heard the killer sing the night Hee Joon was killed. No one knows what song is that…except for Hyun Soo, but he acts like he doesn’t know it. Actually Hyun Soo is the killer who murdered Hee Joon, the one who brought Bong Hee the shoes the night she saw him in her office…the killer that murdered chef Yang… and Chan Ho is his accomplice.

Hyun Soo leaves the bar, smiling that he was able to fool everyone , including the judge and Ji Wook who released him. But on his way out, Hyun Soo met Ji Wook

Ji Wook:”If I pardoned the real criminal…I’m talking about you, Jung Hyun Soo.”


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