“Father is strange” ep 28~Joong Hee:”I’m in love.”


Jung Hwan and Hye Young’s parents met for the first time to talk about the wedding. Unfortunately things didn’t go that well and both mother’s, after fighting with each other, are against the wedding. On the other hand Joong Hee is closer and closer with his new family, who are ready to accept him, embrace him and celebrate his birthday. But when things were going well, Joong Hee has a shock…his feelings aren’t exactly what he thought. ep28-1

Episode 28

Since Hye Young and Jung Hwan will get married it’s time for the two families to meet. Bok Nyeo is alone, in her room, trying to decide what to wear. She has expensive designer clothes, but she is sure that Young Shil won’t know that. In the end Bok Nyeo decided to wear fur, even if it’s really hot outside.

Bok Nyeo:” Stylish people need to put up with the heat and cold. No matter how expensive clothes are, nothing can be better than fur.”

Meantime Young Shil has a hard time trying to decide what to wear in front of Bok Nyeo too. Luckily for her, Young Shil has Ra Young and Mi Young who will take care of her makeup and Yoo Joo that, as a stylist, will handle Young Shil’s clothes.

Hye Young:” You have the most expensive accessory right next to you. I have intelligence, a great personality and I’m sexy. I’m Byun Hye Young, a true masterpiece.”

At the meeting Hye Young and Jung Hwan are nervous about the results of this family meeting. Gyu Taek and Han Soo are happy and respectful with each other. But Young Shil and Bok Nyeo are the problem. While ordering the food, Han Soo and Young Shil offered to pay, but Bok Nyeo had to remind them that they are at an expensive restaurant and the food costs pretty much. Hearing that Young Shil answered Bok Nyeo that even if they are poor, they can still afford to pay. Young Shil even offered to split the bill. To stop their mothers from fighting, Jung Hwan and Hye Young decided to order and pay themselves.

While eating Bok Nyeo started talking about wedding gifts that have to be at their level not Young Shil family’s. Feeling insulted Young Shil answered. The two women start arguing on every little detail that they could think about. Young Shil told Bok Nyeo that Hye Young and Jung Hwan won’t register their marriage and that is for the best since Hye Young will have a mother-in-law like Bok Nyeo. Hearing that Bok Nyeo said that sounds great that they will not register the marriage because that way if Hye Young and Jung Hwan will break up Jung Hwan’s family won’t give Hye Young any alimony.

The two mother’s keep fighting and agreed on one thing…either of them can approve that wedding.

Later, at the house, Bok Nyeo gets scolded by both her husband and son for her behavior at the restaurant.  The same time Young Shil scolds Hye Young. Few days ago when Jung Hwan visited the family said that they will live in an apartment, Hye Young also said that. But at the meeting Young Shil found out that Hye Young and Jung Hwan will move with Bok Nyeo and Gyu Taek after the wedding. Young Shil is furious and disappointed in Jung Hwan for going back on his word…again.

With Young Shil so against her marriage, Hye Young said that she won’t marry Jung Hwan. She will not marry Jung Hwan or any other man. Instead Hye Young will date, will live together with the man she is dating and when that man will talk about marriage, she will break up with him and move on with another man.


Chul Soo misses Ra Young so much that he came in front of her house, after his classes. They went to a park near Ra Young’s house. Ra Young asked Chul Soo about his classes, about the time he used to play football and why he quit. They know more about each other more. But it’s late and they have to go home.

Ra Young:”Are you sure you’ve never dated anyone before? You know exactly how to make a girl’s heart flutter.”

The next morning Mi Young and Ra Young each grab Joong Hee hands and gets him to the kitchen. It’s Joong Hee’s birthday and the whole family was waiting for him to sing “happy birthday” and eat together.

Joong Hee is picky with the food. He doesn’t like the birthday traditional foods, but Young Shil encourages him to eat everything he can chew. She raised all her four children with those dishes on their birthday and now Joong Hee is one of the family’s children.  Feeling the love he is surrounded with, Joong Hee starts crying. Also Hye Young, Mi Young and Ra Young accepted him as their brother.

Young Shil:”You’re a son of this family, Joong Hee.”

Mi Young / Ra Young:”Happy birthday, brother!”

After breakfast, Joong Hee is so happy that he offered to drive everyone to work. Hye Young, Mi Young, Ra Young and even Yoo Joon were given a ride to work by “driver Ahn”.


Joong Hee is filming, but the director keeps interrupting them. They keep shooting the same scene over and over, because it’s not the emotion that the director wants. Joong Hee keeps apologizing, but the director was actually scolding Sung Joon.  So Joong Hee was send away to rest while they would film that scene with Sung Joon alone until they capture the emotion the director wants.

After receiving a good news, Joong Hee took Mi Young out to eat at an expensive restaurant. There they’ve met director Kang who keeps asking if Joong Hee likes Mi Young. Tired of director Kang asking if he likes Mi Young, Joong Hee tells him that Mi Young is his really blood sister. But Joong Hee can’t get out of his mind director Kang’s words.

Joong Hee:”I wasn’t looking at her with love.”

The following day Joong Hee has another scene to film. For this scene he has to look with love at the actress he plays with. He doesn’t get the look the director wants and after several takes, Joong Hee is called over. The director shows him a look on Joong Hee’s face that was filmed during a break. He asks Joong Hee to remember at what he was looking at that moment. Shocked Joong Hee realizes that he was looking with love at… Mi Young.

Joong Hee:”I’m in love.”


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