“Fight for My Way” ep 5 ~ Coach Hwang:”I don’t trust migratory birds!”


Tak Su keeps provoking Dong Man on every way he can, interviews or face-to-face. On the other side, one of Tak Su’s staff members approached Dong Man and offered him to debut as a MMA fighter. Upset because Tak Su was insulting him, Dong Man accepted the fight without telling coach Hwang. At that fight Dong Man was hurt.ep5-1

Episode 5

Ae Ra sees the video with Dong Man hitting Tak Su and went to him. She scolded Dong Man and asked him to come see her at the department store at lunch. Afraid of Ae Ra, coach Hwang also told Dong Man to go.

Embarrassed from being beaten by Dong Man and scared, Tak Su said in an interview that Dong Man is a neighborhood fighter. Tak Su insulted Dong Man and said that if Dong Man will win an amateur fight, he will allow Dong Man to fight him in ring. Until then Dong Man isn’t at the same level as Tak Su. While watching Tak Su’s interview, Dong Man got angry, but coach Hwang doesn’t let him challenge Tak Su. For 10 years Dong Man didn’t train and coach Hwang tried to convince Dong Man that taekwondo and MMA are different. First Dong Man has to train, build muscles and then think about fighting.

Coach Hwang:”If you enter the ring in this condition, you’ll end up with injuries.”


One of Tak Su’s staff members approached Dong Man and coach Hwang. He asked Dong Man to fight in an MMA amateur fight the next day and insisted. Coach Hwang found that man’s insistence strange and didn’t allow Dong Man to fight.

Coach Hwang:”I don’t trust migratory birds!”

Later Dong Man went to the department store because Ae Ra called him. She got him a job as a security guard there. While they were talking, Ae Ra sees a woman whom she saw on the security cameras that stole an expensive watch. Ae Ra caught that thief and showed in front of everyone that the woman took the watch. Unfortunately that woman that took the watch was the mistress of an important man…she was calling herself the second wife…As a result Ae Ra had to apologize and humiliate herself in front of that thief.

When Dong Man saw Ae Ra’s knees red from kneeling and begging for forgiveness to that thief, Dong Man got furious. He announced Ae Ra’s superior that Ae Ra is quitting her job and told that thief a piece of what he was thinking.  Then Dong Man grabbed Ae Ra’s hand and took her away.


Ae Ra is getting ready for her date with Moo Bin. Dong Man sees her all exited and putting perfume so he got jealous. Upset that Ae Ra is going on a date with Moo Bin, Dong Man ordered Ae Ra to be home by 7pm or Dong Man will call her father.

Ae Ra went on her date with Moo Bin, but she didn’t enjoy it. She isn’t comfortable around Moo Bin and she keeps lying to Moo Bin when he asks her about her job at the department store or her mother.

Dong Man texted Ae Ra to come where he was fighting his first MMA fight. Earlier he had an encounter with Tak Su, who humiliated him again. So Dong Man decided to debut as a MMA fighter and have a chance to fight Tak Su in ring. But Dong Man didn’t tell coach Hwang about it.

Dong Man:”You rejected steak and came to watch me win.”

What Dong Man didn’t know was that he was fooled by Tak Su and Tae Hee. In the ring Dong Man was beaten and hurt. He fell on the ground unconscious. Tae Hee filmed everything and posted it online.


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