“Father is strange” ep 29~Chul Soo:” This is my father, instructor Byun.”


For the happiness of their children Bok Nyeo and Young Shil med and made peace. They allowed Hye Young and Jung Hwan to get married. Each mother gave up something that they originally wanted just to let their children be happy. Meantime Ra Young mat Chul Soo’s father. It wasn’t a pleasant meeting…


Episode 29

Joon Young’s test results will be out soon. Because of that Young Shil prepared breakfast and asked everyone to eat all and when they eat noodles to not cut them with their teeth. It’s a superstition that she has. Everyone agreed, but soon Young Shil and Hye Young started arguing. They already fought after Han Soo and Young Shil met Jung Hwan’s parents and they are still fighting.  Young Shil isn’t willing to let her daughter move in with the in-laws and suffer.

Another person who is willing to do anything as long as he has Hye Young by his side is Jung Hwan. He is decided to abandon his parents as long as he can marry Hye Young. Afraid that she will lose her only son, Bok Nyeo wants to give in. But her pride doesn’t let her be the first to call Young Shil and convince Young Shil to let their children marry. Luckily an opportunity showed up. There is a problem with the building that Hye Young’s family lives so Han Soo called the landlady, Bok Nyeo, over.


Since the director told him that he was looking in love while staring at Mi Young, Joong Hee can’t get that out of his mind. He can’t concentrate on his acting and changed his behavior around Mi Young.

Bok Nyeo arrived at the building when Han Soo had already called a plumber to fix everything up. When she arrived, Bok Nyeo was nice to everyone and asked Young Shil to talk over a cup of tea. Both mothers want to talk and apologize to the other, but they don’t know how to start the conversation.

They to a coffee shop, talked about their children happiness and decided to agree with letting Hye Young and Jung Hwan get married.


Ra Young sees a car parked where it shouldn’t have and approached the person inside. That man asks about the football coach, about Chul Soo. Ra Young bragged about how good Chul Soo is and even showed that man when Chul Soo was coming towards them. That man gets off his car and goes to Chul Soo. Because Chul Soo didn’t want to go with him, the man started beating Chul Soo. Worried Ra Young intervened and bit that man, in order to defend Chul Soo…without knowing that the man was Chul Soo’s father.

Chul Soo:” This is my father, instructor Byun.”

Joong Hee is looking everywhere for Mi Young. He couldn’t find Mi Young and went to the manager’s department. He sees Mi Young sleeping and lies down next to her, looking at every little detail of her face. But it didn’t last long because Mi Young woke up.

Hye Young and Jung Hwan prepared a cohabitation contract between them and Jung Hwan’s parents. Gyu Tak started readying the contract, but he didn’t finish it. Bok Nyeo didn’t want to read it. But everyone sign it.


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