“Father is strange” ep 30~Ra Young:”I thought you were just handsome, but you’re also inspiring.”


Hye Young and Jung Hwan are getting married in a few days. From her brother and sisters, Hye Young wants a dance as a present. But Mi Young is an awful dancer. Luckily for her Joong Hee is close by to help her.ep30-1

Episode 30

The whole family gathered to celebrate that Joon Young passed his exam and Hye Young will get married in a few days. When Hye Young invited Joong Hee too, Mi Young told the whole family to be careful not to let anyone know that Joong Hee is part of the family because it could cause problems. After her conversation with director Kang, Mi Young is more conscious that she should hide Joong Hee’s presents from everyone. So when they leave the house Mi Young makes sure to cover Joong Hee’s face.

Later, at the company, Joong Hee sees Mi Young doing something. She was trying to dance, but she can’t really dance. Mi Young begged Joong Hee to teach her dancing. And, while laughing hard, Joong Hee did his best to teach Mi Young.  Then they went to eat ice cream as a reward.


Chul Soo went home. He got beaten by his father, had an argument with his father and returned to his own life…the life he chose for himself. Meantime Ra Young is worried sick about Chul Soo. She calls him, she texts him, but no sign of Chul Soo. When he finally appeared, Ra Young hugged him and took care of his injury.

Then Chul Soo told Ra Young why his relationship with his father is cold. Chul Soo’s father didn’t agree with Chul Soo playing football so Chul Soo left home. Because of that Chul Soo’s father cut off all financial support.

Ra Young:”I thought you were just handsome, but you’re also inspiring.”

Coming out of his room, Joong Hee finds Min Ha on the rooftop. Min Ha need money so he could study, but his parents can’t support him. Min Ha knows that his parents don’t have the money to support his studies so he didn’t tell them about it, and doesn’t know that the parents already know from his teacher. He went to Joong Hee and asked if celebrities make a lot of money. Min Ha thinks that if he could become famous, he could get the money he needs for his studies.


Jung Hwan and Hye Young’s wedding day arrived. They’ve reserved a small garden to celebrate with just family members and Jung Hwan’s team from work. Bok Nyeo arrived late and she shocked everyone with her appearance. She came dressed in an expensive dress, wearing high heels in which she could barely walk. She came out of a limousine and the driver was holding her an umbrella.

The party started, the groom and bride said a few words. Then the parents of both side congratulated the newlyweds. Then Ra Young, Mi Young and Joon Young danced like Hye Young asked them too. She and Jung Hwan joined them. After the party every family member gathered for pictures. This time Joong Hee joined the family photo too. Ra Young and Mi Young dragged him to be in the photo.

The day after the wedding, Joong Hee and Mi Young went to the place where the shooting was supposed to be. When they arrived there, none of the filming crew was there. Mi Young sees an unread text, but before she could read it the assistant director called. They’ve announced Mi Young the day before that the filming location changed, but Mi Young didn’t read the text.

Arrived at the new location Joong Hee takes the blame. For the scene he was filming, Joong Hee had to have lips on his face. To look realistic, the director asked Mi Young to kiss Joong Hee. She is his manager, they know each other so they should be comfortable. After the three kisses on Joong Hee’s face, the director asked for another kiss…on Joong Hee’s lips.

Since it was hard for Mi Young to do it, Joong Hee offered to do it instead. They are both embarrassed, but the whole staff members are rushing them.

Joong Hee:”Stay still. I’ll do it!”

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