“Father is strange” ep 31~Joong Hee:”I like you!”


Joong Hee is filming his scenes and is able to get into his character. But while playing his role, Joong Hee realized what his feels for Mi Young. Realizing his feelings, Joong Hee feels awful… Mi Young is his sister. While Joong Hee avoids Mi Young in order to get his feelings straight, Sung Joon confessed to Mi Young.ep31-1

Episode 31

Joong Hee and Mi Young are awkward with each other. To be able to concentrate on his acting, Joong Hee sent Mi Young to wash the car. The first take of the filming scene was perfect, but the director wanted another take from another angle. While everything was going perfect, Mi Young returned. Joong Hee saw her and couldn’t stop staring at her.

Joong Hee:”I like you!”

Back at the house, Joong Hee goes straight to his room. He can’t stop thinking at what he feels. He couldn’t sleep the whole night and in the morning he went to exercise.

Joong Hee:”This is wrong!”

On the other hand Mi Young also feels awkward. She doesn’t see Joong Hee as her brother either.


Mi Young can’t stop thinking about the kiss between Joong Hee and herself so she bangs her hand into a wall. Sung Joon sees her and put his hand on the wall so Mi Young won’t hurt herself. Then he offered to help Mi Young with what she was doing. While helping Mi Young with her job, Sung Joon asked her what she likes. Then he asked her out on a date and confessed that he likes her.

Sung Joon:”Will you go on a date with me? I like you, Mi Young!”

Ra Young picked up Chul Soo form his classes. They were happy going their way when Young Hee appeared. Young Hee is tired of doing all the work alone so he joined his father in persuading Chul Soo to give up his dream and return home. Young Hee also had his own dream to live, but didn’t have the courage to fight his father. He let Chul Soo do what he wanted, but now Young Hee wants Chul Soo to return home and work for their father’s business. After talking to Chul Soo about it, Young Hee went to see his father. Young Hee told his father that there is one person who can persuade Chul Soo to return home.

Joong Hee keeps avoiding the family members, including Mi Young. He leaves early, without eating breakfast, and returns home after everyone went to bed. After few days, Joong Hee reached out to his ex girlfriend, who is a psychologist. He paid for a session and told her about his feelings. He keeps thinking about a person. He keeps looking at that person. He smiles for no reason while thinking or seeing that person. Then he tells the psychologist that he met that woman without knowing who she is. Later, when he found his father, he realized that the woman was his father’s daughter.

Joong Hee:”I think I’ve gone insane. I keep looking at someone. I think of that person all day. I like this person?”


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