“Fight for My Way” ep 6 ~ Ae Ra:”Do you like me? “


Dong Man was hurt in ring and Ae Ra stays by his side at the hospital. When Dong Man woke up, Hye Ran appeared. She send Ae Ra away, but Dong Man holds Ae Ra’s hand, sending Hye Ran away. Unfortunately Hye Ran isn’t willing to give up. She visited Ae Ra and made Ae Ra argue with Dong Man and keep her distance from him.Out of anger, Ae Ra went on a date with Moo Bin. But the stress made Ae Ra sick and fainted. ep6-1

Episode 6

Dong Man wakes up in the hospital with Ae Ra, crying, by his side. She was so worried and told Dong Man to stop fighting or she will never see him again. While Dong Man was consoling and calming Ae Ra, Hye Ran arrived. Hye Ran asks Ae Ra to leave.

Hye Ran:”Since I’m here, you can go now.”

When Hye Ran was telling Ae Ra to leave because Ae Ra has no right to be there, Dong Man held Ae Ra’s hand and told Hye Ran to leave. Since Dong Man is telling her to leave, Hye Ran leaves. But first she insults Ae Ra. She told Ae Ra that Dong Man is holding Ae Ra’s hand to hurt her, not because he wants to.

Dong Man:”You should do! Don’t text or call me!”

Later Dong Man was discharger and Ae Ra took him home. On their way home Ae Ra and Dong Man argue over Hye Ran. Ae Ra is afraid that Dong Man will be fooled by Hye Ran again. At that moment another person upset with Dong Ma appeared, coach Hwang.

Ae Ra:”Mister, kill him!”

Coach Hwang goes towards Dong Man and hugs him. Later coach Hwang sees the video of Dong Man and his adversary fight. He knows the man that beat up Dong Man. That man’s name is Karel and comes from a Brazilian family that are jujitsu champions. Karel’s nephew, whom Karel trained, is an UFC legend. Coach Hwang said that the fight between Dong Man and Karel was like a fight between a kindergartner and a college student. Since Dong Man, the kindergartner, managed to hit Karel it means Dong Man won…even if he ended up in the hospital. Dong Man, doesn’t know, but he broke 2 of Karel’s ribs.

Coach Hwang:”I’m glad you’re alive. You’re lucky you didn’t die.”

Karel, the man Dong Man fought with was paid by Tak Su to hurt Dong Man. He needed money for his wife so he accepted Tak Su’s offer and beat Dong Man. After the fight, Karel advised Tak Su to avoid Dong Man.

Karel:”Try your best to avoid him because you will lose.”


It’s breakfast and Dong Man and Ae Ra eat together like every day. They went to a convenience store near their house. While eating, Ae Ra received the text that she passed the first stage of a job interview as an announcer. Happy she jumps into Dong Man’s arms. But Dong Man stops her suddenly. He’s face is strange and he stutters…Ae Ra wasn’t wearing her bra.

Back at their homes, Dong Man and Ae Ra met their landlady. Ganako told them that no matter how close there are, they shouldn’t sleep together. Hearing that Dong Man is embarrassed and upset Ae Ra when he said that something like that will never happen between them.

Dong Man:”I said to stop acting like a woman around me.”

Hye Ran showed up at Ae Ra’s door. As soon as Ae Ra opened, Hye Ran entered. She insulted Ae Ra with a smile on her face. She said that she has everything and all she needs now is Dong Man. So because she and Dong Man will get back together Ae Ra showed stop being pathetic, pretending to be Dong Man’s friend.

Hye Ran:”Don’t make yourself any more pathetic.”

At that moment Dong Man came to apologize to Ae Ra for upsetting her earlier. But he saw Hye Ran. He is cold towards Hye Ran, like he never was before.


Dong Man tries to calm down Ae Ra, to make up with her. But Ae Ra is too upset. Even if Dong Man explains that he didn’t call Hye Ran, Ae Ra doesn’t want to listen. She is on her way to meet Moo Bin.

Ae Ra:”Do you like me? I like you?”

Coach Hwang prepared Dong Man’s counterattack. He called a reporter that he knows and told that reporter about Karel and what Tak Su did. The reporter checked everything coach Hwang said and when he got the evidences came to the gym. He took pictures of Dong Man for an interview.

Later that day, Dong Man went to the club were Tak Su was. He went straight to Tak Su and beat him up. He thanked Tak Su for helping him train with a Brazilian coach.

Dong Man:”Thanks for helping me train with a Brazilian coach. Give me your best shot. No matter how hard you try, you’ll end up in the ring with me.”

After their date Moo Bin took Ae Ra home. She isn’t feeling well so when Moo Bin insisted to walk her to her apartment, the stress made Ae Ra feel worse. She fainted so Moo Bin and Ganako took her to the hospital. Ganako returned home and saw Dong Man. She told Dong Man that Ae Ra fainted and she is in the hospital.

Worried, Dong Man arrives at the hospital and has the shock of his life…Ae Ra and Moo Bin were kissing.

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