“Suspicious Partner” ep15~ep16~“If one thing is a lie, everything is a lie.”


Ji Wook tries to get closer to Hyun Soo after becoming suspicious that Hyun Soo might be a killer. He asks officer Bang to do a background check on Hyun Soo and follows Bong Hee when she meets Hyun Soo. Since the night he killed Hee Joon, Hyun Soo kept following Bong Hee, That night he killed someone when Bong Hee opened her apartment window to get some fresh air. At that time Bong Hee wasn’t wearing her glasses so she couldn’t see anything, but Hyun Soo doesn’t know that.

While investigating Hyun Soo, Ji Wook remembers that Chan Ho was in court when he was defending Hyun Soo. Realizing that Chan Ho knows something, Ji Wook approached him. At first Chan Ho didn’t trust Ji Wook, but then he called both Ji Wook and Bong Hee to reveal everything related to Hyun Soo. Unfortunately Hyun Soo arrived at Chan Ho first.


Episode 15

“If one thing is a lie, everything is a lie.”

Ji Wook returns to the bar and asks Hyun Soo different personal questions with the pretext that he wants to get close to Hyun Soo. He asked Hyun Soo about his family and if he has a girlfriend. He is trying to finds out everything he can about Hyun Soo.

The next morning Ji Wook asked officer Bang to do, in secret, a background check on Jung Hyun Soo.

There is something that seems strange and Ji Wook can’t figure out why. He sees Yang Ji Yeon, who is prosecuted for destroying evidence, and asked her why she hit the photo frame. But Ji Yeon ignores him and leaves.

Hyun Soo:”In the case that a man invites an engaged woman to his home and rapes her, I will kill that rapist.”

Hyun Soo walks around the park and remembers a girl smiling. Then he thinks about Bong Hee. She doesn’t understand why the killer ruined Hee Joon and her lives. It was because Bong Hee looked on her window the moment Hyun Soo was killing someone. She wasn’t wearing her contacts and couldn’t see anything, but Hyun Soo thought that Bong Hee saw him. Afraid that Bong Hee saw him, Hyun Soo went to her apartment. But instead of Bong Hee, Hyun Soo met Hee Joon and killed him. Later when they’ve met, Bong Hee didn’t recognize him.

Hyun Soo intends to stay close to Bong Hee and watch her. If she won’t recognize him as a killer, Hyun Soo will be a good person to Bong Hee. But if she will realize that Hyun Soo is a killer, then …she will die.

Hyun Soo:”You saw something you shouldn’t have seen.”


Walking around the park, Hyun Soo calls Bong Hee to thank her for releasing him and asked her to meet. Ji Wook leans over Bong Hee’s shoulder to hear her conversation with Hyun Soo and insists to go at Bong Hee and Hyun Soo’s meeting. While they were arguing over that, Ji Hae passes by and pushes Bong Hee in Ji Wook’s arms.

On their way out, Bong Hee and Ji Wook met Moo Young. Because Bong Hee is scared, Ji Wook holds her hand and entered the lift. When they’ve arrived at the floor they were supposed to get down, Ji Wook let Bong Hee get out and closed the elevator’s door. Left alone in the elevator, Ji Wook threatens Moo Young to not touch Bong Hee again. He tried to help Bong Hee, but Bong Hee isn’t pleased. She waited for Ji Wook to come and got angry at him. She asked Ji Wook to stop interfering in her business.

Ji Wook:”Don’t touch her body ever again.”

Bong Hee:”Are you trying to ruin your career?”


Eun Hyuk brought a cake and keeps insisting to go with the whole team for drinks. But everyone refuses. They ate the cake without telling him and refused to go out for drinks, no matter who much Eun Hyuk insisted. It was his birthday, but no one wanted to celebrate it with him… He went to the park and wished himself a happy birthday.

Eun Hyuk:”Happy birthday, Eun Hyuk!”

While Eun Hyuk was sitting alone, eating his own cake, Yoo Jung appeared. Meantime Ji Wook wants to send Eun Hyuk a “happy birthday” text. He can’t decide what to say, but accidently send one character. It was only one character, but Eun Hyuk understood what it meant.

That night Hyun Soo met Chan Ho. When Hyun Soo kills someone, Chan Ho’s job is to make sure that there is no evidence that connects Hyun Soo to any of his killings. This time Chan Ho seems to have made a mistake, or he left evidences intentionally for Hyun Soo to be caught. Unfortunately Hyun Soo was defended by Ji Wook and got released as an innocent person. Chan Ho is scared of what Hyun Soo will do to him…


Episode 16

Chan Ho is scared to death, but he has to meet Hyun Soo. When they’ve met Chan Ho pretended that he left the evidence that the prosecutors found, by mistake. Hyun Soo knows that Chan Ho is lying. He gets furious and threatens Chan Ho. He will forgive Chan Ho this time, but if something like that will happen ever again, then it will mean that Chan Ho tabbed Hyun Soo in the back.

Few days passed, Ji Wook keeps looking towards Bong Hee, but she continues with her life. Bong Hee is sure that her one sided love ended. She feels like now she doesn’t have any expectations from Ji Wook. She is used to watch him from far away without expecting Ji Wook to share her feelings.

This past days Bong Hee got closer to Eun Hyuk. Since no one understand better than him what Bong Hee’s one sided love feels, Eun Hyuk decided to help her. Eun Hyuk asked Bong Hee to come closer to him and laugh as hard as she can. He was doing that knowing that Ji Wook is watching them…and Ji Wook was jealous.

Later Bong Hee went to meet Hyun Soo. He invited her to lunch to thank her for being her lawyer and to get close to her to find out if she remembers that he is the killer. Ji Wook was worried about her and fallowed Bong Hee. But he was caught and Bong Hee got upset.

Bong Hee trusts that Hyun Soo is a good person so when Hyun Soo said that he quit his job after being in prison, she offered to help him. When Hyun Soo left, he and Bong Hee decided to stay in touch.  Left alone with Ji Wook, Bong Hee figures out that Ji Wook suspects Hyun Soo for something. But Bong Hee trusts Hyun Soo and Ji Wook didn’t had the chance to tell her about his suspicions.


Bong Hee met her mother. They talked about Bong Hee’s boss, whom Bong Hee likes. But she was rejected and will give up. While the mother and daughter were talking, Bok Ja heard them. Bok Ja realized that Bong Hee is in love with her boss and feels sorry for the young lady…without knowing that the man Bong Hee likes is her own son, Ji Wook.

Ji Wook also came to see his mother, but she came outside so Ji Wook didn’t see Bong Hee and her mother. Also Bok Ja didn’t had the chance to realize that the man Bong Hee was talking about is Ji Wook.

Back to his office, Ji Wook keeps thinking about Hyun Soo and chef Yang’s murder. Suddenly he realizes having sees Chan Ho at the trial. Chan Ho was scared! Chan Ho must know something so Ji Wook rushed over.

When Ji Wook asked him about chef Yang and Hyun Soo, Chan Ho’s face changed. He denied knowing Hyun Soo or chef Yang, but by Chan Ho’s reaction Ji Wook realized that Chan Ho hides something. He gave Chan Ho his business card so when Chan Ho feels safe to open up, he can call Ji Wook.

Ji Wook :”Something is definitely up. I’ll help you in any way that I can.”


Chan Ho decided to accept Ji Wook’s help. He called Ji Wook, but Ji Wook couldn’t answer. He was with Yoo Jung. She had found new evidence about chef Yang’s dead and called him over. Decided to end his relationship with Hyun Soo, Chan Ho called Bong Hee. Unfortunately for Chan Ho, his phone was listened and Hyun Soo heard everything.

Chan Ho:”I know who bought those shoes.”

Leaving Yoo Jung’s office, Ji Wook sees the missing calls from Chan Ho and Bong Hee and a text in which Bong Hee was telling him that she is on her way to meet Chan Ho.  Ji Wook rushed over and found Bong Hee in the parking lot. Arrived at the meeting place, Bong Hee got scared to go to where Chan Ho was. Ji Wook found her trembling, scared next to her car. He scolded Bong Hee for putting herself in danger.

Ji Wook:”What if something happened to you? What was I supposed to do?

Another scared person was Chan Ho. While he was waiting for Bong Hee, Hyun Soo called him.

Hyun Soo:”It’s so dark out here that I couldn’t find you. I know where you are now! I found you!”

That night Ji Wook was so worried that something might have happened to Bong Hee, that he could lose Bong Hee forever…his feelings became clear to him and accepted them. Arrived at the house Ji Wook hugged and kissed Bong Hee.


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