“Fight for My Way” ep 7 ~ Ae Ra:”You make my heart flutter.”


Dong Man sees Moo Bin and Ae Ra kissing and goes crazy. His jealousy makes Dong Man upset, but he isn’t ready to accept his feelings for Ae Ra yet. He does what he can to keep Ae Ra and Moo Bin away from each other, but every time Dong Man says he and Ae Ra are only friends, Ae Ra impulsively goes towards Moo Bin. Unfortunately one night Ae Ra saw Moo Bin with his fiancee. Worried about Ae Ra, Dong Man consoles her. At that moment Ae Ra confessed. ep7-1

Episode 7

The moment he heard that Ae Ra fainted and is in the hospital, Dong Man rushed over worried. When he arrived at the hospital, Dong Man saw Ae Ra and Moo Bin kissing. He wanted to leave, but he returned. He asked Moo Bin and Ae Ra if they are dating. He was angry with Moo Bin.

Dong Man:”Are you two dating?”

Seeing Dong Man’s reaction both Moo Bin and Ae Ra asked Dong Man if he likes Ae Ra. At Moo Bin’s question Dong Man said that he is only Ae Ra’s guarding. But when Ae Ra asked him if he likes her, Dong Man said he likes Ae Ra the same way he likes Joo Man and Sul Hee. Hearing that, Ae Ra was disappointed and said that she and Moo Bin are dating so Dong Man has no right to tell them what to do.

Dong Man is waiting for Ae Ra and Moo Bin to say goodbye. Then Dong Man sees Moo Bin trying to kiss Ae Ra and gets furious. He gets a rock and throws it at Moo Bin.

Dong Man:”You didn’t get hurt, so you can’t complain.”

On their way home Ae Ra and Dong Man stop by coach Hwang to eat. Dong Man is still upset and tries to get Ae Ra to not date Moo Bin. But Ae Ra’s life is hard enough and she needs a boyfriend to have something nice, something that belongs to her.

The next morning, knowing that Ae Ra will go on a date with Moo Bin that night, Dong Man tries to get Ae Ra to come home early instead. But Ae Ra insists on going on her date with Moo Bin. When Sul Hee said that Ae Ra looks better with her hair tied in a pony tail, Dong Man untied Ae Ra’s hair and run away. He was jealous!


Ae Ra started pursuing her dream of becoming an announcer. At the station Ae Ra met Hye Ran who insulted Ae Ra again. But then Moo Bin appeared to pick up Ae Ra for their date. Moo Bin knows Hye Ran. She is a VIP patient of his father’s hospital. Hye Ran did some facial work there.

For their date Ae Ra and Moo Bin went to a drive-in- cinema. While talking in the car, Moo Bin wants to hold Ae Ra’s hand but at that moment Ae Ra’s phone ringed and when she moved Moo Bin grabbed Ae Ra’s knee. The person who called Ae Ra was Dong Man. He gets upset hearing that Ae Ra is still with Moo Bin and jealous when he hears that Ae Ra and Moo Bin are at a drive-in-cinema.

When he was talking with Ae Ra on the phone, Dong Man heard a kissing sound. He went crazy from jealousy and rushed over to the drive-in-cinema. He searched around everywhere and even disturbed a couple that was kissing. Suddenly he sees Moo Bin who was coming from buying popcorn. He chases Moo Bin, but Moo Bin managed to get to his car and drive away…without Ae Ra seeing Dong Man.

Dong Man runs after the car and Ae Ra turned around. To not let Ae Ra see Dong Man, Moo Bin pulled her hair.

Moo Bin:”I always wanted to pull a girl’s hair.”

Unfortunately for him, Dong Man lost Moo Bin and Ae Ra.


Dong Man arrived home and sees Hye Ran waiting for him. He isn’t as happy or excited to see Hye Ran as he used to. Now Ae Ra is on his mind. While Dong Man was talking to Hye Ran, Moo Bin and Ae Ra arrived. Ae Ra comes out of Moo Bin’s car and he gave Ae Ra a present…a pair of shoes.

Because Moo Bin and Ae Ra were talking for long, Dong Man intervened. He sends Moo Bin away and starts arguing with Ae Ra.

Later, Dong Man texted Ae Ra to explain why Hye Ran was there.

Dong Man:”I didn’t call her!”

At night Ae Ra looks on her instagram account and sees that Moo Bin liked all her photos and even commented on her last photo. Dong Man was also looking at Ae Ra’s photo’s and liked and commented her last photo.

Dong Man:”You’re ugly!”


Ae Ra heard from Moo Bin’s friends that he will go on a medical event alone…like he always goes. Feelings sorry Ae Ra decided to give Moo Bin a surprise and went to that event. Unfortunately Ae Ra was the surprised one when Moo Bin arrived with his fiancé. The event was Moo Bin’s engagement.

Moo Bin’s fiancé is Japanese so Moo Bin never intended of breaking up with Ae Ra. He was planning to get married to his fiancé and when she was in Japan, Moo Bin wanted to see his mistress…Ae Ra.

Ae Ra:”You’re really a piece of trash!”

Moo Bin was only drawn to Ae Ra because she is close to Dong Man. All his life Moo Bin was envious of Dong Man because Dong Man has nothing, but is always happy.

Meantime Dong Man met a girl that he liked in high school…Bo Ram. When they were in high school, Moo Bin liked Bo Ram, but she liked Dong Man. After they graduated Bo Ram met Moo Bin and they started dating. One day Moo Bin took Bo Ram to where Dong Man was working as a car washer. He wanted to brag that he is dating Bo Ram as a successful doctor while Dong Man couldn’t do more than washing cars.

Bo Ram:”It felt like he dated me just to show you that he took something from you.”

When Bo Ram told him that Moo Bin send her his wedding invitation, Dong Man became worried for Ae Ra. But Ae Ra wasn’t answering her phone. Disappointed Ae Ra threw away the shoes Moo Bin gave her the other day and left barefooted. Dong Man found Ae Ra sitting on a bench, thinking.

Ae Ra:” Just stay with me!”

Dong Man sits next to Ae Ra. He give Ae Ra his shoes and gets upset seeing Ae Ra trembling.  He sits by Ae Ra’s side and hugs her while she was crying. But Ae Ra gets upset and argues with Dong Man to not touch her.

Ae Ra:”You make my heart flutter.”

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