“Father is strange” ep 32~Joong Hee:”I’m acting your reality in the drama.”


Joong Hee needed to see a psychologist and looked for his ex-girlfriend. She listened to his concerns and gave him advises. Back at the house, Joong Hee does what Hyun Ji told him…he builds up his relationship with Han Soo, but keeps his distance from Mi Young. The next day, Joong Hee went with Han Soo and Joon Young to a public bath. There Joong Hee and Joon Young had time to talk and to get closer. But another problem appeared … the news about Joong Hee finding his real father was published. ep32-1

Episode 32

After his session with the psychologist Joong Hee returned home. She told him that his emotional confusion is natural since Joong Hee and Mi Young didn’t grew up together and met as grownups. She recommended Joong Hee to spend as much time as he can with Han Soo and if possible to avoid Mi Young. Returned home, Joong Hee saw Han Soo and Young Shil at the restaurant. He joined them and asked for some noodles. The three of them ate together. Young Shil is exited that Joong Hee’s drama is starting the next day. She suggested that the whole family should watch the first episode together.

Early in the morning, the next day, Han Soo and Joong Hee went to the public bath. Joon Young, who was just coming back from work, joined them. At some point Han Soo went to get drinks for the three of them. Left alone Joon Young and Joong Hee are awkward. Still they start a conversation. Joon Young searched online Joong Hee’s drama.

In that drama Joong Hee plays the role of the legal son while Sung Joon is the son that comes looking for his father after many years. Playing his role, Joong Hee began to understand how Joon Young might have felt when Joong Hee showed up as Han Soo’s son.

Joong Hee:”I’m acting your reality in the drama.”

Talking about Joong Hee’s drama the two young men got closer.

After the bath Han Soo took his two sons to eat. But Joong Hee started to ask questions. He wants to know more about his father. Those questions caught out of guard Han Soo.


After she married and moved into his parents-in-law’s house, Hye Young put half a door to separate her and Jung Hwan from the parents-in-law. Bok Nyeo couldn’t stop her curiosity and wanted to see what is look like inside Hye Young and Jung Hwan’s space. But Hye Young surprised her and Bok Nyeo fell.

Bok Nyeo needs a cast for a while. After coming home from the doctor, Bok Nyeo sent Hye Young a photo of herself. Then they’ve texted each other for a while. Bok Nyeo kept saying what she wants while Hye Young was agreeing with everything, even if Hye Young was frustrated by Bok Nyeo’s grammatical mistakes.

At night, when everyone arrived home, Bok Nyeo plays the victim card. She pretends to be in more pain than she is. She makes Hye Young do all the work while she asks Jung Hwan to stay with her. She pretends to be way too weak to hold her fork so Jung Hwan feeds her.

At the Byun family house everyone gathered in the living room to watch Joong Hee’s drama’s first episode. They are all exited, enjoying it. After the drama ended everyone got their phones, tablets, laptops to write comments. Young Shil even argued with someone who posted a bad comment about Joong Hee.

Young Hee came looking for Ra Young after her class and took her to his father.  Chairman Park offered Ra Young a big reward if Ra Young convince Chul Soo to return home, work for the family company and give up football. Chul Soo found out and came furious to get Ra Young from his father’s office.

Ra Young found out a lot of things that day, including that Chul Soo’s father is a the chairman of a big company. She doesn’t know how to react so she needs some time alone to put her thoughts in order.


Joong Hee isn’t feeling well. He has a high fever, but still went to the shooting.  After shooting for a while, Joong Hee took a short break. Worried Mi Young brings him a fever reducer. But Joong Hee didn’t have time to take it. He fell asleep on Mi Young’s shoulder.

Joong Hee:”You’re distracting me.”

When he woke up and realized that he was sleeping on Mi Young’s shoulder, Joong Hee went outside. He saw director Kang and asked his manager to be changed.

Joong Hee:”I want to change my manager to someone else.”

It’s the weekend and Hye Young prepared breakfast for everyone. While they were eating, Bok Nyeo, using her hurt hand, made Hye Young clean the whole house, do the laundry and hang them to dry. When Jung Hwan offered to help his wife, Bok Nyeo insisted that her neck hurts because of her cast and she needs a massage from her son.

In the middle of the massage, Bok Nyeo wanted a glass of water. Actually her hand was itchy from the cast. Bok Nyeo pretended that her hand was hurt and she needed a cast to give Hye Young a hard time. After Bok Nyeo took off her cast, Jung Hwan entered with the glass of water. He was that his mother was pretending, but prevented Hye Young from finding out. Even if Hye Young was feeling guilty, even if Hye Young gave up on visiting her family as she wanted to stay home and take care of Bok Nyeo, even if Bok Nyeo is treating Hye Young as her slave, Jung Hwan took his mother’s side. It won’t be easy for him when Hye Young will find out that.

Meantime a news disturbs the peace from the Byun family house. The news about Ahn Joong Hee searching his biological father and living with his father now appeared…..

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